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Micky Sebastian is a French actress, voiceover and theater director. She gained popularity in films like The Divorce (2003), Swann in Love (1984) and Battle of the Brave (2004).


Micky Sebastian was born as Mihaila Hechter in Bucharest, Romania in 1958. She turns 65 in 2022. She emigrated to France with her parents when she was just three years old. She began her training as an actress at the Conservatoire de la rue Blanche in Paris at the age of 16. She played there in several stage productions (including those broadcast in Au théâtre ce soir) before embarking on television with a main character in Nana. with Véronique Genest. After a few years, she emerged in several sequels and French television films. She played the role of Michèle Berg for four consecutive years at Avocats et Associés. Besides having a dynamic voice in dubbing, she has also sung for Sharon Stone, Rebecca De Mornay, Annette Bening and Kim Cattrall at various events.

Physical appearance

  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde

Micky Sebastian

Family and ethnicity

Relationships/Affairs, Wife, Children

When it comes to personal life, Micky Sebastian likes to keep his life very confidential.

Micky Sebastian with her spouse

Micky Sebastian with her spouse

Other relatives

His uncle is the Romanian playwright Mihail Sebastian.

Michael Sebastian

Michael Sebastian


As an actress

His first play dates from 1981. The play was Jacques et son maître by Milan Kundera, directed by Georges Werler at the Théâtre des Mathurins. She starred in the first film in 1979, named Rien ne va plus by Jean-Michel Ribes. Besides that, she also had a role in a short film in 1986 as Triple sec by Yves Thomas. His first television debut dates back to 1977 with Au théâtre ce soir (Complaint against the unknown by Georges Neveux). She also made a few TV movies and her first was in 1981 titled Nana by Maurice Cazeneuve. His most notable films are Edith and Marcel (1983) and Nouvelle-France (2004).

Micky Sebastian in Edith and Marcel (1983)

Micky Sebastian in Edith and Marcel (1983)

Micky Sebastian in New France

Micky Sebastian in New France (2004)

She was also famous for having played a few roles on television, for example in the series Avocats et Associés (1998) and On the wire (2007.)

Micky Sebastian at Avocats et Associés

Micky Sébastian in Avocats et Associés (1998)

Micky Sebastian in On the wire

Micky Sebastian in On the Edge (2007)

As a voiceover artist

Micky Sébastian has lent his voice to many foreign actresses for French dubbed films. A few of his works include Sharon Stone, Madeleine Stowe and sometimes Jodie Foster and have them dubbed in French. She also doubled for Madonna in Shanghai Surprise (1986) and Girl 6 (1996). She also gave her voice in animated films like Princess Mononoke (2000) as Lady Eboshi, Dinosaur (2000) as Plio, Shark Gang (2004) as Katie Current and for the 2018 film LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: College of Super-Villains as Principal Taller

As artistic director

The first film she directed was California Man (1992). In 2020, she also directed Ratched, a television series.


Autograph of Micky Sebastian

Autograph of Micky Sebastian


  • Micky also gave her voice for video games like 2006: The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript as Babou de la Bourdaisière and in 2007 for Heavenly Sword as Manta.
  • Micky Sebastian was ousted from the series Origins by France Télévisions just a few days before the start of filming for season 2. She is the main heroine of Origins, where she plays Margot Laurent, a genealogist.
    Micky Sebastian in Origins (2014)

    Micky Sebastian in Origins (2014)

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