Matt Gutman’s (ABC News) Biography, Age, Wealth, Wife/Gay?

Short biography of Matt Gutman

Matthew A. Gutman, born December 5, 1977, in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, he is sometimes mistaken for a doctor of the same name, but is actually a reporter for ABC News, the chief national correspondent for that media . He was born under the sign of Sagittarius and is 42 years old. Gutman was a student at Newark Academy, where he was active in sports and played football. After graduating, Gutman enrolled at Williams College and graduated in 2000.

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Relationship status

Some people wonder if Gutman is gay, but the answer is no – he’s been married to Rachel since 2007 and the couple have a son and a daughter. His wife prefers to keep it secret, while Gutman often posts pictures of his children. They surprised him for his birthday, and the reporter posted a photo of them with the caption, “Woke up to a surprise party: ocean liners, this crown, balloons and these wonderful pictures.”

Ben loves to travel and hang out with his friends, and his photos are often related to these topics. On the other hand, he mainly uses Twitter to talk about his professional activities.

Writing career

In addition to being an acclaimed television personality, Gutman is also an authorrecognized for “The Boys in the Cave: Deep Inside the Impossible Rescue in Thailand” which follows the story of the rescue of a football team from a Thai cave in 2018.

Matt Gutman


Gutman began his career as a freelance journalist in Argentina in 2000, and his first published article was in the Buenos Aires Daily. After that, he wrote for the Jerusalem Post from 2001 to 2005, and covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Matt briefly wrote for USA Today, then in 2006 joined ABC News Radio. He spent much of this work in the Middle East, where he covered conflicts and wars. In 2008 he moved to Miami and started working on some of the most notable media and television shows – “Good Morning America”, “ABC World News Tonight”, and “20/20”.

Additionally, his resume includes event coverage and reporting from 40 countries over a decade span.

Starting in 2014, Gutman began working as a host of “Sea Rescue,” appearing in all of its 120 episodes, and in 2016 he was detained while reporting on Venezuela’s failing health system, but his efforts were recognized and he became a household name in journalism. In 2017, Gutman had two more projects – “ABC News Special Report: The Las Vegas Shooting” and “ABC News Specials”. Overall he had 13 TV-specific gigs.

Venezuela healthcare scandal

Early 2017, Gutman reported about the failing healthcare system in Venezuela. He started by saying that hospitals had little or no antibiotics, surgical gowns and other medical equipment, and to make matters worse, many hospitals were running out of food and water and running out of linens. “The country is so broke that even its hospitals have stopped working – that’s why we had this late night meeting with a local resident who couldn’t take it anymore,” the article continued.

He then wrote about their government’s corruption, pointing out a sad scenario that happened when he and his team visited the pediatric unit, finding a four-year-old boy with a swollen abdomen. As reported, the boy, named Jonaical, had been waiting for his test results for over two months and his mother, alongside other mothers in the unit, had to support their children on her own. However, Gutman said things weren’t always that way – apparently the country’s healthcare system was once able to provide free healthcare.

The questioning

After recording footage and photos from a Venezuelan hospital, Gutman was arrested by armed guards who took away his camera and phone. He was then questioned by investigators – they had access to his GoPro, but he wouldn’t allow them access to his phone. He was told he was in big trouble, but luckily he was supported by ABC and returned to the United States.


Matt’s followers can also see him on YouTube, as he’s been featured in videos such as ‘ABC News’ Matt Gutman talks about his new book ‘The Boys in the Cave’, ”GMA’ Hot List: ABC News’ Matt Gutman Goes Inside an Earthquake Simulator” and “How to Safely Escape a Flash Flood” l ABC News.

His live report on a California wildfire drew 40,000 views, many of whom were stunned by Matt’s bravery. He was also featured in an educational video titled “Lifesaving Demonstration to Safely Escape a House Fire” on ABC News, viewed by 90,000 people.

Net value

At the end of 2019, Matt Gutman’s net worth is estimated to be over $7 million, accumulated over his career over the past two decades. His current salary is said to be close to $130,000 a year working for the ABC.

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