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“Paga”, real name Anthony Paggini Neuron, is a reality TV contestant and DJ who first went viral when he appeared on Les Marseillais à Miami in 2012.


Paga was born on Tuesday, January 19, 1988 (age 34; as of 2022) in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of Peypin. He is Capricorn. The artist is of Italian origin. The young man is pursuing a BTS in Management of Commercial Units after his baccalaureate, but is however oriented for a few years towards the profession of waiter. It was in 2012, at the age of 24, that he decided to get into reality TV. He joins the cast of Marseille in Miami, a program broadcast on W9.

Physical appearance

Height (approx.): 170cm/ 5’7″

Eye colour: Blue

Hair color: Brown

paga neuron

Family and ethnicity

Relationships/Affairs, Wife, Children

Paga was in a relationship with Charolette before meeting Adixia. Paga was in a relationship with Adixia in 2016. In the meantime, she also got pregnant but aborted the child after a month. Due to depression, the “Pagadixx” relationship weakened. However, they still dated for three years and even symbolically married during the filming of the Marseillais in Thailand. However, their relationship ended because Paga cheated on her with Manon Van and then Milla Jasmine.

Adixia and Anthony Paggini Neuron

Adixia and Anthony Paggini Neuron

Paga almost landed with the American Luna Skye but during the last filming of the Marseillais in Dubai, he also cheated on her.

Paga and Luna Skye

Paga and Luna Skye

Since 2022, he has been in a relationship with Giuseppa.

Giuseppe and Paga

Giuseppe and Paga


TV shows

He was contacted on social networks by casting directors in 2012, when he was 24 years old, offering him to pass the casting for Les Marseillais. This opportunity is accepted by him and he lands his first show in Marseille. He did season 2 of Les Marseillais in Cancun in 2013. He did Les Marseillais in Rio (Season 3) where he met Charlotte. In 2014, he filmed Les Ch’tis VS les Marseillais (Season 1) where he met Adixia. It is believed that he married Adixia in Thailand in February 2015 on the set of Les Marseillais Thailand, but their marriage has not been recognized in France. He then did Les Ch’tis in the Jet Set (Season 6), Les Ch’tis Vs Les Marseillais (Season 2), Les Marseillais South Africa (Season 5), Les Marseillais and Les Ch’tis Vs The Rest of the World (Season 1), The Marseillais South America (Season 6), The Marseillais Vs The Rest of the World (Season 2), The Marseillais Australia (Season 7), Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers (Season 3), The Marseillais VS The Rest of the World (Season 3), The Marseillais Asian Tour (Season 8), The Marseillais VS The Rest of the World (Season 4), The Marseillais in the Caribbean (Season 9), The Marseillais VS The Rest of the World (Season 5) , The Marseillais in Dubai (Season 10) and The Marseillais vs the Rest of the World (Season 6)


Paga and Adixia have joined forces to form Pagadixx as a DJ duo. Their debut album, Identity was released on December 15, 2017. However, in early 2018, Adixia announced that they were ending their collaboration.


  • He has a sail tattoo in the middle of his chest. He also has his year of birth tattooed in the middle of his chest. Paga's shoulder tattoo
  • He has an eye tattooed on his front shoulder. Paga chest tattoo
  • Paga also has a heartbeat tattoo on his arm. On his other wrist he has his last name inked. Paga's arm tattoo
  • He has a script tattoo on his shoulder which is written in French. Paga Shoulder Tattoo 1
  • Paga has two large tattoos on his bicep. Paga's bicep tattoo

Facts / Anecdotes

  • In judo, he has a black belt and is ranked second.
  • He has already undergone 3 nose operations (rhinoplasty.)
  • He loves dogs and has two named Brioche and Biscotie in his house.
    Paga and his pet dog

    Paga and his pet dog

  • His first Instagram post was on May 16, 2020, which was a photo of himself.
    Paga's first post on Instagram

    Paga’s first post on Instagram

  • Before aspiring to become the king of turntables on W9, Paga practiced judo, his real first vocation. He had trained there for more than 21 years. Then he works in a friend’s pizzeria where he plays his music to his colleagues.

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