Who is Sakina Bibi?

Sakina Bibi is the wife of Nazir Ahmed. From now on, she’s in the limelight for being Nazir’s wife. In fact, she hasn’t talked about herself much publicly on Internet sources.

Additionally, Sakina and Nazir have been spotted together on several occasions. However, Bibi rarely confronted media sources and identified with the media.

In addition, on becoming Chairman of the South Yorkshire Labor Party in 1993, Ahmed continued his political career as a local Councilor of the Labor Party and held both positions until 2000.

In addition, Ahmed founded the British Muslim Councilors’ Forum and served as an arbitrator between 1992 and 2000. Apart from that, he was the first Asian councilor in Rotherham and the city’s youngest magistrate.

Sakina Bibi’s Net Worth Revealed

Sakina Bibi’s net worth has yet to be revealed on internet sources. Likewise, we still have no idea what she is committed to and her professional career, due to which we cannot mention her net sum at the moment.

However, it can be said that she has to live a luxurious life with her husband and family, as the better half of Sakina, Ahmed’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 1.5 million.

Sakina Bibi and Lord Nazir Ahmed Age Gap – Details of their children

It is assumed that Sakina Bibi and Lord Nazir have an age gap of a few years, as Sakina and Ahmed did not disclose their age difference on internet sources.

Regarding Nazir’s age, he is currently 64 years old. Born and raised April 24, 1957 in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Sadly, Sakina hasn’t revealed any of her biographies, making it harder to reveal their age gap.

In addition, the couple got married in 1974. Likewise, they are lucky to have a daughter and two sons. Additionally, from 2008 he was living in Rotherham.

Lord Nazir Ahmed family details

Lord Nazir is the son of Haji Sain Mohammed and Rashim Bibi. Likewise, Nazir’s family emigrated to the UK when he was 11 and he has lived in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, since 1968.

In addition, Nazir has British nationality.