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Who is Lee Haney?

Born under the sign of Scorpio on the 11the November 1959, in Fairburn, Georgia USA, of Christian beliefs, Lee Haney is a nearly 60-year-old African-American professional bodybuilder, author, entrepreneur and television personality. He is certainly best known around the world for having won the Mr. Olympia title eight times – a world record he holds alongside fellow actor Ronnie Coleman. He has also had several other successes during his sometimes lucrative bodybuilding career since an unspecified date.

Early Childhood and Education: Growing up in Georgia

Lee Haney was apparently raised as an only child – initially in his birth state, though his family later moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina – by his father and mother of hitherto unknown names and occupations.

Lee seems to be born to do what he does, as he became obsessed with powerful physiques before he was even 10 years old.e year Lee already had the walls of his bedroom with various bodybuilding posters and other cutouts from men’s magazines.

As a Christian, he revered the Old Testament strongman Samson and Hercules from Greek mythology. His idol was “Black Prince” Robby Robinson at the time, having given Lee an ideal body image to aspire to. His parents bought him his first set of weights at this age, which also contained a workout guide, providing a much better understanding of proper muscle development. He began to follow it to the letter, gradually building up his strength as a very young teenager.

At the age of 14, he was the most developed child in his age group, so received invitations to various sports teams at an unspecified high school in South Carolina, from where he enrolled in 1977. He then enrolled at Spartanburg Methodist College and graduated with a youth counseling diploma in 1981.

His journey: From supermarkets to legends

Haney shot for the stars as soon as possible, joining his local Young Men’s Christian Association while in high school, where he met bodybuilding trainer Danny Rogers, who noticed the teenager’s early form, stating ‘ Kid, you have one of the most balanced physique I’ve ever seen. Bodybuilding is your ticket. You can be one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world if you put your heart into it. Lee was 16 when he entered the Mr. South Carolina show in 1975 – his first bodybuilding contest.

Lee Haney

He didn’t know at the time how to present himself properly, arriving in supermarket underwear. Although he failed to make it to the finalists, Haney cherished his first appearance as it helped him make the final decision regarding his future goals. He was ready to try again after another four years of extreme workout routines, and so entered the 1979 Teen Mr. America contest, in which he won first place. In 1982 he won again, in the heavyweight division of the World Amateur Championship, and the national junior contest. Two years later, he set a new standard in bodybuilding by winning his first Mr. Olympia contest at the age of 25.

become a superstar

Having established himself as one of the most envied bodybuilders of all time, Lee focused on winning every other Mr. Olympia title he tried.

He accomplished this over the next seven years, setting the record of eight Mr. Olympia titles in a row, which is a feat subsequently achieved only by another bodybuilder – Ronnie Coleman in 2005. In addition to ranking first at the German Grand Prix (II) in 1987, the titles mentioned complete the list of his achievements until 1991. He continued his training program thereafter, but did not participate in any competition until his retirement from the sport in 1994.

Three years later, he created and began hosting the show called “TotaLee Fit: With Lee Haney” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, in which he and other athletes, often of Christian beliefs, educate the public about the importance of physical and spiritual fitness and development. .

His wife can sometimes be considered a guest. One of his most frequent on-air sayings is “Train to stimulate, not to destroy”. As of 2019, this show is the only continuing contribution to his net worth.

Other business ventures

Lee has put his training expertise to good use over the years not only in bodybuilding, but also as an author and entrepreneur. He has written several books related to training and building muscle mass, the most popular of which is titled “TotaLee Awesome: A Complete Guide to Bodybuilding Success”. He also has his own line of supplement products – “Transformation Now” – containing the ingredients he personally ingested daily during his bodybuilding career. These two business ventures have undoubtedly contributed to his wealth over the years.

Inspired by the YMCA

Likely because of the encouragement he himself felt during his time at the local Young Men’s Christian Association, Haney created a nonprofit retreat for boys ages 8 to 17 in Atlanta, Georgia, named ‘Haney Harvest House’, offering an 8 week summer stay. camp experience on a 40 acre farm, with lush nature and petting zoo. The place was created and opened in 1994 and operates until today. Lee was later appointed Chairman of the Presidential Council on Fitness and Sports by current and former US President Bill Clinton, a position due to his highly motivating and positive influence on America’s youth.

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Love life: Does he have a family?

When it comes to Lee Haney’s romantic relationships, reliable sources don’t know if he had any partners before his wife, whose name is Shirley Haney (née Draper). They are believed to have dated for a few years before getting married in a private ceremony on a so far unspecified date. They have two children together, although almost nothing is known about them, as their parents were unwilling to divulge such information. The family lives happily together near the aforementioned children’s summer retreat. There has been no controversy surrounding their union, and the two can often be seen posing together at various events.

Lee’s recognition

Along with being globally known for his bodybuilding records and positive global impact, Haney has received official accolades many times for his accomplishments as an athlete and fitness professional.

To honor his lifelong efforts, officials inducted Lee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2011, while in 2014 he was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame. With 22 other awards won through bodybuilding, Lee has an undeniably impressive wall of trophies.

He’s still in the body business

Although retired for 25 years at this point, Lee maintains a presence in bodybuilding by organizing events and cooperating with active sportspeople. He personally trained outfielder Gary Sheffield, while boxer Evander Holyfield hired Lee to create optimal training schedules, which aided his preparations to defend heavyweight boxing titles. More importantly, 2019 can be seen as a comeback year for the former champion, as he personally welcomes Lee Haney Games on the 2n/a of November – a bodybuilding competition for men and women.

Lee Haney

The competition will be held at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center in Georgia, with events including Bikini, Fitness, Female Physique, Figure, Male Bodybuilding, Male Physique, and Classic Physique. An important detail regarding this event is that Lee originally proposed it because he needed a source of funding for the teen retreat.

Goliath’s Piety

As specified, Lee is of Christian beliefs and, in fact, quite a worshipper. He tends to post various psalms from “The Bible” on occasion, between photos with his wife and public invitations to gatherings he will attend. A this post is from psalm 103:1-5, relating to forgiveness, redemption and healing.

His book announcements

Lee sometimes uses his social media accounts to promote his upcoming work, which gives the public a pretty good idea of ​​how his bibliography is growing in quantity and quality.

28e of December 2018, Lee published another one fitness book, titled “Fit at Any Age: Exercise to Stimulate not Annihilate”.

What is Lee Haney’s net worth?

Have you ever taken a moment to consider just how rich Lee Haney might be in mid-2019? According to estimates from various esteemed sources, Lee’s net worth is currently over $5.5 million. He made his fortune using his fitness expertise to boost his looks and his chances of winning the Mr. Olympia title. Considering that he is still active in bodybuilding, even though his career ended in 1994, the said amount can be expected to increase.

Body measurements

When it comes to Lee’s physical specs, they are among the most significant contributors to his career, which is why they are all well known. He is 5 feet 11.5 inches (181.6 cm) tall and weighs 260 pounds (118 kg).

Her chest circumference is 56 inches (142 cm), her neck circumference 20 inches (51 cm), her arm circumference 21 inches (53 cm), her waist circumference 31.5 inches (80 cm) , his thigh circumference of 30 inches (76.2 cm) and his calf circumference of 20 inches (50.8 cm) and his figure is generally described as extremely muscular. He has black hair, dark brown eyes, and a very dark complexion.

Presence on social networks

Being the sports superstar that he is, his many fans expect Lee to have a close relationship with them through social media profiles. Since Haney is also a businessman, he understands the importance of having a wide reach with the public and therefore has a profile on the three most popular social media networks. His Facebook has more than 2,000 fans, its Twitter more than 30,000, and its instagram exceeds 150,000 subscribers.

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