Nathan Schwandt’s Biography. Who is Jeffree Star’s boyfriend?

• Nathan Schwandt is an American entrepreneur, social media star and guitarist, best known for dating Jeffree Star.
• He has a younger brother named Zach and his parents are still together.
• He works as head of logistics in Jeffree Star’s cosmetics company.
• He owns a marijuana business and has recently become interested in the art of makeup.
• Nathan’s estimated net worth is over $500,000.


Who is Nathan Schwandt?

Nathan Schwandt is an American entrepreneur, social media star, and guitarist, but is probably best known for being the boyfriend of famous You Tuber and makeup artist Jeffree Star. He and his boyfriend have been at the center of many controversies regarding their lifestyle and relationship.

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Biography of Nathan Schwandt: family and education

Nathan was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA on August 18, 1993. Nathan says little about his early childhood and family life except that he has a wonderful relationship and maintains regular contact with both of his parents. . He has a younger brother called Zach, who often stars in videos with Nat and her boyfriend Jeffree, and they all visit Nathan’s family often, showing that Jeffree is well accepted by them.

As for Nathan’s education, there is no specific information available, however, he is responsible for the logistics department of Jeffree Star’s cosmetics company.

The career of Nathan Schwandt

Nathan’s very first job was at the pet store in Michigan, where he was in charge of the shipping department. It was around this time, while still living in Michigan, that he opened his Instagram account, which eventually made him famous.

His second job is the one he still has at his boyfriend’s makeup business. He first contacted Jeffree on Instagram, and Nathan introduced him to the world of online business, vlogging. He encouraged Jeffree to start posting makeup videos and music on his YouTube channel. Then, after Jeffree’s channel took off and he became a world-famous YouTuber and makeup artist, he started his own business and employed Nathan as the head of the logistics department.

The two now run a multi-million business.

Nathan also owns a marijuana business and regularly appears in Jeffree’s videos, namely makeup tutorials, challenges, and vlogs. Additionally, Nathan has recently taken an interest in the art of makeup and has modeled for Jeffree’s company.

Nathan Schwandt

The personal life of Nathan Schwandt

Ever since he rose to fame, Nathan has been at the center of some controversies, one of which concerns his sexuality. Nathan is openly gay and has a long-term relationship with Jeffree Star, however, there have been rumors accusing him of being in a relationship with Jeffree purely for money and fame. Many people even accused him of pretending to be gay just to make money, saying he was “gay for pay”.

Nathan immediately denied this saying he had always been interested in men, however, coming from where he lived, that kind of life just wasn’t possible. He also mentioned his strong belief that no relationship should be influenced or bound by gender, but by the connection and love you feel with a person, and that it doesn’t matter what gender they identify with.

He has many interests, including skateboarding and pinball. He has his own skateboard park in his backyard and a special room with over a hundred different pinball machines.

Nathan Schwandt’s relationship with Jeffree Star

After meeting on Instagram, Nathan and Jeffree started DMing each other, which quickly turned into calls and video calls. Finally, after Jeffree invited him to Los Angeles, Nathan flew to California from Michigan to meet him.

Their first date was in March 2015, and soon after, they moved in together. The couple have no children, but they had five Pomeranians: Diva, Diamond, Daddy, Delicious and Drama – recently Diamond and Daddy passed away.

The net worth of Nathan Schwandt

Although Nathan’s annual salary is not known, his estimated net worth is over $500,000 as of the end of 2019.

One of her main incomes is her position in Jeffree Star’s cosmetics company. He often goes on vacation to exotic destinations and owns a BMW i8 car and a Jeep.

Nathan Schwandt measurements

Nathan often changes his hair color from green to blue, but his natural hair is light brown. He has green eyes. He is currently 5ft 9in (1.7m) tall and weighs approximately 158lbs (72kg).

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