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Wejdene Chaïb is a Tunisian R&B singer. Her platinum-certified single Anissa in 2020 brought her worldwide fame. The video was shared on the TikTok social network and helped propel her to fame.


Wejdene Chaïb was born on Friday April 23, 2004 (18 years old; from 2022) in Seine-Saint-Denis. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She is better known by her first name Wejdene. She spent most of her childhood in Brunoy, in Essonne, where she did gymnastics, sometimes in competition, and developed her passion for singing. She grew up in a family of four Tunisian children. She started singing with her father Badra Zarzis when she was very young. She was noticed by Feuneu, the manager she has in Brunoy, who lives in the same neighborhood as her. The singer has been signed to the Caroline label since June 2020. On September 25, 2020, she released her first album titled 16; the title represents his secret age up to that point. A total of twelve tracks were included, without any features, for a duration of half an hour.

Physical appearance

Height (approx): 5 feet 4 inches

Mass: 64kg

Eye colour: Brown

Hair color: Black


Family and ethnicity

She is of Tunisian origin and grew up in the suburbs of Paris.

Parents and siblings

Her mother is a caretaker and her father, Badra Zarzis, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and musician. She has two sisters, Jiji (vlogger, fashion designer and businesswoman) and Nourhene (manager of Wejdene).

Wejdene with her sisters

Wejdene with her sisters

Relationships/Affairs, Spouse, Children

The actress is currently married to French actor Liam Pierron.

Wejdene and her husband

Wejdene and her husband

Before her marriage, she was in a relationship with Chiro. As of 2022, she has no children.


Since the beginning of 2019, Wejdene has had an Instagram account. The young artist was spotted there in November by her future manager Dadoue Blazif, better known as Feuneu, an artist from the Guette Music label and from the same neighborhood as her. Over the next month, she released her first single, J’attends. In February 2020, she released J’peux Morts.

Anissa and her first album

Mid-June 2016, she signed with the Caroline label, owned by Universal Music Group. In her new video for her fourth single, Coco, released on August 19, she invited Just Riadh to appear as her boyfriend. In its first month, it was certified gold and had the second-best start of any French song on YouTube, behind PNL’s Au DD.

Wejdene's Coco album

Wejdene’s Coco album


Wejdene holding his autographed DVD

Wejdene holding his autographed DVD

Facts / Anecdotes

  • She is one of the ambassadors of Garnier France.

  • On her Instagram account, @wejdene.bk, she has over 2.2 million subscribers, while her YouTube channel has 2 million subscribers.
    Wejdene Youtube channel

    Wejdene Youtube channel

    Wejdene's Instagram account

    Wejdene’s Instagram account

  • His first single, “J’attends”, was released in 2019.
  • Her first Instagram post was on July 2, 2020, in which she posted about her debut album Anissa. The song is inspired by her cousin whom she doesn’t want to reveal at all because Wejdene’s boyfriend cheated on her with her cousin.
    Wejdene's first post on Instagram

    Wejdene’s first post on Instagram

  • She was never in favor of revealing her age, but she often joked about it at many events.
    Wejdene jokes about his age in his Instagram Stories

    Wejdene jokes about his age in his Instagram Stories

  • As she listens to US raps, she finds them anyway and says there is always repetition.
  • Wejdene says she suffers from trypophobia, which is the fear of small holes. She doesn’t care about the big ones but the little holes really freak her out.
  • Wejdene admits that she has already been harassed by a fan. In fact, the fan also harassed her sister; he followed her to her place of work.
  • She often becomes the target of criticism among PSG (Paris Saint Germain) fans due to the similarity between her and a player’s name, Wijnaldum.

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