Fred Di Blasio Biography. Who is Lana Parrilla’s ex-husband?

Who is Lana Parrilla’s ex-husband? Fred Di Blasio Wiki Biography

Alfred Di Blasio was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 9 November 1968, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and holding Canadian nationality – Fred is a software executive, who became recognized on the internet after marrying Lana Parrilla, a popular TV actress .

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Education and early life

There is not much known about Fred’s early life and his family, as he prefers to keep his personal matters to himself – he grew up in Vancouver alongside his parents, and he is believed that Fred is an only child, as he hasn’t talked about having any siblings. Fred was a peaceful and shy boy who was always interested in improving his knowledge in several fields.

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While the other kids in high school went out partying and drinking, Fred was studying and learning on his own. After he matriculated from high school, Fred eventually graduated with a BS degree from the European Business School, thenenrolled at the University of Cambridge’s Queen’s College, and graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree in general management.

Fred’s career

Fred launched his career as soon as he graduated from college, and is today experienced in multiple fields, including marketing, strategy, and acquisitions among others.

One of the first jobs Fred had was for the Bell Cable Media communications company based in London, where he worked for several years before he won a job at the AT&T group, and in 1997 became his Vice President. Fred spent a total of five years with the AT&T before switching to TELUS Communication Company where he held the position of the Vice President as well – he was part of the company for four years.

From 2007 to 2010, Fred was the president of Huron management, then in 2010, he started working for the SMC Networks as their chief strategy officer, and stayed with them for two years before switching to INVIDI technologies, where he served as a senior vice president of their corporate development division – Fred is still working for the INVIDI technologies, but has been promoted to the chief marketing officer.

Love life and ex-wife Lana Parrilla

Fred is a man who prefers to keep his personal matters away from the public’s attention, but after he married Lana Parrilla, many details regarding his love life were revealed.

Fred had a wife before Lana – he married Shannon Cooney at the beginning of the ’90s and the two were allegedly crazy in love. Shannon gave birth to their first son Jack, on 31 May 1996, second son Patrick on 11 October 1999, and their third son on 13 July 2001. All of the boys are interested in music and were part of the “45 Spacer” rock band – they could have been seen performing on TV playing in the “Once Upon a Time” TV series. The date of Fred and Shannon’s divorce is not known, but it is said to be in 2009. Fred and Lana met in 2012 and began dating shortly afterwards – only a year passed until Fred asked Lana to marry him while they were traveling around Israel, and the engagement was made official on 28 April 2013.

The wedding took place on 5 July 2014, a rather modest one as the two invited only their closest friends and families – Fred and Lana were seemingly leading a happy life together, however, on 13 April 2019, Lana uploaded a picture onto her Instagram account stating that she is no longer a married woman. Judging by several sources, Fred is currently single and is not seeing anyone.

Who is Lana Parrilla?

It was Lana Parrilla who made Fred somewhat popular on the internet, as not much was known about him before he married her – Lana was born in New York City, USA on 15 June 1977, so under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holding American nationality .

She is an actress best known for her role of The Evil Queen or Regina Mills in the “Once Upon a Time” TV series. Lana fell in love with acting at a very young age – her father Sam Parrilla was a famous professional baseball player and her mother was a housewife meaning that she couldn’t have inherited her skills and passion for acting from them. She attended Fort Hamilton High School and then enrolled at the Beverly Hills Playhouse located in Los Angeles, California, where she studied acting. Lana first became recognized in the film industry after being cast to appear in the “Spin City” ABC sitcom in 2000 – she went on to win her first main role in the “Boomtown” TV series in 2000, then in “Windfall” in 2006 , and in “Swingtown” in 2008.

Lana Parilla

She played Dr. Eva Zambrano in the “Miami Medical” TV series in 2010 and then in 2011 got the role of The Evil Queen or Regina Mills in the “Once Upon a Time” ABC fantasy series, for which she is popular today. She was part of the main cast until 2018, and won a teen choice award for science fiction/fantasy TV actress in 2016. Lana is very active on the popular social media networks, and has grown quite a fanbase – her Instagram account is currently followed by more than 1.4 million people, while she has uploaded over 1,000 pictures onto it.

Likes and other interests

Fred’s job of a software executive is keeping him quite busy but he always finds time to relax and do the things he enjoys doing.

Frank has been a fan of jazz and blues music since he was a young boy, as he was influenced by his parents who often took him to jazz and blues concerts with them. He enjoys being in nature rather than the city, and the beach is always his favorite destination – it doesn’t matter where it is as long as it is a beach. Traveling is Fred’s main hobby as he has been to each continent and visited the Egyptian pyramids in January 2019. Being married and divorced two times, Fred has learned how to cook for himself and has become pretty good at it – he often uploads pictures of his meals onto his Instagram account.

Fred is a family man who enjoys spending time with his sons – although all four of them are very busy, they still find time to get together and do things.

Appearance and net worth

Fred is currently 50 years old. He has long black hair and brown eyes, while his height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated to be more than $4 million, and is still rising steadily thanks to his job for INVIDI technologies.

Presence on the social media networks

Fred is keeping up with the modern age, and is active on several popular social media networks, as he enjoys the attention he is getting on the internet.

He launched his Twitter account in September 2012, and has gathered nearly 30,000 followers and tweeted over 3,600 times. His Instagram account is currently followed by more than 12,000 people, while he’s uploaded over 110 pictures onto it – Fred has a Facebook profile as well, which he seems to be using only to keep in touch with his friends and family.

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