Who is Vidya Devnani?

Vidya Devnani is the former girlfriend of Greg Bender and his colleague who worked under his tutelage for many years.

A lot of people can be confused by her name because she is known as Jessica everywhere, while a news journal writes her as Vidya.

However, both Devnani is the same as the story of Devnani and Patrick De La Cerda meeting via a dating app named Plenty Fish is also similar.

They started chatting online before going on a date, which started their whirlwind business.

In truth, Patrick had informed his mother that he had found “the chosen one” and had proposed to her within a few months.

Is Greg Bender’s Girlfriend Vidya Devnani?

Greg Bender was dating a young woman named Vidya Devnani as part of an extramarital affair, but she left him when she found out.

Bender and Devani started dating in 2016 when they first met online in 2006 and became best friends around this time.

As their relationship grew, Devnani said Bender had a streak of jealousy with every guy she spoke to. And we all know the limit of Bender’s jealousy as he was pressured into killing Patrick De La Cerda.

On February 21, 2018, he pretended to bring a box to Patrick’s house and shot him dead. Even beprior to the murder he was also under court restriction as he was arrested on charges of violating a court order.

48 hours: where is Vidya Devnani now in 2021?

Vidya Devnani reveals her story at “48 Hours” in “The Ring: Patrick De La Cerda’s Murder”, narrated by Peter Van Sant.

Devnani is still in pain, not least because the trial didn’t end until the summer of 2021, but it’s still a closure.

She believes the system failed because the restraining order was designed to eliminate even the risk of that happening, according to the CBS show.

Prior to Gregory’s conviction, Devnani issued a victim impact statement in which she expressed her feelings.

She said: “I just want to say that Patrick was the most loving, the most supportive and the most beautiful soul. He was the life of the party and bigger than the life itself. He lived each day to the fullest and loved me unconditionally.

Meanwhile, Devnani has kept her private life out of the media and the limelight.