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• Nicolette Scorsese is an American actress and model born in 195•
• She rose to fame after appearing in the movie “A Christmas Vacation” in 1989.
• She has also appeared in a number of commercials and campaigns for big brands, as well as in TV shows such as “The A-Team”, “Charles in Charge” and “L.A. Law”.
• She has been out of the public eye for almost two decades, with rumors saying she either owns a successful business or has retired from acting.
• She has a net worth of $300,000.


Who is Nicolette Scorsese?

Born on 6 January 1954, at an unspecified location in the United States, under the earth sign of Capricorn, Nicolette Scorsese is a 65-year-old American actress and model. She rose to fame thanks to the iconic 1989 Christmas movie “A Christmas Vacation”, which later became a cult classic and is still being aired during the holidays, every year. This role opened the doors of Hollywood to Nicolette, but she failed to become one of the industry’s household names, instead also appearing in a number of commercials and campaigns for several big brands.

Nicolette Scorsese

Early Life and Education

Even though she was one of the brighter stars in the mid-to-late 1980s, there is not much information about Nicolette’s early life, nor about her parents. Given the fact that her name is Scorsese, her parents are probably somewhere from Southern Italy or they have Italian ancestry. It’s also worth mentioning that, despite the rarity of their last name, Nicolette and Martin Scorsese are not related; the famous director’s parents are from Palermo, Sicily, where the surname Scorsese is quite common. Both of them have dealt with questions about one another, but have always denied being related with a smile on their faces. In fact, no credible sources can give us a glimpse of Nicolette’s true ethnicity. She herself has always been hesitant to reveal anything about her private life, which is a sign that she always wanted to be professional and focus on her work.

Career Beginnings: Modeling and Her First Contact With Acting

Nicolette started off as a model – her slender build and unique physiognomy opened up a world of professional opportunities for her. Several big fashion brands hired her to market their products, and appear in expensive commercials and national campaigns. She became moderately famous because of this exposure, which inspired her to pick up acting. Her first role was not a small one, as she played the part of Cindy in two episodes of the hit 1980s TV action show “The A-Team”, alongside Mr. T. The series depicts the story of a group of Vietnam veterans who have been wrongly accused of war crimes, and while on the run from the authorities, they help those in need. Her role was praised by critics and she soon went on to appear in “Charles in Charge” as Louise, in the episode “American Teen”. In 1988, she made her film debut as Melissa Cody in “Perfect Victims”. This streak of small, but still excellently executed roles prepared Nicolette for her big break in the entertainment industry.

More Success: Christmas Vacation and the 1990s

In 1989, Nicolette landed perhaps the biggest role of her entire career, playing Mary in the hit Christmas movie – “Christmas Vacation”. The iconic comedy depicts the attempts of a family to go on holiday, but a series of funny accidents spoil their plans. Even though it’s almost 30 years old, the movie still gets aired on TV each year as soon as December starts. The film was a massive success, as it managed to gross more than $70 million with just a $25 million budget. If the 1980s were successful for Nicolette, then the 1990s would be when she achieved true consistency. She appeared in films such as “Boxing Helena” and “Aspen Extreme”, both of which became fan favorites. In addition to longer works, Nicolette tried her hand at short films too, playing roles in both “The Waiter” and “Long Greases”.

Sudden Disappearance

Even though Nicolette wasn’t a big household name, she still had a steady career with constant offers. In the mid-1990s, she appeared on “Rebel Highway”, “L.A. Law”, “Girls in Prison” and “NYPD Blue”. In 2000, she returned to “NYPD Blue”, playing a different role in one of the later seasons. However, this is the last acting credit to her name. For the last 19+ years, there is no information about her whereabouts, occupation or anything else. She seemingly faded away after a string of good roles. Some movie industry experts have speculated that she gave up on acting because she is running a successful business, but these are just rumors. Others have stated that she simply got tired of the Hollywood drama, and that she needed to get out. It’s a real possibility, when you think about it.

Where is She Now?

Despite avoiding public appearances, several people have claimed to have seen her attending art exhibitions and gala parties in Los Angeles. Other reports state that she is a socialite, but that she invests in businesses on a regular basis.

Personal Life: Does Nicolette Scorsese Have a Boyfriend or a Husband?

There is no conclusive information about Nicolette’s relationship status, as she has been out of the public eye for almost two decades. We do know, however, that she was involved with a couple of men during the 1980s and 1990s. When she was a model, she met Antonio Sabato Jr., and the two dated for a couple of years. She was also in a relationship with Jellybean Benitez, and with Billy Duffy, a member of The Cult, literally a cult rock band. Even though neither she nor Billy confirmed that they were dating, they were seen together on a number of occasions. It was also rumored that they had a daughter named Shiloh together, but again – neither of them wanted to comment on the situation. One relationship of hers which garnered a lot of attention was  with a young Sean Penn. This was a surprise for her, but not for Sean, as he has a long track record of dating his “co-workers”. They even appeared together at the First Annual International Rock Awards in 1989, at New York State Armory.

Nicolette Scorsese

Body Measurements: How Tall is Nicolette Scorsese?

Nicolette Scorsese is 5ft 4in (162cm) and weighs around 120lbs (54kg). When she was a model, her vital statistics were 35-23-34. She has blond hair and light brown eyes.

What is Nicolette Scorsese’s Net Worth?

According to several credible sources, Nicolette Scorsese has a net worth of around $300,000, as of mid-2019. She accumulated this wealth through a myriad of roles in movies and on TV shows in the 1980s and 1990s. There is no information about her current endeavors, so we can’t say for sure if this number will rise in the near future.

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