Kin Shriner Net Worth, Spouse, Biography. Is he married?

• Kin Shriner is an American actor best known for his role in the “General Hospital” TV series.
• He and his twin brother moved to live with their grandmother in Texas after their parents’ death.
• Kin has had a long career in TV series, but never appeared in a movie.
• He has been married in the past and recently began dating actress Trish Ramish in May 2019.
• He has an estimated net worth of $34 million and is active on social media.


Kin Shriner Wiki Biography

Kin Shriner was born in New York City, USA, on 6 December 1953, so under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and holding American nationality – he became popular for his acting career, mostly for his role of Scott Baldwin in the “General Hospital” TV series.

Childhood and education

Kin had a rather tough childhood after both of his parents Eileen McDermott and Herb Shriner died in a car accident – he and his twin brother Wil Shriner moved to live with their grandma in Texas soon afterwards.

It was not easy for the boys to handle the stress caused by the death of their parents, especially as they were teenagers at the time – they found comfort in acting, and both of them joined their high school’s acting groups. As they wanted to help their grandmother and keep their minds busy, they both found jobs and eventually simply continued with their lives. After matriculation, Kin and Wil focused on their acting careers, and neither of them enrolled at college.

Career as an actor

Kin has been solely focused on appearing in TV series – soap operas to be precise – throughout the years; his acting career was officially launched in 1976, when he appeared in a single episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man” science fiction and action TV series.

The year 1977 saw Kin’s name become popular in the film industry. He won several roles that year including in “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Eight is Enough”, and “The Waltons”, but it was his role of Scott Baldwin in the “General Hospital” medical drama that made him famous – he has been part of the main cast since 1977, but has taken short breaks from appearing in the show throughout the years.

In 1980, he began playing Jeb Hampton in the “Texas” soap opera, which is yet another role which he is famous for – for the next three years, Kin remained focused on shooting for “General Hospital”, and would get his next role in 1984 in “The Love Boat” comedy drama TV series. He then played Garreth in the “Obsessive Love” TV series in 1984, before taking another break, this time four years long, before playing Merrick in the “Monsters” horror TV series. The year 1991 saw Kin play the sheriff in the “Full House” sitcom, and his next major role was in 1995 in “The Bold and the Beautiful” TV soap opera.

Over the following three years, Kin appeared in several TV series, including “Baywatch Nights”, “Port Charles”, “Echo”, and “Melrose Place”. In 2003 he had his first voice role in the “Justice League Unlimited” animated superhero series, and was part of the cast until 2006. His last roles were in “The Young and the Restless” in 2004, “As the World Turns” in 2005, and “The Young and the Restless” once again in 2011 after which he retired from acting, except for “General Hospital”).

Kin Shriner

Kin acted for around 35 years before his retirement, but solely focused on TV series, and hasn’t appeared in a single movie.

Love life. Is he married?

Kin hasn’t had much luck in love, but is still searching for a woman he could spend the rest of his life with. Apparently Kin has recently found love again, as he began dating Trish Ramish, a fellow actress, in May 2019. Kin has been married in the past to the woman he thought was the love of his life. The circumstances under which he met his former wife, Laura, aren’t known, and the two apparently lived quite a happy life until Laura fell in love with Luke Spencer, another actor, and left Kin.

Although hurt, Kin found love once again and married Dominique Stanton, but Dominique died not long after the two exchanged their wedding vows. Kin went back to dating Laura as she was no longer with Luke, however, this lasted only for a short period of time when Kin decided he didn’t want a relationship, and focused on his acting career.

Kin has a son with Laura named Eric Lee, however, he rarely talks about him as he prefers to keep him away from the media’s attention.

Hobbies and interests

Kin has mostly been focused on his acting career throughout the years, but there are still numerous other things he has been enjoying doing.

Kin likes spending his free time fishing on his boat as he enjoys being in the nature while the water (seas and lakes) in general makes him calm. One thing which his friends like about him is the fact that Kin has tens of millions of dollars but was never really a show off, and was often giving money to his friends and several charity organizations.

Kin has been a fan of animated movies since he was a kid and has always loved them more than live action films – he grew up reading comics and watching cartoons which is why he has enjoyed lending his voice to characters in animated TV series and movies. Some of his favorite live action movies include “The Godfather” and “Gone with the Wind” while his favorite animated movies are Disney’s.

Appearance and net worth

Kin is currently 65 years old. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, while his height and weight are unknown. According to authoritative sources, his current net worth has been estimated at more than $34 million, thanks largely to his acting career, and is still steadily rising through other unknown sources of income.

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Presence on the internet

Kin is quite active on several popular social media networks, as he enjoys the attention he is receiving on the internet.

He launched his Twitter account in November 2011, and has gathered more than 32,000 followers and tweeted over 2,500 times. His Instagram account is currently followed by more than 11,000 people, while he has uploaded over 40 pictures onto it – Kin is running a Facebook page as well, which counts more than 5,500 fans.

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