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TJ Lavin is an American BMX dirt veteran and former X Games gold medalist who became a TV presenter for the MTV reality series “The Challenge” in 2005.

Wiki / Biography

TJ Lavin was born Thomas Joseph Lavin on Thursday, December 7, 1976 (45 years old; from 2021), and he is from Las Vegas, USA. He was educated at Clark High School and Durango High School, both in Las Vegas. One of the pioneers of off-road motorcycle racing, Lavin started riding BMX at the age of three.

TJ Lavin, 3, posing with his bike in 1979

TJ Lavin, 3, posing with his bike in 1979

Soon after developing his attraction to BMX racing skills, he discovered dirt jumping. Sparks of his interest were stirred as he watched neighborhood kids perform stunts on their BMX bikes. Nick Herda, the owner of the former local Herda Discount Appliance store, noticed Lavin’s abilities and became his first sponsor and mentor during his teenage years. In an interview, TJ Lavin spoke about Nick Herda and said:

He really took me under his wing and he helped me financially to enter competitions.

TJ Lavin and Nick Herda

TJ Lavin and Nick Herda

For fun, Lavin and his friends drove for hours to reach Lake Mead, where they set up a ramp and did backflips in the water. In an interview, Lavin revealed that he has had a good business sense since he was a child. At school, he sold chewing gum worth 25 cents on the dollar.

Physical appearance

Height (approx): 6 ‘

Weight (approx): 82 kg (181 lb)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye colour: Light gray

TJ Lavin


Parents and siblings

TJ Lavin’s dad worked as a craps pit boss at some of the best hotels in Las Vegas like Dunes, Treasure Island, and Bellagio. When TJ was filming for The Challenge: Final Reckoning (2018) in South Africa, his father died of stage 4 cancer. Instead of getting carried away by emotions and going home, the The dedicated host stayed and filmed the season for a month before returning home for a second funeral. In an interview, TJ recalled his father’s last words and said:

My dad’s last words to me were, “TJ, go to work. “

Her mother, Barbara Lavin, worked as a dealer at Bally’s, Las Vegas. Her sister’s name is Brooke Lavin.

TJ Lavin with his mother, Barbara Lavin

TJ Lavin with his mother, Barbara Lavin

Brooke Lavin, sister of TJ Lavin

Brooke Lavin, sister of TJ Lavin

In an Instagram post, he posted a photo of his stepfather, Jim, with a caption that read,

This badass took my sister @thelavingirls and me early in our lives. He didn’t say much but what he said was always funny and he showed us more. He continues to show his support ALL the time without ever wavering. Great person my “father-in-law” Jim .. I love you man “

TJ Lavin's stepfather, Jim

TJ Lavin’s stepfather, Jim

Woman & Children

On November 2, 2012, after eight years of dating, TJ Lavin married Roxanne Siordia, who is a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, nutritionist and runs an “All Things Plant Based” health and wellness website. . She is also a travel and fitness blogger, which runs the Eat Well Live Pretty blog.

TJ Lavin and Roxanne Siordia

TJ Lavin and Roxanne Siordia

Although TJ does not have children, he officially adopted Roxanne’s daughter, Raquel, from his previous relationship. Raquel Lavin is a cosmetologist and hairdresser by training.

TJ Lavin, Raquel Lavin and Roxanne Siordia

TJ Lavin, Raquel Lavin and Roxanne Siordia


Her first job was in an ice cream shop when she was fifteen. At sixteen, he worked in a bolt and nut factory.


Lavin began competing in BMX races and figure events at the age of fifteen. At 19 he became a professional BMX racer and also won the ABA King of Dirt, his first professional competition, in 1995. He was later sponsored by Herda. For a few upcoming events it has been supported by another S&M BIKES sponsor. In 1996, Specialized Bicycle Components began to sponsor it. He rose to fame when he started participating in the annual extreme sports event “X Games”. He made a name for himself at the X Games by pulling off the most stretched Superman sieges, perfect backflips and tailwhips.

TJ Lavin at an X Games event running a table

TJ Lavin at an X Games event running a table

In the early years of the event, Lavin was an aggressive competitor on the Dew Tour circuit. In 1997, he made the cover of the August issue of BMX Plus! magazine.

TJ Lavin on the cover of the August issue of BMX Plus!  review (1997)

TJ Lavin on the cover of the August issue of BMX Plus! review (1997)

In 1999, the United States Post Office modeled a stamp depicting TJ Lavin doing a superman siege.

Stamp modeled by The United States Post featuring TJ Lavin doing a superman siege

Stamp modeled by The United States Post featuring TJ Lavin doing a superman siege

In 2002, TJ left Specialized and began sporting a Schwinn bike. In addition to the annual event, he also hosted an annual jam at his home in Las Vegas.

Flyer of the 10th annual jam of the court of Lavin

Flyer of the 10th annual jam of the court of Lavin

He survived a broken collarbone and made a comeback at the X Games (2004) where he won a bronze medal. During the Dew Action Sports Tour (2007) in Orlando, Florida, Lavin lost control of the landing and broke his leg while performing a tour called “Decade”. To perform “Decade”, the rider makes a 360 ° revolution of the bike and, while the bike is still in the air, lands on it. After the heartbreaking incident, Lavin underwent several surgeries, extensive rehabilitation, and physical therapy to get back into shape. He suffered another accident in October 2010 while competing in the Dew Tour event in Las Vegas. He was attempting a nac nac combination during the second set of the clay course when he hit the ground because he was unable to get his feet back on the pedals after the stunt.

After the horrific incident, he immediately lost consciousness as he had fractured his orbital bone, right wrist and numerous ribs. He was placed in an induced coma due to the severity of his injuries. In addition to his injuries in the accident, he was also diagnosed with pneumonia. He was released from the hospital in November 2020. The Las Vegas and action sports communities have come together to help Lavin and fellow BMXer Ty Pinney, who suffered a similar head injury to Lavin while he was riding in Lavin’s yard in October. After the accident, he had to relearn basic human functions such as walking, speaking and counting. Subsequently, he stopped participating professionally in BMX dirt competitions.


Lavin began his career as a TV presenter with Real World / Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2 (2005), the 11th season of the MTV reality show, The Challenge. The challenge was derived from two MTV reality shows, The Real World and Road Rules.

#The challenge of the CHALLENGE: VENDETTAS

TJ Lavin on the show Le Défi

Subsequently, he became the regular host of the series. His zero tolerance for attendees wishing to leave the show has earned him immense popularity as he himself practices and preaches the “never give up” attitude in life. In fact, the competitors even pushed themselves to perform better for fear of disappointing Lavin. In an interview, while expressing his hatred for the cowards, he said:

I probably get 50 people a week asking me how to get on the show, in the DMs and comments and whatever, “Put me on the show!” And the dropouts take the place of someone who really wants to be there, who would die to be there, who would give anything to swap places.

Actor play and music

As a musician, he has produced music for local rapper Big B and for several TV shows and commercials. In 2007 he released his first album “The First Set” (2007) under the name “Lavs”.

The first set (2007)

He gives live concerts in various open mics. In 2013, he made his film debut with the horror thriller ‘Beast: A Monster Among Men’ in which he played the role of Ely. The story of the film revolves around a group of five friends, who head to a secluded cabin for a vacation. During the journey, they are tracked down one by one until only two remain.

Beast a monster among men 2013

He appeared in the American musical romantic drama film “Viena and the Fantomes” (2020) as a BMX rider.


In February 2011, he became part owner of the “Forgiven” business enterprise, which made an alcohol metabolizer that circulates alcohol through the body faster and a person sobers up more quickly. The chemical-free product quickly breaks down alcohol byproducts and also provides electrolytes to rehydrate the body to help relieve nausea associated with alcohol consumption by decreasing hangover symptoms. drink. The product, which sold for $ 3.99. He has a video game named after him called MTV Sports: Ultimate BMX by TJ Lavin, which also features his likeness. The sports video game was released under the THQ label for Game Boy Color in 2000.

MTV Sports Ultimate BMX TJ Lavin

Prizes, distinctions, achievements

  • Gold medal in BMX Dirt at the X Games in 1997 and 1999
  • BMX Dirt Silver Medal at the X Games (1996)
  • Bronze medal in BMX Dirt at the X Games in 2000, 2001 and 2004
    TJ Lavin posing with his bronze medal (right) at the X Games BMX Dirt (2001)

    TJ Lavin posing with his bronze medal (right) at the X Games BMX Dirt (2001)

  • Gold medal at the Gravity Games (2000)


  • Motocross racer: Jeremy mcgrath

Car collection

He is passionate about vintage cars. Its collection includes the following cars:

Facts / Anecdotes

  • He is also known by the nicknames Lavs and TJ.
  • Lavin and his wife are on a vegan diet. .
  • Lavin is a self-taught pianist and he also plays the guitar. The music lover has created a home music studio called “Lav’s Lab”.
  • In his garden, he created a BMX track, which spans an acre of land and includes several groomed tracks and dirt jumps.
    BMX track in TJ Lavin's backyard

    BMX track in TJ Lavin’s backyard

  • A photo of his stunt featured in Ride BMX 2000 magazine later became the subject of artist Bert Ernie’s photorealistic painting “King of Dirt”.
    Photorealistic Painting - King of Dirt

    Photorealistic Painting – King of Dirt

  • He is an avid dog lover who owns three dogs named Hanky, Sonny and Cooper. He often posts videos while playing the guitar, meanwhile, hanging out with his dogs.
  • His intense desire to help people led him to take a firefighter course in Thailand. Trained firefighter Lavin wanted to retire after The Challenge (2017) and become a firefighter in Las Vegas.
  • TJ Lavin is one of only two riders to have won gold in BMX Dirt more than once.
  • He occasionally consumes alcohol. In an interview, while talking about his drinking habits, he said:

    Yes. I’ve been around alcohol all my life. I was never really a heavy drinker. But I come from a long line of drinkers. I never developed a taste for alcohol.

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