Lee Jinglei’s background and wiki: who is Wang Lee Hom’s ex-wife?

Lee Jinglei is the ex-wife of Taiwanese singer of American origin Wang Leehom.

Lee and Wang tied the knot in 2013 after having known each other for some time.

They have three children: Wang Jiali, Wang Jiana and Wang Jiayao.

No one could have expected this relationship to take such a horrific turn in their wildest dreams, especially with such adorable kids and a stable life.

Wang has been charged with extramarital affairs, appointing prostitutes and abandoning his family by Lee.

Lee recently accused Singaporean pop star Yumi Bai of having an external affair with her husband Wang.

Lee Jinglei’s Age: How Old is She?

Lee Jinglei is 35 years old and was born on April 14, 1986.

Lee was born in Taiwan and has lived there most of her life.

In terms of education, she holds a doctorate from Columbia University.

Besides being an internet celebrity, Lee is a fantastic pastry artist who shares photos of her creations online.

Meet Lee Jinglei on Instagram

Instagram star Lee Jingeli has a huge reach on his Instagram account @ jl.leilei.

She currently has 572,000 subscribers while sharing only 277 publications.

Lee mainly shares photos of her clothes, culinary delights, and everyday life on her Insta profile.

Likewise, she occasionally posts photos of herself and her family on social media.

Besides Instagram, Lee Jinglei is also active on other online platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Weibo and Facebook.

What is Lee Jinglei’s net worth?

Lee Jinglei’s net worth is estimated to be between $ 10 million and $ 20 million.

Lee Jinglei is an Internet celebrity with thousands of followers on her account. So, it is obvious that she has a decent income.

On top of that, she recently divorced Wang Lee, who has an estimated net worth of around $ 100 million.

As a result, she could have obtained a fair share of her husband’s marital property.