Jason Maxiell Biography Net Worth, Salary, Wife’s Cancer

• Born in Chicago, Illinois USA in 1983
• Played basketball in Newman Smith High School, University of Cincinnati, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets, Chinese team Tianjin Ronggang, Filipino team Tropang TNT, and Acibadem Universitesi
• Married to Brandi Maxiell, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007
• Enjoys other sports, travelling, film, and spending time with his son Jason Maxell II
• Net worth estimated to be over $8 million


Jason Maxiell Wiki Biography

Jason Maxiell was born in Chicago, Illinois USA, on 18 February 1983 so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and holding American nationality – he rose to prominence thanks to his career as a basketball player, mostly for the years he has spent playing for the Detroit Pistons team.

Childhood and education

Jason has kept most of the details regarding his family to himself – nothing is known about his mother and father – and he hasn’t talked about any siblings, so is believed to be an only child. Although born in Chicago, Jason spent most of his childhood in Dallas, Texas.

He fell in love with basketball at a very early age, and began playing seriously when he enrolled at Newman Smith High School – he was quite popular there thanks to his involvement in sports, and he apparently had numerous girls during those four years. After matriculating, he enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, from which he graduated in 2005 – while at the university, Jason decided to focus on basketball, and to make it his career.

Career as a basketball player

Jason’s basketball career continued with the University of Cincinnati’s team, trained by the famous coach Bob Huggins.

Jason achieved many things in those four years he played for his university’s team including receiving the Conference USA Sixth Man honors as well as All-Freshmen honors – the year 2005 saw Jason become the 18th best student player in the entire US.

As soon as he graduated from college, Jason was picked up by the Detroit Pistons with the official start of his career with them being on 5 July 2005. The contract was three years long and as Jason proved to be even better than expected, his contract was renewed on 31 October 2008 for four additional years, and brought him $20 million – his contract was renewed once again but only for a year with the 2012/2013 season being his last with the Detroit Pistons.

Jason Maxiell

Jason began playing for the Charlotte Hornets in September 2014m, but was part of the team for only a year before he moved to play for the Chinese team called Tianjin Ronggang in August 2015 – the reason behind this huge change was Jason’s love for travelling, and his interests in playing on another continent. He switched to play for the Filipino team Tropang TNT in June 2016, but it then turned out that he wasn’t eligible to play for them as he was too tall – max height limit was 6ft 5in while Jason was close to 6ft 6in at the time.

At the beginning of 2017, Maxiell began playing the Acibadem Universitesi, a Turkish team, and was with them until the start of August, when he signed once again with the Detroit Pistons to end his career in the same manner as he started it – with the Detroit Pistons, retired from basketball in the same month he signed his contract with the Pistons.

Personal matters and marriage. Wife’s cancer

Although both Jason and his wife Brandi Maxiell initially wanted to keep a low profile regarding their marriage, this has proven hard to maintain as they are both celebrities who attract a lot of the media’s attention.

Jason and Brandi first met at Newman Smith High School, and began dating not long afterwards. As they were both trying not to part ways after high school, they went on to study together at the same university, and after years of dating eventually exchanged their wedding vows in 2010.

Brandi was sure Jason was the right man for her after she learned she had ovarian cancer in 2007 – she had to undergo chemotherapy and her head had to be entirely shaved. Jason supported Brandi in every possible way and shaved his head to make his wife feel better as well as to raise awareness of cancer.

One year after finding out about her cancer, Brandi announced she was cancer free, and although the battle with it affected her life a lot, she eventually landed back on her feet – the couple later married, and Brandi gave birth to their son names Jason Maxell II.

Jason and Brandi have recently been facing some problems in their marriage. They both agreed to appear in the “Iyanla: Fix My Life” reality TV series on 8 September 2018, which was supposed to help them work on the problems they have.

According to Brandi, her husband has been cheating on her throughout the years, and she has stated that the number of the women he has slept with throughout the years goes higher than 340. She also complained about sharing her mother’s fate, as both of them married men who are abusive – nevertheless, Jason and Brandi have seemingly sorted things out between them, and have not divorced.

Hobbies and other interests

Jason has mostly been focused on basketball throughout his life, but there have still been a couple of other things he has enjoyed doing.

Jason was into other sports but never made a career in any rather than in basketball – he played football in his early years and tested his skills at baseball as well. Even though he is retired for two years now, he still exercises on a daily basis as he enjoys it, and it has become a habit which he does not want to change. He is also said to be a very good father, and is teaching his son how to play several sports just as himself – Jason Maxiell II is currently playing football and baseball but is still not tall enough for basketball.

Jason became a fan of the film industry after his retirement, as watching movies and TV series have filled the gaps he now has in his schedule. Some of his favorite movies are “Iron Man” and “Avengers” while he enjoys watching the “Two and a Half Men” TV series the most.

Appearance and net worth

Jason is currently 36 years old. He has short black hair and brown eyes, is 6ft 7ins (2.01m) tall, and weighs around 260lbs (118kgs). His current net worth has been estimated to be more than $8 million, and seems unlikely to rise as Jason has not been a professional basketball player for over two years now.

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