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Kerstin Lindquist (QVC) Biography Wiki

Kerstin Sara Lindquist was born in Orange County, California, USA on October 27, 1977, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and an American national – she is popular for her career in journalism, earning the more recognition while working for the QVCa network for shopping.

Early life and education

Kerstin remains very secretive when asked about her mother and father, and very little is known about them except that they were said to have been very supportive of her over the years – as she hasn’t spoken of. having siblings, people believe she is an only child.

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Kerstin has been interested in many things since she was young. She started working at the age of 14, when she got a job at Disneyland as a snowflake on roller skates. She enrolled in a local high school and was simultaneously studying and working towards getting her yoga certification – as soon as she got it, she started working as an instructor to raise enough money for the university. She enrolled at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, south-central Pennsylvania, and earned a bachelor’s degree in government and environmental studies.

Journalist career

Shortly after graduating from high school, Kerstin started working for the NBC network as a reporter in California – it was only a part-time job, but it helped her gain knowledge and skills. experience and to be recognized in the information industry.

In September 2011, she started working for retail company QVC as a trainee program host – she is still part of their team to this day and is currently in charge of hosting several of their shows. television, while also writing articles for their website. Blog.

Kerstin Lindquist

His incredible reporting skills have earned him four Emmy Awards. Kerstin’s pregnancy and childbirth issues motivated her to write her own book, titled ‘5 Months Apart’, in which she talks about her life and all the problems she went through trying to become mom. It was released in 2017 and mainly focuses on her daughters who were conceived around the same time but were born five months apart as one is adopted.

Although Kerstin is not an actress, she has appeared in three television series titled “The West Wing”, “That’s My Bush” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, while she also appeared in the film titled “100 girls”.

love life and husband

Kerstin prefers to keep her personal affairs to herself, which is why she hasn’t spoken much about her husband with the public. She exchanged her wedding vows with the man who is only known as Dan in 2003 – the two were said to be dating around three years before the wedding. When they first met, Dan was living in a boat, and it was his way of life that attracted Kerstin – he’s also a very religious Christian, which is something the two have in common.

They wanted to start a family soon after exchanging their wedding vows, but Kerstin had many conception problems – after she finally got pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage which took a huge toll on her mental stability and life. plunged into depression.

With the help of her husband and friends, Kerstin got through this difficult time and finally adopted a daughter named Grace in 2009, while giving birth to her second daughter Georgia through in vitro fertilization the same year. – the family of four appear to be living a happy life together on a farm in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

As Kerstin and her husband Dan are both philanthropists, they have done charitable and volunteer work over the years – they have helped the non-profit medical organization Siloe Ministries in Mexico, while Kerstin has recently contributed to the website Kerstin hasn’t commented on anyone else she might have dated before Dan, as she’d rather not make her husband jealous.

Likes and other interests

Today, Kerstin spends most of her free time with her family, but she still finds gaps in her schedule for some of the things she likes to do for herself.

Kerstin nurtures her mental as well as physical health, which is one of the reasons she became a certified yoga instructor – she still gives classes and teaches people yoga, just not as often as she used to. She loves being near water, whether it’s her pool, the sea or the ocean – beaches are her favorite place to relax and she can often be found there during the summer (which is her favorite season).

She and her husband are big animal lovers, but don’t have pets because Kerstin said it would be too much of an obligation for them.

Although she’s not a big fan of the TV industry, she occasionally watches movies and TV shows at night with her husband, mostly on Netflix – her favorite TV show is ‘Game of Thrones’, while her favorite movies are all from the “Harry Potter Franchise.

Appearance and net worth

Kerstin is currently 41 years old. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes, and is 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m) tall, but her weight is unknown. According to authoritative sources, his current net worth has been estimated at over $1 million and is steadily increasing thanks to his career as a journalist.

Online presence

Kerstin is very active on the internet as she enjoys the attention she receives on popular social networks, while she also uses her accounts to advertise her book.

She launched her Twitter account in April 2016 and has amassed nearly 900 followers and tweeted over 850 times. She is most popular on her Instagram account, where she has amassed nearly 30,000 subscribers and uploaded more than 2,300 photos there – she runs a Facebook pagetoo, and it’s currently followed by over 62,000 fans.

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