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Nathália Kihara is a successful and well-known model across Europe and Latin America who rose to prominence for winning the title of ‘Miss Bumbum 2021’ and securing her butt for £ 1.3million ( approx Rs 13 crore).

Wiki / Biography

Nathalia Kihara was born on May 11, 1986 (Curent age: 38 years and 1 months), in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Physical appearance

Height (approx): 5 ′ 5 ″

Weight (approx): 55 kg (121 lbs)

Hair color: Black

Eye colour: Black

Body measurements (approx): 34-24-36

Nathalia Kihara


She is of Brazilian origin. Nathália Kihara has two children, a nine year old boy named Luca and a girl named Luna. She gave birth to Luna four months before the 2021 Miss Bumbum pageant.

Nathalia Kihara with her son

Nathalia Kihara with her son

Relations / Business

In 2020, Nathy Kihara and her boyfriend, Guilherme Pacheco, went viral for their exercise routine, which has promoted health in young couples. They first met in a live training session during the Covid-19 lockdown and began dating shortly after. Initially, Nathy lived in South America, 35 hours from Guilherme. She later moved to Brazil to stay closer to her boyfriend.

Nathy Kihara and her boyfriend, Guilherme Pacheco, doing strength training exercises outdoors


In May 2018, she signed a contract with Playboy magazine, an American lifestyle and entertainment magazine for men. The same year, she obtained the title of “Musa de Ipanema”. She is an International Playmate for Playboy and has been featured on several occasions in Playboy Italy and Playboy Portugal. Nathália Kihara was crowned “Miss Bumbum 2021”, with her buttocks measuring 96cm. Held in Brazil, Miss Bumbum is an annual beauty pageant that rewards the owner of the best butt in the country. Nathália gained popularity for insured her butt for £ 1.3million (approx Rs. 13 crore). Speaking of getting insurance for her butt, she said:

I am famous because of my butt. It is the largest in Brazil. So it’s only fair to put it on insurance ”

In the interview, she also revealed her dissatisfaction with the size of her buttocks and that she planned to increase her height by doing more exercises. She also said,

My short term goal is to have a butt of 130cm… .. My butt is totally natural. I train a lot to maintain my body “

In April 2021, she made the cover of “Healthy Fit” magazine as Musa Fitness of the Month. Subsequently, she became commercial director of “Beauty Shape”, one of the most renowned editorial and modeling agencies in the world, across Europe.


  • She has been criticized by her fans and followers for stopping breastfeeding early to get back in shape. In an interview, while explaining the reason for stopping breastfeeding, she said:

    I was criticized a lot because people thought I was only weaning to resume training and take care of my body. But that was not all, breastfeeding is very difficult and everything was done under medical supervision.

    Just two months after her pregnancy, the Playboy model started going to the gym daily and quickly lost around 14kg (2st 2lbs). Additionally, the mother-of-two spoke about the pressure mothers are under and the criticism she has received online after giving birth. She said,

    People judge too much, everything must be perfect. But motherhood hurts and no one is prepared for it.


  • Series: keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Soccer club: Manchester united fc


  • She has butterflies tattooed on the inside of her left ankle. A tattoo is inked on the inside of his left bicep with the caption “Good Luck Good Vibes Let It Be”.
    Nathalia Kihara
  • A tattoo inked on the inside of his right forearm
    Nathalia Kihara
  • A tattoo inked on her left thigh
  • A heartbeat tattoo is inked on her right wrist. The heartbeats are designed in such a way that it reads “Luca”.
    The heartbeat tattoo of Nathália Kihara reading Luca
  • A clover leaf inked on the right arm.
  • A tree circle tattoo inked on the right side of her upper abdomen.
    Nathalia Kihara
  • “Blessed” with a crown inked on her right bicep.
    Nathalia Kihara
  • A large covering tattoo consisting of wings and leaves inked on his back.
    Nathalia Kihara
  • A tattoo inked on the right side of her lower abdomen reads “Carpe diem”

Facts / Anecdotes

  • She also uses the nickname “Nathy Kihara” for herself on her social media accounts. She is also known as the “Goddess of Ipanema”.
  • The Brazilian model became the youngest Miss Bumbum World four months after giving birth. In an interview she said,

    I am honored to be able to represent and encourage so many moms who suffer from self esteem issues around the world… I think it’s so much more than just thinking of a role model, it’s a way to feel better about yourself. own body.

  • She occasionally consumes alcoholic beverages. She also promoted Dona Breja beer.
    Nathália Kihara enjoying a bottle of Dona Breja beer

    Nathália Kihara enjoying a bottle of Dona Breja beer

  • She is a fan of American media personality, socialite and model Kourtney Kardashian. She has undergone numerous surgeries, including lip fillings, nose reshaping, bichectomy and eyebrow facelifts, along with various other non-surgical measures, to look like her idol Kourtney.

    A photo of Nathy Kihara undergoing medical intervention to look like her idol Kourtney Kardashian

  • In addition to exercising, Nathália skates for five hours a day to keep her butt in shape.
    Nathália Kihara posing with her rollerblades

    Nathália Kihara posing with her rollerblades

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