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Who is Miles Luna?

Born April 24, 1990, in Plano, Texas, under the serene and balanced sign of Taurus, Miles Luna is a 29-year-old American writer, gamer, streamer, voice actor and animation expert, who is currently the Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth, a world-renowned production group from Austin, Texas, specializing in many types of web entertainment and visual content. His most notable accomplishments include writing and developing “RWBY” and “RWBY Chibi”, two popular Rooster Teeth shows. He does a lot of voice acting for his characters, making sure you can see his vision in its full form.

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Early life and family

Miles was born into an American family, which soon moved to San Antonio, Texas, where Miles spent most of his formative years. His mother, Becky Luna, is Irish-American, who worked as a teacher for most of her career, but is now retired and dedicated to his Twitter account. As for Miles’ father, there isn’t much information about him, other than that he likes to call himself Papa Luna due to his Hispanic roots, and that he adores Saturday Night Live. Miles grew up with a younger brother named Dylan, born April 25, 1994. Rooster Teeth fans know Dylan as the inspiration behind Miles’ little brother, whom he brought down the stars in the Animated Rooster Teeth Adventures episode,”An assault staircase”. Dylan is an avid athlete and enjoys streaming his gaming endeavors on Twitch. Miles even joined him once, and you can see their adventures in the “mediocre luna bros” video about Dylan channel.

Education: develop an interest in movies, rooster teeth and more

While still a high school student, Miles developed an interest in film. On his old YouTube channel, you can even see some of his projects from when he was just a teenager, like “Chupacabra movie trailer” and “Palapa Deals”. These may be Miles’ first content pieces. After graduating from high school, Miles wanted to enroll in University of Texas, Austin. He was applying for acceptance into the liberal arts program, but his chances were slim. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and write a letter to the Dean of the School of Communications. Meet Miles his memory of the situation. “I actually scheduled a meeting with the Dean in person, which most people don’t. I was like ‘Yo, my name is Miles, these are my hopes and aspirations, this is how I’ hope to achieve this, what can I do to improve my chances. The dean said that this initiative put me above everyone else. Needless to say, it was accepted.

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Significance of his time at UT and making connections

After being accepted to UT in 2009, Miles met many of his future Rooster Teeth colleagues, including Blaine Gibson, Lindsay Jones and Kyle Taylor. What helped Miles gain a lot of filmmaking, writing, and producing experience was Texas Student TV. On the platform, Miles and his friends have produced a show dedicated to gaming, called “Video Game Hour Live”. Alongside Kyle Taylor, he began directing “The Noob Corner”. Miles always knew he wanted to make cartoons, so he took various courses, including an animation course, a production course, and a writing course. What was the result of Miles’ search for an ideal niche? He found he wanted to stay as far away from animation as possible. “I was actually disappointed to find out: I hated animation. It was WONDERFULLY rewarding to have the finished product, but I don’t have the discipline and attention span to draw it over and over. But I discovered that I really liked writing,” he said.

Career beginnings: a difficult start, rejections and hope

When Miles graduated in 2012, he was already a relatively trained writer with a clear idea of ​​what he wanted to do and what kind of cartoons he could do. His first application to work as an intern at Nickelodeon didn’t go very well – he didn’t pass the first round of the application process. At Cartoon Network, things got a little better, but he still failed to pass the second round of the test. This failure got to him, but then something unexpected happened. “I was truly heartbroken,” miles shown. “And then I was offered an internship at Rooster Teeth and I thought ‘You know, this isn’t exactly where I wanted to be, but at least I could learn something being here and maybe acquire an experience that could help me along the way. …’ (Miles and audience laugh) I can tell you that I have NEVER been so happy to fail to get internships in my life! Rooster Teeth turned out to be a dream come true.

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Settling in Rooster Teeth

Miles debuted with Rooster Teeth as an assistant writer on the popular sci-fi “Red vs Blue” miniseries during seasons nine and ten, which was given new life under the watchful eye of Miles. Shortly after his writing debut, he was promoted by Burnie Burns to a dual role as writer and director, which effectively gave him control of the entire “Red vs. Blue” series. Some companies wouldn’t hand over the reins of their oldest and most popular franchise to a newbie, but Miles showed right away that he was truly special.

His own creations: RWBY and RWBY Chibi

Next to Monty Oum and Kerry Shaw Cross, Mile created the now cult classic series, “RWBY”. The animated episode revolves around the events of Remnant, a fictional world where the forces of good battle against supernatural beings known as Grimm’s Creatures. The show’s protagonists are four aspiring young hunters from Beacon Academy – Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang (the first letters of their names form the show’s name). “RWBY” is still in production, as it proved to be a smash hit around the world, especially in Japan, where it was also dubbed. Due to overwhelming interest in the show’s sequel, Miles and his team created “RWBY chibi”, an animated series where RWBY characters appear in chibi form, cracking jokes and having fun. Chibi is a Japanese form of caricature, where characters have small limbs and large heads, resembling children.

Other work at Rooster Teeth

After 2016, Miles is no longer the director and screenwriter of “Red vs. Blue”. He passed the job on to his colleague Joe Nicolosi, just as Burnie Burns did for him. According to Miles himself, it ‘…reached a point where I felt like I could no longer take the Reds and Blues to new and interesting places without it feeling forced… ‘. He develops this question at length in theRed against blue: goodbye and hello” on the official Rooster Teeth website. Since 2015, Miles has served as the company’s Chief Animation Writer, with his most recent accomplishments being “Camper Camper and “Nomad from nowhere. In his position, every script for every show that comes out of Rooster Teeth has to be approved by him.


Miles is also a talented voice actor, having managed to lend his talents to many of Rooster Teeth’s hit shows. His most prominent roles include Jaune Arc in “RWBY” and “RWBY Chibi”, Cronut and Felic in “Red vs. Blue” and David in “Camp Camp”. All of these characters have received significant praise from fans and critics, further solidifying the idea that Miles is extremely talented at anything even remotely anime-related.

Personal life: Does Miles Luna have a girlfriend?

Yes, Miles Luna is in a seemingly happy relationship with Eleanor Main, known as “Ellie”. She is one of her colleagues at Rooster Teeth, where she is a director, editor, screenwriter and cameraman. They tried very hard to keep their relationship a secret, but eventually revealed it during a Twitch streaming session. They are currently unmarried and have no plans to have children anytime soon. From 2012 to 2015, he was in a relationship with Arryn Zech, a voice actress who took on the role of Blake in “RWBY” as well as Emily Gray in “Red vs. Blue.”

Measurements: How tall is Miles Luna?

Miles Luna is 188cm (6ft 2in); hHis weight and vital statistics are unknown. He has brown eyes and almost black hair. Fans know his love of lumberjack shirts. Recently, he has started jogging and working out at the gym, apparently to improve his quality of life.

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What is Miles Luna net worth?

According to authoritative sources, Miles Luna has a net worth of around $1.2 million, as of mid-2019, accrued working even while attending UT. Holding the position of Animation Editor allowed him to expand his influence and work on many lucrative projects at Rooster Teeth. Considering he is still young, we can easily see his net worth reaching an eight-figure amount in the near future, if he manages his career wisely.

Presence on social networks

Like almost all celebrities, Miles realized the importance of social media as a tool to expand his influence and interact with his many fans. He is a passionate instagram user, with an account followed by 100,000 people. Twitter is another of his favorite platforms, on which 50,000 people follow him. Unbeknownst to most, Miles has a Youtube channel, with 11,000 subscribers and 300,000 unique views. He also leads a Tic account, with 14,000 fans.

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