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Philippe Bouvard is a French radio and television host who has been in the industry since 1969. For the past three decades, he has hosted the radio show Les Grosses Têtes for Radio Luxembourg RTL, the television show Le Petit Théâtre de Bouvard from 1982 to 1986, and the radio program Allo Bouvard since 2014.


Louis Bouvard, also known as Philippe Pierre Louis Bouvard was born on Friday, December 6, 1929 (aged 92; since 2022) in Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. While in Paris, he attended Rollin (now Jacques-Decour), Chaptal, Condorcet, Carnot, Janson-de-Sailly, and Claude-Bernard high schools, being expelled from a few due to low attendance and indiscipline. In his early teens, he spent his summers on the Côte d’Azur with his stepfather and his mother. This experience pushed him to become a writer. He published editorials and short stories in Schola 44, the first high school newspaper he launched on January 24, 1944. He entered the Paris School of Journalism at the age of nineteen in 1948 after failing his baccalaureate three times. He was expelled after a few months. He soon became editor-in-chief of a regimental magazine, the Kléber Digest, Germany where he was also doing his military service. Before becoming famous, he had been a marketer of encyclopedias and a seller of sunglasses in Lissac.

Physical appearance

Eye colour: Blue

Hair color: White

Philippe Bouvard

Family and ethnicity

Parents and siblings

Only child of Marcel Bouvard (Coulommiers, 1907-Casablanca, 1972), vegetable merchant in Morocco who later became a director of French companies. He has a Jewish mother, Andrée Gensburger (Paris 1904-Paris 1984), who was an optician. His mother remarried to Jules Luzzato, men’s tailor from Paris (9th century), grandson of a rabbi, of Italian origin through his father.

Relationships/Affairs, Wife, Children

He married on October 31, 1953 in Vésine with Colette Sauvage. They have two daughters, Dominique (1954) and Nathalie (1964).

Bouvard with his wife Colette Sauvage

Bouvard with his wife Colette Sauvage


After directing a military magazine during his military service, he became a courier for the newspaper “Le Figaro”. It was the beginning of a great adventure, and he even became the editor of the newspaper. He also worked in other newspapers such as “France Soir”, “Paris Match”, “L’Express” or “Le Point”.


He became a familiar figure in France when he joined RTL radio in 1966. After the program “RTL non-stop”, the station manager asked him to host “Les Grosses Têtes” in 1977. To say that the show with him as host has become cult is an understatement. Shortly after Bouvard joined the show, it became a huge hit in France. Philippe Bouvard has so far become inseparable from the “The Big Heads.RTL replaced him with Christophe Dechavanne in 1999, but the show did not attract as many viewers, he was quickly asked to return in 2001.

Bouvard with Big Heads

Bouvard with Big Heads


He also enjoyed success on television with the program “Le Petit Théâtre de Bouvard”, which unveiled new actors.

Bouvard Theater

Bouvard Theater


  • 2014: Commander in the Order of the Crown.


Autograph of Philippe Bouvard

Autograph of Philippe Bouvard


  • In the early morning hours of September 23, 1985, when he had just finished filming Les Grosses Têtes at the RTL studio, a 39-year-old man shot him five times with a pellet gun, slightly injuring him in the stomach and finger. The individual explained his gesture by specifying that Philippe Bouvard was an RPR agent who had been mandated to install spy microphones at his home. In his account of the events, Philip Bouvard specifies that he noticed it for several days during the filming of Les Grosses Têtes because he was the only one not to laugh.

Facts and stories

  • Philippe Bouvard gave a speech during his show on March 14, 2021, with remarks deemed transphobic by various media (such as Têtu) and LGBT defense groups (such as SOS homophobia or ALJ).
  • He and his family had to go into hiding during World War II.
  • He was angry with Laurent Ruquier when they first met, but they became friends when the two were invited to a magazine, where they did an interview. After this interview, Laurent offers him the position of juror for a program, which he accepts.
  • During the 2007 presidential campaign, he supported Nicolas Sarkozy.
  • The French TV show Les Guignols de l’info (1988) featured a puppet that looked like him.
  • In addition to Les Agents secrets (1965), Les Hommes de 40 ans (1965) and Le petit théâtre de Bouvard (1982), he produced and acted in several films.

  • He has written over 40 books in his entire career and one of them is called Un Homme Libre.
    The cover of Bouvard's book Un Homme Libre

    The cover of Bouvard’s book Un Homme Libre

  • He hid his Jewish origins from his wife in order to marry her.
  • In May 2022, there was a rumor of Bouvard’s death but ultimately, it was all just a hoax.
  • There was a rumor that the journalist is gay due to his excessive attention to his looks. However, according to a poll, it appeared that 83% of people do not think he is gay.

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