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Isabelle Piana is a musical artist specializing in genres such as pop and jazz. She is a speaker at RTL France in the program Les Grosses Têtes.


Isabelle Piana was born on April 7. Growing up in a family of musicians, Isabelle has had various musical experiences. As a child, her favorite pastime was carrying a microphone in her hand and singing, performing as a radio host in front of her favorite artists. She completed her training in information and communication at

Physical appearance

  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde

Family and ethnicity


Isabelle Piana was raised by a father of Italian origin and a French mother who took great pleasure in caressing the keys of the piano.

Relationships, Husband, Children

There is no information about his partner.


Isabelle Piana began her career at Radio France and stayed there for a decade before joining RTL.

The pianist played the piano regularly throughout her life and was very passionate about classical music. In July 2018, while on vacation in Greece, Isabelle discovered a song in a small restaurant by the sea with which she immediately fell in love. Her musical tastes are sharpened one day when she discovers that Papik has released an album with wonderful musicians and a voice that she particularly appreciates. It was the voice of Stefy Gamboni. A few years later, the duo met in Italy and recorded the very first spoken word duet performed by two women under the direction of a renowned musical director, “Nerio Poggi”. They continued the album with the title “Only the night/solo the note”.

Isabelle comments,

I met her like that and I contacted her on facebook by offering to make an unpublished version of two women still in bossa. She asked the arranger and producer for permission and came back with a positive response. This is the solution I found to make it known in France. For my part, I had not immersed myself in song since my return to Paris. I met the whole team in Rome and we recorded the single which I presented to my boss at RTL who fell in love with the title. I didn’t want to stay on the single and we decided to make an album of it.

Associated with RTL for more than 25 years, Isabelle Piana is inseparable from the Big Heads. In 2019, Stefy Gamboni and Isabelle launched a collaboration called Parole Parole. In addition to her previous experience with television, Isabelle Piana returned to Toutatele to cover the weather and the La Gym des Neurones match which had previously been broadcast on France 2.


literary work: “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind

Cinematographic works: “Shining” by Stanley Kubrick

Facts / Anecdotes

  • She recorded her album in a week for the song “Parole, Parole”.

  • Her first Instagram post was on February 21, 2021 – a photo of her with credits to Greg Gonzalez Photographer (@greg_gonzalez_photographer)
    Isabelle Piana's first Instagram post

    Isabelle Piana’s first Instagram post

  • She has a pet cat named Lola.
    Isabelle Piana's cat

    Isabelle Piana’s cat

  • She collaborated with Hortense Villatte, French journalist at AIMV for TF1, for a program on RTL.
    Isabelle Piana and Hortense

    Isabelle Piana and Hortense

  • She started radio when she was only 16 years old.
  • She neither smokes nor drinks.
  • She also did a voiceover for the game show The gym of neurons, animated by Bruno Guévenoux.

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