Who is LilyPichu from Twitch? Ethnicity, Brother, Boyfriend

LilyPichu is an Internet celebrity, a YouTube streamer, and famous for broadcasting on Twitch. She is streaming her play of the online game “League of Legends”, commonly known as LOL.

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How old is LilyPichu? Her biography, ethnicity and family

Lily Ki was born on 20th November 1991, so her zodiac sigh is Scorpio, in the United States, but her ethnicity is Korean, and she is really in touch with her roots. She was brought up by her parents, with a younger brother whose name is Daniel, but prefers to keep personal information of herself and her family private.

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Once she stated that she is 99 years old, which means that she didn’t want to reveal details about her age. However, she has shared some information, for example that thanks to her parents she has a successful career, as they supported her in chasing her dream. She also shared with the public the fact that her grandmother died in December 2016 – she loved them very much, and they visited her very often. Her paternal grandparents have also died.

LilyPichu’s career

LilyPichu started to take piano lessons at the age of five – it’s obvious that Lily has a talent for music, with a really high and sonorous voice. She created an account on You Tube on 5th March 2006, and posted videos about games, animation, piano covers, information about games, her lifestyle that is mostly related with Korean and Japanese tradition, and parodies of some songs. Soon she became very popular, and made a brand of herself. Shortly after starting her internet career, she switched to Twitch, but remained active on YouTube.


Her main occupation on Twitch is playing LOL, an online multiplayer battle game. It is a competition between players in which one match lasts from 20 to 60 minutes on average. Although she has a successful internet career, her dream and obsession is to become a professional voice actor, so sometimes she posts her playing of LOL on YouTube with her cute voice and kitty face. She even had jaw surgery to make her voice-acting performance better.

Her YouTube channel has over 275 million views in total, moreover, she has another channel (Lily Raichu) which she uses to post some items just to have fun.

Who is LilyPichu’s boyfriend?

Lilypichu really likes to keep details about her family and herself private, but when it comes to her boyfriend and love life, she is not that secretive. It is a matter of public knowledge that she is in a relationship with her colleague from YouTube, Albert Chang, who is also Korean.


He is a professional violinist, and the video editor of Freelance Film Productions in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Chang graduated from Pomona College. In his videos he mostly does instrumental and orchestral covers of songs. He very frequently includes special effects in his videos. They put through social media; it’s curious that he is only five days older than his girlfriend, born on 15th November 1991, meaning that he is also a Scorpio.

Albert created his You Tube account in July 2011. At the World Championship of LOL in 2017, Chang played violin during opening. The couple has all the same interests: they both like anime, video games, music and are active on YouTube and they also have some performances together on Twitch and Instagram. Lily really likes posting pictures of herself and her boyfriend on Instagram.

For Valentine’s Day in 2018 they traveled to Taiwan, and he posted pictures of the two of them wandering on Taiwan streets, wearing funny masks.

LilyPichu’s activity on other social media

Apart from YouTube and Twitch, LilyPichu is very active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She very often posts pictures of her dog on her Instagram account, and even has a separate account for the dog which has more than 80,000 followers.

How rich is LilyPichu? Her Net Worth

Her main source of income is her accounts on social media, especially You Tube and Twitch. Her net worth is estimated to be over $250,000; she makes approximately $14,700 per month from her YouTube account, or $176,000 a year. She has more than 400 videos on this platform. She also makes a great deal of money from Instagram ads – it is estimated that she gains up to $2318 per ad.

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