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• Born in Miami, Florida on 4 November 1992 as a Scorpio
• Became an Instagram sensation and one of the most sought-after bikini models in the world
• Featured in Playboy Mexico and worked with various brands, including Fashion Nova and Honey Birdette
• Has a net worth of $400,000 as of mid-2019
• Very active on social media, with four million followers on Instagram


Who is Lyna Perez?

Born on 4 November, 1992, in Miami, Florida, under the mysterious and tumultuous sign of Scorpio, Lyna Perez is a 26-year-old American model, influencer and social media personality. She rose to fame through a series of amateur photo shoots which she posted on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. This lead to her becoming one of the most sought-after bikini models in the entire world, attracting the attention of many big name brands, including Playboy Magazine. Nowadays, she mostly does lingerie modeling in mainly tropical settings.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Miami

While we know Lyna was born into an American family in the Sunshine State, there is no credible information about her parents or early life. She most likely graduated from a local high school before going on to pursue her career as model. Even though she is internationally famous, Lyna refuses to reveal anything about her private life, a clear sign that this young lady is committed to developing her career and that she doesn’t want anything else interfering with her plans. However, it’s no surprise that she decided to be a bikini model, as she was born and raised mere miles away from South Beach, one of the most glamorous summer destinations in the world. Around the age of 14, Lyna realized that modeling could be fun, mostly because a classmate talked her into doing an photoshoot on the beach, for fun.

Career Beginnings: Discovering the World of Modeling

When she turned 18, Lyna decided that she wanted to pursue modeling as a full-time job, even though she had no knowledge of the industry. Therefore she decided to promote herself as much as possible, while also starting to work-out more often to get her body in the best shape possible. With a naturally curvy figure, the squats and lunges she did only made her attributes more noticeable, and her fame imminent. She initially sent her images to independent websites, which marked her first official foray into the world of modeling. She soon launched an Instagram account to take full control over her visual content, which turned out to be a great move, as she amassed as many as 70,000 followers by the end of 2013. Because a lot of her photos went viral in a matter of days, talent agencies and various clothing brands began to take notice.

Lyna Perez

In 2015, Lyna started receiving numbers of sponsorship offers; because she already had a following due to her independent work and Instagram activity, she was in a position to choose with whom she would work. One of her first contracts was with BOUTINE LA, an independent, but highly regarded bikini brand based in Los Angeles, California. This was the perfect opportunity for Lyna, as she could enjoy unlimited quantities of her favorite clothing item, in addition to getting paid handsomely. At this time Lyna also began co-operating with Dreamstate, a photographer famous as much for his unknown identity, as well as the fact that he photographed some of the world’s most famous supermodels. In 2016, Lyna also started working with Aaron Riveroll, a photographer with more than 400,000 followers on Instagram. They are still co-operating to this day, which is evident when you see that the majority of Lyna’s posts are shot by him. However, as 2017 began, Lyna got maybe her biggest gig to date.

True Celebrity Status: Playboy

In the summer of 2017, Lyna reached the million followers milestone on Instagram, which wasn’t surprising given the fact that she’d been more active than ever. This effort she invested caught the attention of Playboy executives, who offered her a chance to do a photoshoot for the most renowned men’s magazine in the world. She was featured in Playboy Mexico, a Latin American publication, in the “Insta Girls” section – this particular part of the website focuses on new-age influencers and models who are famous through social media, meaning that Lyna fits the bill perfectly. Participating in a sensual photoshoot which took place on a bed with white satin sheets, she managed to showcase her curves even without the signature bikini. Nevertheless, she reminded everyone that she ‘basically lives in a bikini’ in the interview. Due to this collaboration with Playboy, her audience became more diverse, which meant a new set of challenges and subsequent achievements.

Scandal: The Nipple Slip

As she became more famous, Lyna started popping up on tabloid websites. In July 2017 she made headlines because of a “mishap” that occurred during an Instagram Live video with her friend and fellow model, Julianne Klaren. When the two were fooling around on camera, Lyna’s khaki vest top slipped and she accidentally revealed her left nipple. A number of fans were recording the streaming session and the video of Lyna’s accident went viral. Even though she’d posed for Playboy and posted provocative photos in the past, Lyna claimed it was an accident she didn’t want to happen. However, a number of fans think this was a publicity stunt to increase her follower count on Instagram.

Solidifying Her Influence: Fashion Nova, Honey Birdette and More

Since 2018, Lyna has been one of the faces of Fashion Nova, a clothing and accessory brand specializing in luxury-looking items at budget prices. We can see her wearing their dresses, lingerie and, of course, bikinis. The same year, she also began working with Honey Birdette, a luxury lingerie brand. Recently, the brand also expanded into the sex toy market, providing everything one needs for a fun night with their significant other. Lyna’s favorite sponsor just might be Bikini Block, with whom she began working in early 2019. This brand specializes in minimal bikinis that just barely cover the nether regions. They are more sports-oriented, which benefited Lyna’s efforts to appeal to an even wider audience. Interestingly, all Bikini Block products are designed by woman, in addition to the fact that all the company’s shares are owned by females. Lyna is a self-proclaimed feminist, so supporting a brand which supports women makes perfect sense.

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Personal Life: Does Lyna Perez Have a Boyfriend?

Currently, there is no credible information on whether Lyna has a boyfriend or not. In 2018, there was a myriad of posts on her Instagram featuring a tall young man with dark brown hair. It seems that the two have broken up, judging by the fact that Lyna removed those photos from her account. Even though men all over the world go crazy for her, Lyna is probably single and focused on her modeling career. Unlike some other models, Lyna is an intellectual and loves to read modern literature. Her favorite food is pizza, but she can’t eat it too often because her vocation requires her to have a fit figure at all times. She is an avid hip-hop fan, and her favorite song is “Warning” by the late Notorious B.I.G., off his debut album entitled “Ready to Die”. Even though she is almost always busy, Lyna still hosts fan meetings in Miami and other cities on a fairly regular basis.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Lyna Perez?

Lyna Perez is 5ft 4in (165cm) tall, weighs around 119 lbs (54kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-22-34, which is a result of a formidable workout routine, as well as a strict diet. She has blond hair and light brown eyes. Currently, she has no visible (nor concealed) body modifications.

What is Lyna Perez’s Net Worth?

According to several credible sources, Lyna Perez has a net worth of approximately $400,000, as of mid-2019. Like every influencer and social media star, Lyna has accumulate this amount through her Instagram activity, numerous photoshoots, but also a few appearances in tabloids and gossip websites from time to time. Her contracts with Fashion Nova and other brands have also contributed to her six-figure net worth. If she manages to stay afloat in the ever-changing modeling industry, we might see Lyna reach a seven-figure number very soon.

Social Media Presence

The crux of Lyna’s popularity lies in her clever use of social media, as a tool to expand her influence and engage with millions of fans around the globe. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram, on which she has a whopping four million followers. It is because of Instagram that she became one of the most recognized influencers of this decade. She is also active on Twitter, with almost 6,000 Tweets and 150,000 followers. Until recently, Lyna had a Facebook page as well, but it seems that she’s deactivated it.

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