Who is Sonia Isaza? Wiki Biography, age, body, net worth, facts

• Sonia Isaza is a Colombian fitness model and Instagram star born on 24 September 1988.
• She doesn’t have any siblings, and didn’t enroll in college after high school.
• She started going to the gym at age 22, and later became a successful fitness model.
• She travels a lot and is a lover of animals, and is working on her own book.
• Her current net worth is estimated to be over $400,000 and she is very active on social media.


Who is Sonia Isaza? Wiki Biography

Sonia Isaza was born in Pereira, Colombia, on 24 September 1988, so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding Colombian nationality – she is popular for her career of a fitness model while she is also an Instagram star.

Early life and education

Sonia spent her entire childhood in Colombia alongside her parents, but she hasn’t talked much about them as she wants to keep them away from media – she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, which is why she is considered to be an only child.

Sonia has been into sports and working-out since her earliest age. She already had a well-built figure by the time she reached high school, and was popular there thanks to her attractive looks – it is not known whether or not she dated anyone during those four years spent at high school. She was somewhat focused on her studies and the sports she played, and didn’t start going to the gym until later.

After she matriculated from high school, Sonia focused on work so that she could financially support herself, and didn’t enroll at college.

Career of a fitness model

Sonia began going to the gym when she was 22 years old, after being inspired by the girls featured in Colombian fitness magazines. She didn’t know much about exercising back then, so she hired a coach.

After she was able to see the first changes in her physique, Sonia exercised even harder, and it took her nearly two years to completely sculpt her body to her satisfaction. She launched her Instagram account, and began uploading pictures of her exercises on a daily basis, which eventually led her to become a fitness model – she was invited by a modelling scout for her first photoshoot, and then landed on the cover page of a popular fitness magazine. Sonia has since signed with a prestigious modelling agency, and has been featured in numerous fitness magazines, while appearing in ads for worldwide known brands and companies.

Sonia Isaza

Sonia has also tried her luck in bodybuilding – she moved to California to enter her first competition, then notably the Arnold Classic held in Australia.

Sonia’s training and diet plans

Sonia loves her glutes which is why she is mostly focused on glutes exercises – her favorite exercise is smith machine squats. While others might prefer to do regular squats without the machine, Sonia believes that the machine relieves the stress put on the lower back, and helps sculpt one’s glutes even better.

When it comes to her diet, Sonia is very determined to eat healthily, and doesn’t allow herself any intake of sugar, and is very careful about the amount of protein and healthy fats she eats every day. She has more than five meals each day, and allows herself only a single cheat meal throughout the week.

Most popular fitness models in the world

Fitness is currently a very important thing in the world, and people are turning to Instagram to find fitness models there so that they could learn from their workout plans and their diets. “Influence marketing hub” website has shared their list of 10 most popular fitness models on Instagram and surprised or not, Alyssa is not among them – we will mention four of the most popular fitness models:

  • Fourth place is held by Ana Cheri, who has amassed nearly 12.4 million followers on her account – she is currently 31 years old and she launched her Instagram account out of nowhere when her figure was already well built;
  • Jen Selter is in third place, who has amassed more than 12.8 million followers on her Instagram account. She is currently 24 years old, and began working out when she was 15 – she was working in a fitness gym, and the very first picture of her in a bikini she shared online made her popular overnight;
  • In second place is Michelle Lewin, who started off as a catwalk model but then switched to bikini modelling. She started going to the gym to work on her body, and quickly changed her weight from 95lbs to 120lbs of pure muscle;
  • Top place is held by Sommer Ray, who is currently followed by more than 21.3 million people on her Instagram account – although she is somewhat new to Instagram as she joined the platform in September 2016, it hasn’t stopped her from becoming the most popular fitness model.

Even though these are the current most popular four fitness models, the industry is moving very quickly and their positions could soon be overthrown by some new names, including Sonia.

Love life and relationships

Sonia prefers to keep her personal matters to herself, and hasn’t shared much about her past and present boyfriends with the public.

Rumor has it that the popular fitness model was dating a bodybuilder back in 2016, after the two met at a bodybuilding competition organized in Germany – they were an instant match and began dating only a couple of days after meeting. Their relationship lasted for several months, before they called it quits, as they weren’t able to maintain a long distance relationship.

Este peluchote me fascino es un regalo de mi hija adelantado pero ella lo comparte conmigo ???❤… Gracias guengaaaa

Posted by Sonia Isaza on Friday, March 23, 2018

She is currently rumored to be dating a man with whom she works out at the local gym, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Sonia. Judging by her social media accounts and her secrecy, Sonia currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other interests

Sonia might appear to be completely focused on her training sessions at the gym but she has several other interests.

Sonia sees travelling as her main hobby, and has already visited most of the US states – she has also been to Europe, Asia and Australia, as some of her bodybuilding competitions were held there. She is a lover of animals, and grew-up with a dog – she often visited a farm close to her house during her teenage years, where she had an opportunity to spend time with numerous animals. She enjoys watching movies, and is now trying to get into the film industry, however, it hasn’t worked out for her so far.

Sonia has hired writing help, and is currently working on her first book related to working out, and preparing for bodybuilding contests.

Appearance and net worth

Sonia is currently 30 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, and weighs around 120lbs (54kgs). She is very fond of tattoos and has several inked onto her body.

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her career of a fitness model, including online.

Social media presence

Sonia is very active on several popular social media platforms, as this is important for the career she has built for herself on the internet.

Sonia launched her Twitter account in April 2015, and has gathered almost 100,000 followers, and tweeted over 4,500 times. Her Instagram account is currently followed by more than 2.7 million people. while she’s uploaded over 5,000 pictures onto it – she is running a Facebook page as well, which currently counts more than 130,000 fans.

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