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Pierre Leccia is a French screenwriter, actor and director. His notable works include Mafiosa, Maupassant’s Au Siecle: Tales and Short Stories of the Nineteenth Century.


Pierre Leccia was born in 1962 (60 years old; from 2022), in Serra di Scopamena (Corsica) but grew up in Conca. A graduate of the college of Porto-Vecchio, he attended the Montessori high school in Bastia before continuing his studies at the University of Nice. After graduating from university, he left to work as a screenwriter in Paris. During this time, he writes mainly for television, notably for the Mafiosa series.

Physical appearance

  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair color: Salt and pepper

Pierre Leccia


He began his screenwriting career with Louis la Brocante, season 5, episode 4 in 2002. He also wrote for La Demoiselle d’honneur (2004). He made his acting debut with A Prophet (2009) and with the television series Mafiosa Season 3 Episode 1 as Grimaldi in 2010. As a director, he directed two seasons of Mafiosa (Season 4 and 5) in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

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