Jazz Charton’s Wiki Biography. Who is Kieran Culkin’s wife?

• Jazz Charton is a British foley artist and the wife of Kieran Culkin
• She was raised in Great Britain and obtained her Sound Design degree there before moving to New York City in 2010
• She and Kieran Culkin met in 2011 and married in 2013
• In 2019, she documented her pregnancy in detail to educate women about the dos and don’ts of expecting
• She is an avid humanitarian and active on Instagram, mostly sharing posts about her husband and child


Who is Jazz Charton?

Born in 1989, at an unspecified location in Great Britain, Jazz Charton is a 30-year-old British foley artist. She is best known for being the beloved wife of Kieran Culkin and sister-in-law to Macaulay Culkin. Obtaining information about Jazz is particularly hard because, in most cases, she and her husband dislike publicity and attention to the media. However, she chronicled her pregnancy in detail on social media, as a means to educate women about the dos and don’ts when expecting. As such, she earned a lot of expect from people around the world. Aside from her career in foley art, Charton is an avid humanitarian and makes frequent appearances at charity events throughout the U.S.

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Shameless selfie because despite the hilariously horrifying weight gain, the swollen fingers, the cankles, the veins making my torso look like a roadmap, the massive nipples, the unpredictable dermatitis, the cellulite, the new wrinkles, the itchiness, the insomnia, the loss of being able to see my toes let alone touch them, the remarkable determination of my belly button to remain an innie, the weird hair growth where it shouldn’t be, the sciatica, the endless migraines, the bladder that now holds the most pointless amount of pee, and the discovery of the least sexy positions to help cling on to a sex life…., I have never felt more beautiful. I just want to thank this body for doing all of this and this baby for making me realize how trivial all of my past insecurities were. And also me for putting on makeup for once ? #nofilter #pregnancylife

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Britain

Jazz Charton was raised in her birthplace. While her father’s identity is unknown, her mother Corinne Charton is an important figure in the English fine arts world. On multiple occasions, reporters have tried to find out more about her upbringing, but she hasn’t seemed fazed by the interest at all. Despite being married to a famous actor, she refuses to talk about anything overly private. As for her education, she matriculated from an unspecified school in 2007, before choosing to study Sound Design at an institution somewhere in her home country.

Details are scarce about the reason for this career choice, but Jazz did once say that she fell in love with special effects as an artform at a young age. ‘I used to watch movies with my dad almost every day’, recalls Charton. ‘The acting was cool, but I was more fascinated by the sound portion of the whole work. You know, explosions, details and stuff like that…’ As a result, Jazz obtained her Bachelor’s Degree and moved to New York City in 2010, as a means of finding more job opportunities. The Big Apple is, after all, one of the world’s epicenters of entertainment.

Kieran Culkin and Jazz Charton

Live With Kieran Culkin

Culkin and Jazz met in 2011, through a mutual friend. Initially, they were nothing more than acquaintances, but Kieran mustered the courage to ask her out after knowing her for just a few weeks. Thankfully, she accepted and went on to start a relationship with her now-husband. They mostly kept a low profile, without giving any comments about the personal life to the media. No matter how much they wanted anonymity, Kieran’s fans were enamored with them and every picture of theirs that surfaced was shared hundreds of thousands of times.

This has much to do with the nature of Kieran’s fanbase, as most people got to know him through his work on various independent movies. As such, they are devoted to him, and present a strong foundation for Culkin to promote his work. In 2013, the two finally tied the knot. For much of their marriage, they’ve been quiet, aside from the occasional update by Jazz. In 2018, they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by traveling to a tropical island.


The Road to Becoming a Mother

On 14 May 2019, the couple announced via Instagram that Jazz was pregnant. Everyone wished them good luck, but people were enamored with her candidness and honesty when it comes to babies. While making an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, Kieran shared a funny story involving his wife. Apparently, while the two were attending a baby prep class, Jazz admitted that she hated babies and that she was terrified of them. In fact, this has been a theme of hers throughout the nine-month process.

Mothers and women from all over the world praised her for reminding everyone that it’s okay to be scared, concerned or unprepared when it comes to expecting. She was due in early September, but the baby didn’t want to come out of the womb, so Jazz went through 25 hours of labor, without any medication whatsoever. After she realized medical help was necessary, they drove to the hospital to witness the arrival of Kinsey Sioux, on 13 September 2019. Charton later joked how she wants ‘ALL THE DRUGS’ next time, and revealed that she had burst blood vessels from all the pushing. Kinsey was, interestingly, born on Friday the 13th, under a full moon.


Career: What’s Foley Art?

As a foley artist, Jazz is credited in only one film – “Likeness”, starring Elle Fanning and Ximena Prieto. But, what’s foley? This term describes the artform of creating sounds artificially, so that they can fit into the concept of a movie. Take action movies as an example – you hear footsteps, punches and everything else clearly, right? Well, all these sounds are never recorded in real time. It would be impossible to hear all of them at the same time. That’s where foley artists come in. If a scene involves running, the artist has to pick the right shoes, the right surface and the right running tempo so that he or she can record the sound.

When everything is right, the foley artist sends the sounds to the production crew, who insert thousands of separate foley sound clips into the movie. Basically, almost everything you hear in movies is the result of a foley artist investing countless hours into creating the perfect sound. This method of production is also present in nature documentaries. Foley artists have to mimic the sounds of animals and natural phenomena, so that the final result would be immersive.

Social Media Presence

Jazz is very active only on Instagram, as she loves to interact with her 2,200 followers. Most of her posts are about her husband and child, with the occasion selfie.

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