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• Karina Elle is an almost 28 year-old Eurasian fitness model and instructor, of French and Vietnamese descent.
• She was raised in Florida, and attended the University of Florida.
• She started working as a part-time fitness instructor during college, and later won the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship in 2014.
• She broke her modeling agency contracts and started her own website, on which visitors can now opt for a number of purchases.
• She is currently in a relationship with fitness model and YouTuber Philippe Leblond.


Who is Karina Elle?

Born Karina Elle Lisenbee under the sign of Scorpio on the 2nd of November 1991, in Lake Mary, Florida USA, Karina is an almost 28 year-old Eurasian fitness model and instructor, of French and Vietnamese descent. She is perhaps most familiar to the world due to her significant presence across news outlets, fitness magazines and social media, owing to a desirable physique. She has had a number of successes over the course of her often lucrative modeling career since 2014.

Early life and education: Growing up in Florida

Karina was raised in her birth town by parents of still unspecified names and professions. She has an older brother with a thus-far mysterious identity, and a sister named Courtney.

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Posted by Karina Elle on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Elle is thankful to her siblings for inspiring her to excel at fitness during her upbringing, as they both did too. She grew up with an interest in various physical activities, such as cross country running and cheerleading, the two of which she excelled at while attending Lake Mary High School, matriculating in 2009. Having significantly developed her body through sports, Karina confidently entered and won the Miss Lake Mary Scholarship competition, thereby earning free college tuition at the University of Florida. She graduated with an unspecified degree in 2013.

Career: From modeling, to fitness, to modeling, to fitness

At the age of 16 Karina was first told by professional photographer Ana Delia to give modeling a try. She had a few tryouts here and there before the end of high school, but obtained her then ultimate prize upon receiving the scholarship. She started working as a part-time fitness instructor during college, maintaining the job until 2014 when she started bikini modeling. Her new greatest success was winning the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship in the said year, after which she focused on building a social media presence to eventually promote various products for income.

Later in the same year, Racked magazine named her the most in-demand fitness model, and Karina received numerous modeling offers in the latter years, appearing on the pages of prominent fitness magazines such as Shape, Glamour, Vivienne Westwood, Custo Barcelona, Muscle and Fitness, and Etro Runway. However, she later on ran into an issue with the modeling agencies, which stated that she should remain lean rather than muscular. Karina for a while tailored her diet plan and exercise routine to live up to both her wishes and obligations.

Going independent

At some point in the last few years Elle decided she’d rather pursue fitness than modeling, and thus broke the agency contracts, relying solely on her expertise as a means of success. She eventually started up her own website, on which visitors can now opt for a number of purchases, ranging from diet plans to clothing, as Karina owns the gym wear line entitled “Gym Bae”.

In 2019, Elle generates her net worth by selling merchandise and advice on her site, and through product endorsements on social media.

Karina Elle

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

When it comes to Karina’s romantic involvements, she doesn’t seem keen to divulge such private information, though the public is in the know regarding a few details. In 2018 Elle began dating YouTuber, actor and bodybuilder Calum Von Moger, whom she remained with until June that year, breaking-up for unspecified reasons. Her ex-boyfriend is well-known for portraying Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Bigger”. In 2019 Karina was seen posting videos of an initially mysterious man, though she later indulged the public by revealing his identity with a tag on Instagram – she is now dating fitness model and YouTuber Philippe Leblond, who is often featured in her Instagram videos.

The two haven’t announced any plans for marriage or starting a family, but apparently live together in an unspecified location.

Karina’s favorite exercises

Elle cites four particular workouts as the most important shapers of her physique. She says that plyometrics are extremely significant for those wishing to both build muscle and get a good cardio, while plain running is in her opinion also a great way to control one’s weight. Hack squats appear to be another one of her favorite activities, and lastly deadlifts are according to Karina the best bodybuilding exercise.

What does she eat to look like that?

Many who regularly check whether Karina had posted anything new are interested in achieving similar results, and they tend to inquire about her diet plan. She has a rather rich nutrition routine, though her favorite foods pervade throughout the changes. Chicken, salmon and broccoli are always in her kitchen, while she also likes to stock up on lean red meat, brown rice and raw peanuts. Elle also finds great enjoyment in all types of fruit and green vegetables, plus olives and cashew oil are rarely excluded from her weekly plans.

What is Karina Elle’s net worth?

Have you considered just how rich Karina could be around the middle of 2019? Some of the most authoritative sources estimate the amount in question at around $1 million, which she’s earned by lending her appearance to many brands and promoting fitness products over the course of her career. Since Karina doesn’t plan on retreating from the business just yet, the said amount will definitely grow.

Elle’s measurements: What is her height?

Karina is 5ft 10ins (177cm) tall, weighs around 132lbs (60kgs), while her body shape is generally described as athletic, as evidenced by her vital statistics of 36-25-35. Her dress size is 4, her shoe size 10, and bra size is 36C. She has light brown hair with blond streaks, dark brown eyes, and a generally bright complexion with a tan.

Social media presence

Today’s fitness instructors and body enthusiasts in general are widely expected to maintain high social media activity if they’re making a profit out of their passion, seeing as this is the way to exponentially grow their income. It looks like Karina is quite familiar with this business strategy, sharing content in the form of videos and pictures on an almost daily basis with her audience, on all three of the most popular social networks. Her Facebook has almost 500,000 fans, her Twitter more than 2,000, and her Instagram over 1.6 million followers.

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