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Who is Celestia Vega?

Born on 12 August 1998, in New York City, USA, under the fire sign of Leo, Celestia Vega is a 21-year old American social media personality, gamer, YouTuber, streamer and pornographic actress. She rose to fame in 2015, when she started streaming games like “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” and “Runescape”. At one point, she started dressing provocatively and posting adult content, which garnered the attention of male fans in particular. She was also massively popular on social media, but ended up deleting all of her accounts when she became a pornographic actress, which resulted in her alienating herself from many of her former gaming friends and associates. She was gone from social media for a while, but ultimately resurfaced in March of 2019. Although she’s notified people that she’s okay, Celestia is still keeping a low profile, and is only active on Twitch from time to time.

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in New York City

Celestia was born into an American family in the Big Apple. There is no information available about her parents or siblings, mostly because Vega is very private when it comes to family matters. Being one of the most controversial social media personalities of this decade, she always respected her family and shielded them from unwanted media attention. She went to an unspecified high school in her hometown. It’s unclear whether or when she matriculated, as there are rumors that she dropped out of middle school because she was an outcast.

In her “50 FACTS ABOUT ME” video, Celestia tells the story of her tough time at school. ‘Video games were an escape when I was a kid, especially because I had almost no friends at school.’, she recalls. ‘I had to deal with a lot of bullying, and it was the reason why I kept to myself.’ For eight years, she also attended a classical music school, with a focus on playing the acoustic guitar, and has displayed this skill in several of her streaming sessions. As a teenager, she made friends online playing games, with her first foray into this world being “Freddi Fish”, a children’s adventure game.

Celestia Vega

Career Beginnings: Oblivion, League of Legends and Going Provocative

In 2015, Celestia created accounts on YouTube and Twitch. At first she mostly streamed herself playing “Animal Crossing: Wild World” and “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”, which were popular games at that time. She also focused on some old school classics such as “Minecraft” and “Runescape”, which diversified her audience and brought in older gamers to her fanbase. In fact, Celestia was one of the first streamers to start actively promoting “League of Legends”, as some of her streaming sessions of the game would go on for hours. While she was relatively popular, Vega didn’t quite have the audience she had hoped for. To change that, she expanded her repertoire and began playing “Diablo III”, “H1Z1” and other newer games. Soon her YouTube and Twitch subscriber counts reached tens of thousands.

Becoming a Celebrity: Donations, Teaming Up With Zoie Burgher and More

Upon amassing an enviable number of fans, Twitch gifted her with a subscription button, which enabled her followers to pay $4.99, $9.99 or even $24.99 to gain access to exclusive content. It was at this point that she realized that a career in gaming could help her become affluent. In a matter of days, she earned more than $10,000, which motivated her to work even harder.

Posted by Celestia Vega we Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Around this time, she befriended known YouTuber and gamer Zoie Burgher, who invited her to join Luxe Gaming. This collective consisted of 10+ famous gamers who regularly streamed together, and organized contests for fans to participate in. Collaborating with other streamers made her more famous than ever, but she was still up to her usual provocative antics. She also made a habit of posting vlogs and clips about herself on YouTube, furthering her status as an online celebrity. Many notable Twitch members made the mistake of focusing only on gaming, but Celestia successfully created a brand of herself.

Entering The Porn Industry: Deeply-rooted Personal Problems

Celestia’s first foray into the world of pornography happened when she turned 18 – unbeknownst to most fans, she became a cam model. However, the news soon spread and people were ready to pay outrageous amounts of money to see her strip on camera. When her new career was still a novelty, she used a clever trick to promote her upcoming work. On 4 April 2018, famous YouTuber and gamer KSI (real name Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji) posted a video entitled “My First Adult Movie ft Celestia Vega”. In it, they promised to share the uncut version of their first adult film if the video got a million likes.

Sadly for many of their fans, the video never reached this number of likes, but her porn career caused a stir because of this promotional strategy. She signed a contract with LA Direct Models, a talent agency that represents adult film actors and actresses. After getting a verified profile on PornHub, her videos began amassing hundreds of thousands of views. Her change of careers in 2016 also caused a rift between her and Zoie Burgher, who didn’t approve of this choice. Ironically, she later switched to porn, too.

Disappearance: Where Is She Now?

In December of 2018, Vega shocked her fandom when she wrote “I’m done” on all her social media profiles and subsequently deleted them. Everyone knew about her problems with anxiety and depression, so people were afraid that she might have committed suicide. Nobody knew where she was until March 17, 2019, when she posted a YouTube video with the title “I’m back”, using this opportunity to share everything that had happened to her. Because of her painful experiences from past relationships, she thought that exploring her sexual freedom would help her feel better; unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. ‘The atmosphere that I’ve been in the past two years in sex work had really left me broken.’, she said of her experience.

Nowadays, you can see her streaming on Twitch from time to time. She’s expressed no desire to return to social media for the time being.

Personal Life: Is Celestia Vega Gay? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Celestia Vega is bisexual – she felt this way ever since she kissed one of her female friends in 8th grade. In one particular video, Vega admitted that she was treated badly by her ex-boyfriends. She also mentioned that this had something to do with the fact that she always wanted to be in an open relationship, and they also didn’t respect her bisexuality. Today, there is no information about her romantic involvements, as she is almost completely absent from all social media. She currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What Are Her Hobbies and Interests?

As for hobbies, Celestia is a multifaceted person who likes watching horror movies, soccer and cross country. She also likes to sing, which she showcased during several streaming sessions, mostly as a strategy to get her fans to donate more.

Celestia Vega

Body Measurements: How Tall is Celestia Vega?

Celestia Vega is 5ft 5in (165cm) tall, with an hourglass body, but her weight and other measurements are currently unknown. She is known for experimenting with her hair color, often dyeing it in unusual shades such as electric blue, blood red and even white. When she became a porn actress, she shaved her head, exposing her natural dark brown strands.

Net Worth: How Rich is Celestia Vega?

Have you ever wondered how affluent Celestia Vega really is? According to several credible sources, she has a net worth of approximately $200,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated initially through a large number of donations on her Twitch channel. Afterwards, her main source of income was appearing in adult movies, but that didn’t last long either. It’s unclear if she has any new business ventures planned.

Online Presence

After a myriad of personal problems and disappointments, Celestia felt that social media was “poisoning” her life. In late 2018, she deleted all her accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Most of her profiles had more than half a million followers, so this caused her popularity to fall instantly. Nowadays, she is still abstaining from most social networks, but has accounts on Youtube and Twitch, with 600,000 and 130,000 subscribers respectively. Interestingly, she also has a fan made subreddit with 30,000 followers. Recently, she launched a new Twitter account, which has already achieved 25,000 followers.

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