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Who is Ingrid Bolsø Berdal?

Born under the sign of Pisces on the 2ndn/a from March 1980, in Utøy, Inderøy, Norway. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal is a 39-year-old award-winning Caucasian actress of Nordic descent. She is probably best known to the general public due to her significant presence in several media and on the television screen in her many roles, including as Atlanta in “Hercules” and Armistice in “Westworld”. She has also had a number of other successes during her often lucrative acting career since 2005.

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“Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede”. . “We are lighting two candles tonight, two candles of hope and joy.” . In Norway we light a candle every Sunday until Advent. A Norwegian writer, Inger Hagerup, wrote a poem that we read while lighting it. Every Sunday a new verse. This tradition has accompanied me since my childhood. Lighting the Sunday Advent candle is something I looked forward to growing up, and it increased the enthusiasm and excitement for Christmas. I took it very seriously as a young girl, lighting those candles for hope, joy, joy and peace. And in today’s polarized world, as a grown woman, I find that even more meaningful. Stop for a second, give thanks for what I have, and light a candle for all that is good.

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Youth: Growing up in Utøy

Ingrid was probably brought up as an only child where she was born, by her father and mother whose names and professions have not yet been specified. Growing up, Ingrid first wanted to be a musician, due to her very keen hearing and sense of rhythm. At the time, she was almost on the right track towards what she was born to do, all she really needed then was the support of her parents, which she actually got. In time, she enrolled at the Inderøy Music High School, where she discovered other facets of the art, and decided to go into acting at some point.

After her baccalaureate in 1998, she enrolled at the University of Trondheim to study jazz singing and improvisation. After two years there, she decided that wasn’t really what she wanted in life, so she moved to the Norwegian capital to study acting at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Oslo. , from where she graduated in 2003 with an enviable acting wealth. live. During her stay, she played very important roles in classic plays, such as Sofia in Chekhov’s “Platonov”, the lead role in Sophocles’ ancient “Antigone”, and another role as Hedda in “Hedda Gabler”. by Henrik Ibsen.

Career: National before international

Ingrid started working after graduation at the Norwegian Theater in Oslo, where she stayed for a few years before embarking on her first film project. His first year at the establishment earned him the Hedda Award, which is his theater’s prestigious recognition of acting contribution, in the Best Debut of the Year category. Later she had many other important roles, such as the title in “Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy” by Gombrowicz, Sasha in “Ivanov” by Chekhov and Shura in “Black Milk” by Sigarev.

Ingrid expands her area of ​​influence a few years after graduation by also becoming a radio theater actress, and in 2005 she enters the world of cinema with the main role of Carmen in a short film called “Limbo”. In 2006, she was seen in another short film and her first full-length TV movie titled “Pedersen: High-School Teacher” (originally “Gymnaslærer Pedersen”). She also played the role of Norunn in “Sons”, but definitely her most important This year’s appearance was Jannicke’s starring role in “Cold Prey.” This film has not only contributed to her fame, it has also allowed her to show the world how good she is in front of the camera.

Ingrid Bolso Berdal

The hot years after “Cold Prey”

A year later, Ingrid was featured in her first TV miniseries, as Katinka Bjørstad in “Kodenavn Hunter”, for a total of six episodes. She also appeared as Eva in “Eva og Adam”, a show meant to describe the reasons behind male and female behavior, but she seemed to be cut short after the first episode. She was also seen as Siri in two episodes of “Thomas P.”, and as a receptionist in the short film titled “Tyvstart”. In 2008, she had three roles, including two reappearances – Jannicke in ‘Cold Prey 2’ and Katinka Bjørstad in an episode of ‘Kodenavn Hunter 2’.

More importantly, however, she got another starring role this year, as Aina in “House of Fools.” 2009 showed her in only one project – Kristin in “Betrayal”. 2010 then exploded for her, with five more roles to come. She was Sergeant Angua in two episodes of the “Going Postal” miniseries, Ingrid in four episodes of “Hjerte til hjerte”, Nina in “Wide Blue Yonder”, and two other appearances in short films. In 2011, in addition to being Herdis Snartemo in “I Travel Alone”, she also had her first voice loan experience in “Kvinnefrisen”.

Expand beyond Norway

In 2012, Ingrid took her place among the stars as an outstanding actress, as it became apparent routine for her to land the lead or second most important role, which is exactly what happened this year. . She was the main character of Dagmar in “Escape” and took on the main role of Zoe in “Chernobyl Diaries”. She also gave her voice back to “The ABCs of Death” – a high-profile horror franchise. Finally, she was one of the three main characters in seven episodes of “Hellfjord”. In 2013, we see her in “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”, and two other less popular films.

2014 was a very successful year for Ingrid, during which she appeared as the only female warrior named Atlanta in “Hercules”, in addition to another short film and an episode of a Norwegian television series. It was at this time that Ingrid chose to turn a little more abroad, as we will see later. She was already a superstar in her own country, and with an established name in the theater, she had everything needed to be presented abroad, which already happened in “Hercules”. In 2015, she appeared in three more Norwegian titles, two short videos and a film.

His last three years in the business

In 2016, she was seen as Armistice in six episodes of the super popular Anthony Hopkins’ TV series called “Westworld”, in which, after the main role of Jade in “Forget About Nick” in 2017, she reappeared in 2018, in five more episodes. This year she was also seen in a short film and three episodes of “Kielergata” as Iris. Finally, we find her, you guessed it, in yet another main role, this time as Sonja Wigert in the Norwegian film entitled “The Spy”, still in post-production. That makes a total of 39 acting credits for Ingrid, and she still remains active in the business.

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Love life: Does she have a husband and family?

When it comes to Ingrid Bolsø’s romantic relationships, she tends to keep her personal life, well, personal, and so she has yet to take the opportunity to update the media and her fans on the state of his relationship. Even so, she is known to be with someone at the moment, a man of complete mystery who the public can see in her posts, like this one. The man in this photo is seen watering the plants, presumably in his (their) bedroom, and from this it can be assumed that she does indeed have a husband, although in the absence of such posts she does not don’t have children yet. Still, the true definition of their union is unknown at this time — it could just be her longtime boyfriend who she moved in with, they could be engaged, and they could be a married couple. Until Ingrid (or her partner) decides to reveal to the public the true nature of her love life, she will be considered taken.

What is Ingrid Bolsø Berdal net worth?

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on how much net worth Ingrid Bolsø Berdal has managed to accumulate until, say, the middle of 2019? Various sources have taken a deep dive into Ingrid’s monetary status, and they’re all nearing a figure just over $1 million. She made her fortune lending her looks and her vocal cords to numerous titles throughout her career, including “Westworld” as Armistice, which likely contributed massively to her wealth. Given that she is still active in the business, said value will definitely increase.

Body measurements

What could Ingrid’s physical specifications be today, both changing and permanent? Well, she is 5ft 8.5in (174cm) tall and is said to weigh around 132lbs (62kg) right now. Although his vital stats are still unknown to the public, his figure is often described as being fit. Her dress and bra size is also unknown – her shoe size is known to be 7. She has bright blonde hair and light blue eyes, as is typical for a Nord, and her complexion is generally bright.

Presence on social networks

As Ingrid is a popular actress around the world, her Norwegian and international fans expect her to maintain a close relationship with each of them through popular social media interactions. Her colleagues share this hope, as they all know that expanding her reach to the public through social media is arguably one of the best ways to increase her future income, given that more and more people will be sure to watch what she plays. , Ingrid does not disappoint, being virtually ubiquitous on the three most popular social media sites. His Facebook the page has more than 3,000 fans, its Twitter nearly 9,000, and she instagram just over 32,000 subscribers.

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