Why did Daniel Kyre die? Why did he suicide? Wiki Biography

• Daniel Kyre was a YouTuber, sketch comedian, singer-songwriter, and SoundCloud artist
• He was the co-founder of the comedy sketch YouTube musical group “Cyndago”, alongside Matt Watson and Ryan Magee
• Daniel had a net worth of around $500,000 at the time of his passing
• He passed away in 2015 due to suicide
• His passing had a lasting effect on many young people across the planet


Who is Daniel Kyre?

Born Daniel Lee Kyre under the sign of Cancer on the 6th of July 1994, in Charleston, South Carolina USA, Daniel is a late Caucasian YouTuber, sketch comedian, singer-songwriter, and SoundCloud artist. He is most definitely familiar to the worldwide audiences due to the massive success he enjoyed as the co-founder of the comedy sketch YouTube musical group “Cyndago”, alongside Matt Watson and Ryan Magee. He had a few other wholly personal successes over the course of his short and sometimes lucrative musical career from 2010 to 2015.

Early life: An uncertain past

Daniel was raised with a younger sister by his father David Kyre and an unnamed mother, both of unspecified professions.

He spent his teenage years alongside his high school friend Ryan Elias Magee, and together they developed a keen interest in music, which later had a crucial impact on what their careers would be. Regarding early education, Daniel attended an unspecified high school in his birthplace, where he focused on broadcast journalism, matriculating in 2012. He then enrolled into an unspecified university, but apparently chose not to finish his degree, as he had already been somewhat in the music industry prior to matriculation. Instead he relied on private guitar lessons taught by his cousin, along with the super-popular YouTuber Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) in Los Angeles from 2015, until his untimely death.

Career: Beating his own path

Daniel’s first venture into the world of music took place at some point in 2010, when he posted his cover of “Burglar” by The Shrees on the popular music network Soundcloud. From this point onwards, he posted covers of various songs, though not very frequently. Kyre and Magee teamed up after high school and worked on increasing their musical prowess, eventually coming to the idea of collaborating on a song – their first mutual piece was created, though it enjoyed little success. The song entitled “MAGEE – Timely Travel” was uploaded to Ryan’s YouTube channel in 2012, but was promptly deleted due to a lack of positive feedback. Their next project was called “Rodney the Frag Grenade”, but it posed a new problem for the duo – which of the two was supposed to feature the song on their channel?

Daniel Kyre

To solve this dilemma, Ryan and Daniel came up with a name for their collaboration, creating the YouTube channel “Cyndago”, on which the song was later uploaded. They resumed making videos, but not only of a musical nature. By the time they published their fifth video in early 2013, they had already amassed a steady following.

So, what was “Cyndago” all about?

The main purpose of their channel was to feature comedy, their duties being split in this endeavor – Daniel was the sound designer and generally in charge of audio, while Ryan was doing the editing and most of the directing. What really opened them up to success was collaborating with Markiplier in February 2013 to produce their third video, entitled “Danger in Fiction [feat. Markiplier]”.

The duo was initially doubtful that they would even receive a reply, as they were a starting channel and Markiplier one of the world’s most famous YouTubers. Much to their surprise, they received a response relatively quickly – Mark Fischbach had agreed to narrate their thriller film. Having a star of this magnitude featured on their channel gave them the much-needed breakthrough, which later on served to fuel the duo’s ever-increasing popularity. They also formed a close relationship with Markiplier, and began collaborating fairly regularly, at the same time being mentored by the highly experienced comedy vlogger. In 2014 they paid a visit to Los Angeles, California, casually vacationing with Markiplier. There happened to be a running University of South California (USC) Film Festival at the time, which they decided they’d take a chance at.

Finally in the spotlight

Daniel’s film won first prize at the Festival, and this served as enough encouragement to push the duo to try and find resources to remain and work in Los Angeles. Soon after returning home, they created a donation page, asking their fans to help them move back to California permanently. This proved to be a success, and the two resumed their work in the city. They proceeded with producing longer and overall more popular videos than before, but stopped abruptly in 2015, explaining that they were going back to South Carolina to celebrate their birthdays, resulting in a 4-month long hiatus.

Upon their return in August, a new member was introduced to the then well-known “Cyndago” squad – YouTuber Matt Watson, originally known for creating the “Kids W/ Problems” YouTube channel alongside his brother. A few weeks later, the trio officially moved in with Markiplier for uninterrupted collaboration; at this time, they were arguably at the peak of their fame. During the period, Daniel was still also working on his musical career independently from the group, posting his covers on YouTube and Soundcloud. Everything seemed to be going well for Daniel, until September.

Why did he suicide?

By all accounts of friends and family, Daniel had been struggling with depression for years leading up to his death.

This condition, however, seemed to be very well under control, thanks to proper medication and mental health counseling. He was also at this point a famous YouTuber, working with one of the legends in the fairly recent profession. It’s safe to say that no one at the time suspected something could go wrong with Daniel, but on the 16th of September 2015, Kyre was found unresponsive in his room. It seems that Daniel had been planning this for a while, and the fact that he hadn’t even shown signs of it in his everyday behavior suggests that he must’ve been rather determined on the matter. The question ‘Why?’ can only be answered with speculation in this case, as those closest to him are yet to come forward about the crucial details surrounding his suicide, including even the method.

When did he actually die?

Although on the verge of death at the time of discovery, Daniel still had a faint heartbeat while being rushed to the closest emergency room. His life was apparently saved that day, leading Matt to inform the public on September 18th that the situation in their group had stabilized, in spite of announcing a serious happening two days prior. However, on the 18th Daniel’s parents were notified that the adolescent’s brain had suffered irreversible damage, causing him to require permanent hospitalization, as he would never gain true consciousness again. At the mutually agreed request of his loved ones, Daniel was taken off life support. Following the announcement that the group was disbanding, Matt and Ryan posted their last “Cyndago” video, entitled “Daniel Kyre”, on the 11th of October 2015.

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What was Daniel Kyre’s net worth?

At the time of his passing, Daniel is believed to have had a net worth of approximately $500,000. He had successfully started a YouTube career as a comedian and musician, which made significant contributions to his wealth.

More than just a YouTuber

Daniel’s passing didn’t only have a lasting effect on those close to him, but  a significant number of youths across the planet as well. It is evidenced by The Sydney Morning Herald that younger generations look to their famous peers for guidance and support in a number of ways, and as adolescent child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg states for the media giant, ‘A lot of parents don’t understand that there are now in the lives of many young people ‘cewebrities’, literally cult heroes who are not part of the mainstream media.’

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