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Who is Mike Finnegan?

Mike Finnegan is a self-taught fabricator, engine builder, and hot rod builder. He is also a writer and actor, best known for writing “Hot Rod Garage” and “Roadkill.”

Mike Finnegan Age, childhood, family and education

Mike was born under the Aquarius zodiac sign on January 27 in the early 80s in the United States. He is American by nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Although he did not share his parents’ names and occupations, he said they had been married for more than 50 years. Mike has a brother and a sister, and they grew up together.

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As for his education, Mike attended Orange County Community College where in 2000 he graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in Journalism. Her graduation marks the beginning of her career as a journalist.

Mike Finnegan Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

After graduating, Mike moved back to California and started work for journals. His first gig was with Trucking Magazine, and to seal the deal, Mike arrived at their offices in a mini truck he had built and modified himself. They figured if he could build mini trucks, they could teach Mike to write and even take pictures.

From there, Mike moved from magazine to magazine, and eventually Mike’s dream of getting a job at an automotive magazine came true, when David Freiburger hired him to work for Hot Rod magazine.

Mike said his humble Roadkill debut was down to pure luck and came at the right time – right after he started working at Hot Rod, he went on a road trip with Freiburger, who filmed it all, and the two edited it, spending the next few days sorting through all the footage looking for the best bits, then combining them to create their half-hour show. and uploaded it to YouTube.

People loved it, and so they decided to make it a regular show. That’s how “Roadkill” was born, and they never looked back. Producing this show is not the same as doing a normal TV show – they spend three to seven days filming without any scripts with no idea what’s going to happen. Also, according to Mike, they rarely have a plan in advance.

“Roadkill” involves a lot of work and their labor of love has paid off as the show gets millions of views within seven days of every upload.

People always ask where Mike is whenever the team is on tour because they would like to have his autograph. Mike moved from Southern California to Georgia with his entire family; although he knows the move could cost him his job, Mike said it was a personal decision. Plus, “Roadkill” has reached a level where it can be done remotely, and they’ve found a way to compromise, leaving all parties involved a winner. The best part was that Mike was finally able to live where he always wanted to be, while still maintaining his dream job as a host.

When Mike was asked about his favorite episodes, he said he had many favorites, but his best experience was driving the ’68 Charger “General Mayhem” which took place in Oregon at the DirtFish Rally School. According to him, he grew up in the days of the “Dukes of Hazzard” TV series, so throwing a ’68 or ’69 Charger in the dirt would be a dream come true. Mike even has a desire to own a ’69 Charger one day.

Mike started his YouTube channel named Finnegan’s Garage on January 12, 2016. On the channel, Mike stores his garage videos, including what he does there, and offers tips for other car owners. He has over 420,000 subscribers and his videos attract 24 million views.

Mike Finnegan Personal life, marriage and children

As for his personal life, Mike is a romantic man – he is married and married his wife – name withheld – on September 18, 2005.

Mike Finnegan and his wife

On the couple’s 11e wedding anniversary, they renewed their vows during a magnificent ceremony held on Saint-Simons Island where they had gone to spend a family vacation.

Mike’s sister reportedly officiated the ceremony, which was attended by their family members. On the other hand, Mike’s wife tends to stay away from the media spotlight. Her name, background and career details are not known to the media as she has managed to keep this information private.

However, she is known to have driven a 1969 Chevrolet El Camino. In January 2015, Mike decided to upgrade her car by buying her a Chevrolet LS based engine to show his love for her.

The couple were blessed with two children, both boys. On April 2, 2018, as Mike wished his fans a happy Easter, he posted a picture of his adorable sons on his Instagram page. Mike lives in Georgia with his family where they built their own home.

Net worth of Mike Finnegan

Mike has several streams of income that have helped him accumulate his wealth. He earns his income from hosting which he has been doing since 2000, Hot Rod Magazine, publishing The Enthusiast Network, editing articles, writing and photography.

Mike has done this for several car magazines including Dragboat, Trukin’ Mag and Mini Truckin. He also earns from his YouTube channel since 2016. Of all these sources of income, reliable sources estimate Mike Finnegan’s net worth at nearly $3 million.

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