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Sofia Jirau is a supermodel and wife of Puerto Rican businessman who became the first supermodel of Victoria’s Secret with Down syndrome in 2022.


Sofia Jirau was born as Sofía Isabel Jirau González on Tuesday, March 26, 1996 (the age of 26; from 2022), in Puerto Rico.

Sofia Jirau in childhood

Sofia Jirau in childhood

Initially, Sofia did not attend regular schools as she had to undergo various therapies every day. From the age of 2 to 5, Sofia attended the Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation Early School and later she started looking for a mainstream school. She graduated at the age of 19. Jirau had been into dancing since childhood and learned ballet dancing for a few years when she was a teenager. She always wanted to become a model. During an interview, talking about her desire to become a model since childhood, Sofia said,

Ever since I was little I said when I grew up I wanted to be a model. I like being a model, being myself, being in front of the cameras and walking quietly on the catwalk.

Physical appearance

Height (approx): 4’9″

Weight (approx): 50kg

Hair color: Blond

Eye colour: Grey

Figure measurements (approx): 34-28-34

Sofia Jirau


Parents and siblings

Sofia’s father’s name is Frankie Jirau and Mimi Gonzalez’s mother’s name. She has an older sister, Paola Cristina Jirau. She also has two younger brothers named Rodrigo Jose Jirau and Nacho Jirau.

Sofia Jirau with her sister

Sofia Jirau with her sister

Sofia Jirau with her brother Rodrigo Jose Jirau

Sofia Jirau with her brother Rodrigo Jose Jirau

Sofia Jirau with her family

Sofia Jirau with her family

Grand parents

Sofia Jirau is the granddaughter of Francisco Jirau and Wanda Rosaly.

Sofia Jirau with her grandparents

Sofia Jirau with her grandparents


On March 26, 2019 (Sofia’s 23rd birthday), she started her modeling journey. She then did fashion photo shoots for various fashion magazines and fashion designers. On February 10, 2020, Jirau made her catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week, being one of the very few models with Down syndrome to have participated in the event.

Sofia Jirau walking the ramp as a model

Sofia Jirau walking the ramp as a model

Many popular media like Vogue Mexico, People, Hola! and Univision covered fashion week. She has also collaborated with many popular Puerto Rican photographers for fashion shoots.

Photoshoot by Sofia Jirau

Photo session of Sofia Jirau

She then joined INprende (a Puerto Rican company that promotes entrepreneurship in various sectors through education and designing creative ideas) as an ambassador for the experience. The company prompted Sofia to launch her online brand called “Alavett”. The store was named “Alavett” after Sofia’s favorite phrase “I Love It”.

Alavett laptop sleeve

Alavett laptop sleeve

In an interview, talking about launching her online store, sofia said,

One day I took a blank sheet of paper and wrote “Alavett” and Alessandra Correa from INprende took it and they helped me get my product line. It’s out and you can buy. There are shirts, a cap, a wallet, a thermos and a mobile phone cover.

Sofia became the first model with Down syndrome to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2022 after accepting an offer to model for US retail company Victoria’s Secret for its Love Cloud collection. The Victoria’s Secret Love Cloud Collection is the company’s newest line of underwear. Sofia announced her association with the brand via her Instagram account and said it was a dream come true for her. On her Instagram account, she wrote,

One day I dreamed I worked on it and now it’s a dream come true. I can finally tell you my secret. I am the first supermodel of Victoria’s Secret with Down syndrome.

She has also promoted various beauty and fashion products on her Instagram account.

Sofia Jirau approving cosmetics on Instagram

Sofia Jirau approving cosmetics on Instagram


  • Food: Chicken with Broccoli, Stuffed Breast, Octopus, Shrimp, Fish, Pizza
  • Singers): Bad Bunny, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, Enrique Iglesias
  • Location: Old San Juan in Puerto Rico


  • Sofia loves going to the beach, the mall, and Old San Juan in her free time. She also enjoys dancing and listening to her favorite beats whenever she is free.
  • Jirau is a non-vegetarian and enjoys eating broccoli chicken the most.
  • She is passionate about fitness and hits the gym every day. In the gym, she mainly does “Boot Camp”, a type of correctional facility for teenagers, especially in the American penal system, and lifts small weights.
    Sofia Jirau lifts weights

    Sofia Jirau lifts weights

  • She is affectionately referred to as “Sofi” by her friends and family members.
  • Jirau’s most liked phrase is “I love him”.
  • Sofia graced the cover of ‘Salud Al Día’ magazine as a teenager.
    Sofia Jirau on the cover of Salud al Dia magazine

    Sofia Jirau on the cover of Salud Al Dia magazine

  • Jirau loves dogs. She owns a pet dog named Lola.
    Sofia Jirau with her pet dog

    Sofia Jirau with her pet dog

  • Sofia admires American singer Jennifer Lopez for her fashion sense and wishes to meet her one day.
  • In an interview, Sofia talked about motivating people with Down syndrome or other illnesses to pursue their dreams. She says,

    I always say “Inside and out, there are no limits” to motivate people to go beyond the limits they impose on themselves.

  • In an interview, Jirau revealed that his modeling career started as a normal dress trial. Once she tried an outfit from the fashion designer Marisa Santiago and (Marisa) was so beloved that it immediately offered to Jirau present his work at a New York fashion event.

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