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Romane Serda is a French singer, actress and author, known for being the ex-wife of the famous French singer-songwriter Renaud Séchan.


Romane Serda was born on Friday, February 26, 1971 (age 51; from 2022), in Paris, France. She spent her childhood in the Drôme, oscillating between Vaison-la-Romaine and Nyons. She grew up in a hippie community in Drôme with her hipster parents. She spent her holidays in a village of nudists.

Childhood photo of Romane Serda

Childhood photo of Romane Serda

During her teenage years, she lived in Montpellier. After working at the local radio station of the Europe 2 network in Montpellier, she moved to Paris to work for the network.

Physical appearance

Height (approx): 5′ 3″

Hair color: Blond

Eye colour: Black

Roman Serda


Parents and siblings

After her parents separated, her mother remarried. Romane Serda has a sister-in-law named Marion, her stepfather’s daughter. Her father died on December 16, 2015. Her half-sister’s name is Lolita.

Romane Serda's father

Romane Serda’s father

husband and children

From 2005 to 2011, Romane Serda was married to Renaud Séchan, a popular French singer, songwriter and actor, known for his studio albums Laisse Béton (1977), Morgane de toi (1983) and Mistral Gagnant. Together, Renaud and Romane have a son Malone Oscar Olivier Séchan-Serda (born July 14, 2006).

Renaud Sechan and Romane Serda

Renaud Sechan and Romane Serda

After an irrational marriage in Las Vegas, which was not recognized by the French authorities, she officially married Renaud on August 5, 2005, in Châteauneuf-de-Bordette, in Drôme.

Wedding photo of Romane and Renaud Séchan

Wedding photo of Romane and Renaud Séchan

Shortly after the release of their third album, Ailleurs (2011), the couple broke up. Before Romane Serda, Renaud Séchan was married to Dominique Quilichini, was an actress in the troupe of comedian Coluche. Together, Renaud and Dominique have a daughter named Lolita Séchan, a popular French writer and illustrator best known for the graphic novel “The Mists of Sapa” (2016) and the children’s book “Hidden or not, I’m coming!” (2020). Renaud and Dominique divorced when Lolita was 18.

Lolita Séchan with her father, Renaud Séchan, and her mother, Dominique Quilichini

(From left to right) Renaud Séchan, Dominique Quilichini and Lolita Séchan


In her book, she reveals that she had had relationships with many men, including Jean-Jacques Goldman’s concert technician named Patrice and a guy named Thierry, because of whom Romane was taken into custody on two occasions because he had ties to a mafia. Romane Serda and Renaud Séchan first met at La Closerie des Lilas, in Paris, where Romane was visiting to meet an artistic director from Sony Music. Soon they started dating, then they got married. Romane and Renaud divorced in 2011. Subsequently, she entered into a relationship with a violent man. After remaining single for years after suffering domestic violence, Romane Serda has entered into a relationship again, but she has not revealed her name. When she appeared on the French talk show ‘Touche pas à mon poste!’ in 2021, she says,

I decided not to expose my life, nor my son, nor my romantic encounters… I’m better off like that… With Renaud, it was obvious, since we are both public figures. So it was normal, more logical. We had a duet together, we worked together, he did my texts… Today, I don’t see the point of it”


While living in Montpellier, she became interested in the entertainment industry when she worked for the local radio network Europe 2. Later, she moved to Paris, where she continued to work for Europe 2, while trying his hand at comedy. She also worked at Radio Nostalgie. In an interview, she spoke about her work as a technician at Europe 2 and said:

I was playing locally in Montpellier and we had twenty minutes of live per hour to present news, pubs and the weather. I programmed music and I also did advertising voices because we do everything on the radio.

After playing in the French sitcoms “L’annexe” and “Salut les Musclés” in 1993, she joined a musical group as a singer and moved to London, where she spent six years. In London, she works for John Reynolds, the Irish artistic producer. She also worked for French singer-songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman. She returned to Paris in 1999.


On October 18, 1993, she made her acting debut with the television series “The Annex” in which she played the protagonist Marie. After getting the role, she took acting lessons with Jacques Martin. Broadcast on France 2, the series depicted the daily life of a group of high school students who worked together in a pizzeria called L’Annex. In the same year, she played a minor role of Caroline in the French comedy television series “Salut les Muscles”.

Hello Muscles

In 1998, she appeared in the English TV movie “This Could Be the Last Time” in which she played the role of a saleswoman. In the Canadian television series “Relic Hunter”, she made an appearance in the episode entitled “Memories of Montmartre” (2000).

Relic Hunter TV series


In 2004, Romane Serda released her first self-titled album, produced and written by Renaud Séchan. The album earned her a Victoires de la Musique nomination in the Breakthrough Album of the Year category, but she did not win the award. In 2005, she lends her voice to the single “Anaïs Nin”, dedicated to the American writer of the same name, in which she sings a duet with Renaud. Romane Serda’s second album, “After the rain”, written and produced by Renaud, was released in 2007. In 2011, she released her third album, “Ailleurs”.

Elsewhere - Album by Romane Serda

In 2018, she released her fourth album, To please you, which did not gain much popularity.

To Please You (2018)

In 2019, she lends her voice to the song “Un coin pour vivre” for the benefit of the association Les Hôtels du Cœur for the benefit of the homeless and the poorly housed in Paris.


On October 7, 2020, his biographical book ‘To Life to Love’ was published by HarperCollins. She paraded during “Le Défilé des Robes en Chocolats” during the “Salon du Chocolat Paris 2017” at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles on October 27, 2017 in Paris. France.

Romane Serda at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles parades during 'The Fashion Show of Chocolate Dresses' (2017)

Romane Serda at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles parades during ‘The Fashion Show of Chocolate Dresses’ (2017)


Raped at the age of nine

In her biographical book ‘À la vie à l’amour’ (2020), she revealed that Romane Serda revealed that she had been raped when she was nine years old by the teenage son of a farmer who lived next door. The incident happened in a barn on the farm. Romane played ball and cycled with him. the book read,

One day like the others, he asks me to come and play at his house, on the farm. As soon as I arrive, he jumps on me[…MybreathiscutoffmybrainisparalyzedIt’ssosuddenlysoviolentthatIdon’treactrightawayHeentersmeonceIdebateIscreamandinthefightcan’tsinkanymoreIbelieve…[…MonsouffleestcoupémoncerveauparalyséC’esttellementsoudaintellementviolentquejeneréagispastoutdesuiteIlmepénètreunefoisjemedébatjecrieetdanslecombatilnepeutpluss’enfoncerJecrois…”[…MybreathistakenawaymybrainparalyzedIt’ssosuddensoviolentthatIdon’treactrightawayHeentersmeonceIstruggleIscreamandinthefighthecan’tsinkanyfurtherIbelieve…“

victim of domestic violence

In her biographical book ‘À la vie à l’amour’ (2020), she revealed that she had been the victim of domestic violence, but she did not reveal the name of the accused. The alleged incident allegedly took place after his separation from Renaud Séchan. While recounting the torture on the talk show ‘Touche pas à mon poste!’ In 2021, Romane Serda says that the situation took a dramatic turn the day she decided to leave him. She was attacked by her companion, who knocked her to the ground and hid her phone so she could not call for help. Later, Romane Serda filed a complaint and the accused was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 2,000 euros.


  • rock bands): The Beatles, Supertramp, Pink Floyd
  • Book: The ethics of Baruch Spinoza


  • She has a pet cat and she uploads various photos of her cat to her Instagram account. Passionate about dogs, she also has a pet dog.
    Romane Serda with her dog

    Romane Serda with her dog

  • Previously, Romane Serda smoked frequently, but later she quit smoking. During an interview, she revealed that although she smokes, she has never used drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc.
  • In an interview, she revealed that her father wanted to name her Lolita, but since her mother disagreed, her name was Romane. Subsequently, Romane’s father named her half-sister Lolita. In the interview, she brought up the fact that she and her son have a half-sister named Lolita.
  • In an interview, she revealed that she had worked as an ass model, that is, only her buttocks were used for a modeling assignment. While recalling the same, Romane shared that she had low self-esteem during her teenage years as she was very skinny. She also said that she used to put on four panties and three pairs of tights just to add volume to her skinny body.
  • While sharing how her parents chose a name for her in an interview, she said,

    They were on a beach where a woman on horseback was passing. My father asked her her first name, it was Romane.

  • In addition to being an actress, she is also a sculptor. In an interview she said,

    The sculpture. I love creating women with tiny waists and distorted curves.

  • Once, after a concert, she was approached by Rudolf Schenker, a German guitarist known for being the founder of the hard rock band Scorpions for a collaboration. The singer and guitarist composed and wrote songs for her in English, but later things didn’t work out between them. While talking about the same in an interview, she said,

    Rudolf composed and wrote texts for me in English. It was very commercial, I didn’t like the producer, I dithered and didn’t sign the contract.

  • In 2010, Lolita Séchan is the author of the book “Marshmalone” (named after her half-brother Malone) in which she evokes the arrival of her little brother in her life. In an interview, while talking about her book, she said,

    I wanted to talk about the arrival of this little brother in my life as an only child with all that that implies. At first it was very difficult to share my father, today I am very happy.

    Book - Marshmalone (2010)

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