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• Morena Baccarin is a Brazilian actress most known for her roles in the “Firefly” TV series, and the “Serenity” TV movie.
• She gained recognition for her role of Anna in the “V” series, and later won a nomination for an outstanding supporting actress in a drama series.
• She is part of the International Rescue Committee and is dedicated to helping refugees in the US.
• She has won the Best Actress Award at the Wine Country Film Festival in 200•
• She is active on social media, with over 410,000 followers on Twitter and 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

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Short Info

Net Worth $4 million
Date Of Birth June 2, 1979
Spouse Austin Chick
Fact Niece of Ivan Setta.

Morena Baccarin Wiki Biography

Morena Silva de Vaz Setta Baccarin was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 2 June 1979, so under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holding Brazilian nationality – she is popular for her career of an actress, especially for her roles in the “Firefly” TV series, and the “Serenity” TV movie.

Early life and education

Morena spent part of her childhood in Rio de Janeiro alongside her parents Vera Setta, a popular actress, and Fernando Baccarin who works as a journalist – the family moved to Greenwich Village in New York when Morena was seven, as her father found a new job there. After finishing Public School 41, she enrolled at the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies, and after matriculation decided to continue her education, and went on to graduate from the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

After she decided that she’d had enough of studying, Morena followed her mother’s footsteps, and completely focused on her career of an actress.

Career of an actress

Morena’s career began with a role in the “Perfume” romantic comedy shot in 2001. Her first appearance in a TV series was when she played Inara Serra in “Firefly” in 2002, which made Morena somewhat popular, and opened the doors to numerous other movies and TV series.

She began doing voice-over roles, lending her voice to Black Canary in the “Justice League Unlimited” animated TV series 2004-2006. She went on to appear in “The O.C.” TV series in 2006, and “Stargate SG-1” in 2007.

Morena Baccarin

In the summer of 2009, Morena started appearing in off-Broadway shows such as the “Our House” TV satire. Her role of Anna in the “V” series saw her recognized in the film industry, and she was part of the cast from 2009 to the end of 2011 – after she was done with the show, she won a role in the “Homeland” TV drama, which gained her numerous positive critiques, and won her a nomination for an outstanding supporting actress in a drama series.

One of Morena’s latest roles was in the popular “Deadpool” movie in which she acted alongside Ryan Reynolds – she also appeared in the movie’s sequel “Deadpool 2”.

Personal life and husband

Morena is somewhat secretive when it comes to her love life, as she hasn’t shared many details regarding her ex-husband and their life together, but as she is a popular actress, some things are still known.

Morena met her now former husband Austin Chick in 2010, when her career of an actress was still steadily progressing. Austin is an American director and a film producer, and helped Morena with her career – after dating for nearly two years, they exchanged their wedding vows in November 2011. Morena gave birth to their son Julius on 22 October 2013, however, things were not looking great for them, as Austin filed for divorce in the summer of 2015 with the main reason being irreparable differences – their divorce was made official on 18 March 2016.

While she was still working on her divorce, Morena announced that she was going to marry Ben McKenzie as soon as she is free, and that she was carrying his child. She gave birth to their daughter in March 2016, their engagement was made official in November 2016, and they exchanged their wedding vows on 2 June 2017. There are no controversies surrounding their marriage, and they seem to be living a happy life together.

Hobbies and interests

Morena is not only focused on her acting career, but is involved in numerous other activities.

Morena is part of the International Rescue Committee, and is dedicated to helping the refuges in her state as well as those all around the US – she has shared her opinion on refugee issues in an article published by “Newsweek” magazine. She has also had an opportunity to interview refugees who were moving from Venezuela to Colombia.

Morena is very sporting, and has participated in numerous sports throughout the years, while she is currently mostly focused on playing tennis with her friends. She enjoys being in nature, and spends most of her free time travelling around the country with her friends – she sees travelling as her main hobby, and a great passion.

Awards and nominations

While Morena has been nominated for numerous awards during her career, she has only managed to win one – the Best Actress award at the Wine Country Film Festival in 2001.

Appearance and net worth

Morena has short black hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs).

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million, as of mid-2024, and is steadily rising thanks to her career of an actress.

Social media presence

Morena is quite active on several popular social media networks, as it is very important for her acting career to maintain a good image on the internet.

She launched her Twitter account in January 2011, but is a lot more popular on her Instagram account. Morena is running a Facebook page as well, which currently counts almost 75,000 fans.

General Info

Full Name Morena Baccarin
Net Worth $4 million
Date Of Birth June 2, 1979
Height 1.71 m
Profession Actor
Education Juilliard School, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies


Spouse Austin Chick
Children Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan, Julius Chick
Parents Vera Setta, Fernando Baccarin
Partner Ben McKenzie


Nominations MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
Movies Deadpool, Serenity, Death in Love, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Spy, Back in the Day, Sands of Oblivion, Roger Dodger, Son of Batman, Batman: Bad Blood, Stolen, Perfume, Malevolent, The Red Tent, Way Off Broadway
TV Shows Firefly, Justice League, The O.C., Stargate SG-1, Heartland, V, Homeland, Gotham, Still Life

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# Quote
1 [on Homeland (2011)] I was shocked and a little appalled because I realized Obama has seen my boobs.
2 I can’t complain. I’m making a living out of what I do, which is really rare for a lot of actors. The hard part is staying confident and staying with it.
3 I love it when you have a lull in the day and you turn on the TV and a random movie is on that you either have never seen or haven’t seen in years. Like Coming to America (1988) or Misery (1990) or Moonstruck (1987).
4 I’m not always up to date on everything that’s going on, but I am somewhat informed. I listen to NPR. And I actually watch Fox News, because I believe, if you just listen to the things that agree with you, you’re not really seeing anything else.
5 I’ve love to do more movies. Just because I’m interested in the medium very much. I’ve done a lot of theatre at this point, and I’ve done a lot of TV. I’ve done a few independent films, but a lot of them have not seen the light of day. It’d be really nice to be in a film that gets out there.
6 My mom is an actress, but she never really pushed me into it, and it was never something I thought I would be doing. She was very happy I decided to, but she certainly doesn’t offer me criticism because she knows I’d tell her to shut up! Nobody wants to hear that from their mum!
7 My whole family is very artistic – my uncles are all actors and theatre directors.
8 The sky above us is something we have very little control of, and the space beyond is something we don’t completely understand.
9 There are many people who live with terrorism every day.
10 Women work as much as men now, if not more. There’s a resurgence of dads in the home and moms working.
11 Brazil has a lot of issues that are similar to a lot of countries in Latin America, but the dominant issue Brazil is dealing with is poverty and political corruption.
12 I get nervous for any competition. I also get really competitive.
13 I love Modern Family (2009); I don’t exactly watch it when it’s on, but I try to catch up on it when I can; it’s one of my favorite shows.
14 I’m an avid cook. Brazilian, some Italian, a little French. And I often throw dinner parties.
15 If you watch the news, you see politicians use human vulnerabilities to get in and earn people’s trust.
16 My mom was incredibly supportive when she found out that I wanted to be an actress, and that certainly made things easier and more fun.
17 My mother put me on birth control as soon as I told her I wanted to go on it. I was 16. I was very young.
18 When I’m not working, I’m definitely a no-makeup girl. The most I ever do is a little tinted moisturizer and a little mascara and blush.
19 Humans have a sense of spontaneity and emotion. We have a dichotomy between grief and happiness.
20 We’re all interested in life outside of Earth. We all have a fascination with what’s out there because we don’t really know.
21 I feel that I have grown so much, as an actor, by being on Homeland (2011).
22 I’ve had long hair, I’ve had short hair, and I’ve had in between hair… and its all good.
23 They have a joy for life in Brazil unlike any country I’ve ever seen.
24 I do think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time.
25 I love a good road trip. And I have been known to sing cheesy ’80s songs at the top of my lungs on a windy road when no one can hear.
26 I would love to be a Bond girl. That is on my bucket list, definitely.


# Fact
1 Has starred in several productions involving “Batman”. Has a recurring role on the TV series, Gotham (2014). Also did voice work for the animated TV series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008), and several direct-to-DVD Batman animated films. Coincidentally, she also plays the voice of the computer “Gideon” in the TV series, The Flash (2014), another DC comic book character.
2 Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 36, a daughter named Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan on March 2, 2016. Child’s father is her boyfriend (now fiance), Ben McKenzie. “Setta” and “Schenkkan” come from Baccarin and McKenzie’s original surnames, respectively.
3 Is in a relationship with Ben McKenzie since March 2015. They have a daughter together.
4 Her husband of 3 years Austin Chick filed for divorce from her. [June 2015]
5 Ranked #57 on Maxim’s “Hot 100” of 2014 list.
6 Gave birth to her 1st child at age 34, a son named Julius Chick on October 22, 2013. Child’s father is her first husband, Austin Chick.
7 She appeared in a pilot video for the show that became It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) with the 3 show-runners and leading cast members when they were all young, struggling actors in Los Angeles. Her scene consisted of her playing a very attractive, pre-operation transsexual who is propositioned by Rob McElhenney’s character. That plot and character, as played by Brittany Daniel, was later re-used in the FX series.
8 Her first name – Morena – means “brunette” in her native Portuguese.
9 Her actress mother was first to introduce the theatrical show “Os Monólogos da Vagina” (The Vagina Monologues) to Brazil.
10 Speaks Brazilian Portuguese.
11 Niece of Ivan Setta.
12 Her mother, Vera Setta, played a character named “Morena” in the movie O Vampiro de Copacabana (1976) in 1976, three years before her daughter “Morena” was born.
13 Was Maid of Honor at her Firefly/Serenity co-star Jewel Staite’s wedding in Maui in 2003.
14 One of four actors from Firefly (2002) who voiced superheroes on Justice League (2001). She voiced “Black Canary” while Adam Baldwin voiced “Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern”, Nathan Fillion voiced “The Vigilante” and Gina Torres voiced “Vixen”.
15 Raised in New York City
16 She attended PS 41 and the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies, where she and Claire Danes were classmates. She later attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where after graduating, she entered the theater program at the Julliard School for the Performing Arts. While at Julliard, she was one of the subjects of the PBS series American Masters which focused on the school and the students.
17 Daughter of Vera Setta and journalist Fernando Baccarin.




Title Year Status Character
Malevolent 2017 post-production Gamemaster (voice)
Gotham 2015-2017 TV Series Leslie Thompkins
The Flash 2014-2016 TV Series Gideon
Deadpool 2016 Vanessa
Batman: Bad Blood 2016 Video Talia al Ghul (voice)
Spy 2015 Karen Walker
The Mentalist 2011-2014 TV Series Erica Flynn
The Red Tent 2014 TV Mini-Series Rachel
Son of Batman 2014 Video Talia al Ghul (voice)
Back in the Day 2014 Laurie Miller
Warriors 2014 TV Movie Tory
Homeland 2011-2013 TV Series Jessica Brody
The Good Wife 2012-2013 TV Series Isobel Swift
Look Again 2011 TV Movie Allison
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2011 TV Series Cheetah
V 2009-2011 TV Series Anna
The Deep End 2010 TV Series Beth Bancroft
Stolen 2009 Rose Montgomery
Medium 2009 TV Series Brooke Hoyt
Numb3rs 2008 TV Series Lynn Potter
Dirt 2008 TV Series Claire Leland
T Takes: Morena Baccarin 2008 Video short The Guest in Room 111
T Takes: Room 111 2008 Video short The Guest in Room 111
Stargate: The Ark of Truth 2008 Video Adria
Death in Love 2008 Beautiful Woman
Heartland 2007 TV Series Nurse Jessica Kivala
Sands of Oblivion 2007 TV Movie Alice Carter
Stargate SG-1 2006-2007 TV Series Adria
Las Vegas 2007 TV Series Sara Samari
Justice 2006 TV Series Lisa Cruz
How I Met Your Mother 2006 TV Series Chloe
Kitchen Confidential 2006 TV Series Gia
The O.C. 2006 TV Series Maya Griffin
Justice League Unlimited 2005-2006 TV Series Black Canary
Dinah Lance
Edgar Mandragora
Serenity 2005 Inara
It’s Always Sunny on TV 2004 TV Movie Carmen
Still Life 2003-2004 TV Series Maggie Jones
Firefly 2002-2003 TV Series Inara Serra
Roger Dodger 2002 Girl in Bar
Way Off Broadway 2001 Rebecca
Perfume 2001 Monica


Title Year Status Character
Mardi Gras: Spring Break 2016 Short special thanks
Walking After You 2016 Short special thanks
Terri 2011 the filmmakers wish to thank
Flores De Asfalto 2008 special thanks


Title Year Status Character
Deadpool: From Comics to Screen… to Screen 2016 Video documentary Herself
2016 MTV Movie Awards 2016 TV Special Herself – Nominee
Access Hollywood Live 2016 TV Series Herself
Today 2016 TV Series Herself – Guest
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2016 TV Series Herself
Live with Kelly and Michael 2016 TV Series Herself – Guest
Heads Up: The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery 2015 Documentary short Herself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2011-2015 TV Series Herself – Guest
Só Visto! 2014 TV Series Herself
E! Live from the Red Carpet 2014 TV Series Herself
Reel Junkie 2014 TV Series Herself
The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards 2013 TV Special Herself – Nominee: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2010-2013 TV Series Herself – Guest
The Nerdist 2013 TV Series Herself
The O’Reilly Factor 2013 TV Series Herself (segment “Watters’ World”)
The 39th Annual People’s Choice Awards 2013 TV Special Herself
Firefly 10th Anniversary: Browncoats Unite 2012 TV Movie Herself
2012 Primetime Creative Arts Emmys 2012 TV Movie Herself – Presenter
Conan 2012 TV Series Herself – Guest
Attack of the Show! 2011 TV Series Herself
Project: Comic-Con 2010 TV Series Herself – Interviewee
Programa do Jô 2010 TV Series Herself
Entertainment Tonight 2010 TV Series Herself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2010 TV Series Herself – Guest
2009 American Music Awards 2009 TV Special Herself – Presenter
Last Call with Carson Daly 2009 TV Series Herself
The View 2009 TV Series Herself – Guest
The Bonnie Hunt Show 2009 TV Series Herself – Guest
Done the Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’ 2006 Video documentary Herself
A Filmmaker’s Journey 2006 Video documentary short Herself
Re-Lighting the Firefly 2005 Video documentary short Herself
Film ’72 2005 TV Series Herself
Sci Fi Inside: ‘Serenity’ 2005 TV Movie Herself
Here’s How It Was: The Making of ‘Firefly’ 2003 Video short documentary Herself
Serenity: The 10th Character 2003 Video documentary short Herself


Won Awards

Year Award Ceremony Nomination Movie
2015 BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role – Action/Drama The Flash (2014)
2001 Best Actress Wine Country Film Festival Way Off Broadway (2001)

Nominated Awards

Year Award Ceremony Nomination Movie
2016 Imagen Award Imagen Foundation Awards Best Actress – Feature Film Deadpool (2016)
2016 MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Awards Best Female Performance Deadpool (2016)
2016 MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss Deadpool (2016)
2016 Teen Choice Award Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie Actress: Action Deadpool (2016)
2015 BTVA Television Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role – Action/Drama The Flash (2014)
2013 Primetime Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Homeland (2011)
2013 OFTA Television Award Online Film & Television Association Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Homeland (2011)
2013 Actor Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series Homeland (2011)
2011 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Supporting Actress on Television V (2009)
2010 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Supporting Actress on Television V (2009)
2010 Nexty NewNowNext Awards Brink of Fame: Actor V (2009)
2010 Scream Award Scream Awards Breakout Performance – Female V (2009)

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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