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Who is Errol Barnett?

Born under the fire sign of Aries, on 3 April 1983, in Milton Keynes, England, Errol Barnett is a 36-year-old British-born American reporter, anchor, correspondent, moderator, public speaker, host and journalist; he is best known as the official CBS News correspondent in Washington, DC Fans love him not just because of his work, but also due to his inspirational come-up story. He became an anchor and reporter for Channel One News at the tender age of 19. As a result, he traveled the entire country and earned enough money to pay his college tuition all by himself. Later, he went on to be the anchor of “CNN Newsroom”, after being the host of “Inside Africa”, CNN’s award winning cultural affairs show. Due to his work-related obligations, Errol traveled the African continent from top to bottom, amassing valuable knowledge and experiences, which would end up making him a highly respected journalist.

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Turbulent Early Life: From Britain to the USA

Errol was raised in Buckinghamshire, England, by his parents; his mother Pamela is caucasian and hails from Liverpool, while Michael Christie, her husband, is a Jamaican immigrant who moved to England when he was still a young man. Barnett’s paternal grandfather, Gladstone Christie, was one of 500 Caribbean pilots who willingly served with the British Royal Air Force (RAF) in World War II. As a part of the Windrush generation, he and young Michael moved to rural England to start a new life. Errol has an older brother, Danny, and an older sister, Natalie, who passed away when he was still a kid. Michael, his father, left the family at a certain point, and when he was just 10 years-old, his mom remarried, this time to Gary Barnett, a sergeant in the US Air Force who was deployed during the Gulf War. Almost immediately, the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona to start anew.

Those years were incredibly tough for young Errol, as he was a stranger in a strange land; other kids often picked on him. His stepfather Gary left the family around this time, and because of this and her daughter’s untimely passing, Pamela Barnett began suffering from depression.

High School Education and Becoming a Reporter

As an outcast who had to learn the ways of a new culture, Errol was compelled to find other ways to develop as a person and find his way in life. Thus, he immersed himself into studying, numerous extracurricular activities, and anything else that could take his mind off everyday life. Around this point, he developed a passion for journalism – this affinity began when Errol discovered the therapeutic effects of listening to other people talk about their challenges in life. He realized that learning about different problems helped him cope with his own, and put every situation into perspective.

Errol Barnett

In 2001, he matriculated from high school as one of the best students in his class. Despite all the hardships and difficulties he encountered, he knew that he had to be strong in order to support his mother and brother. Fresh out of school, he was offered an unusual role by Channel One News. The program was tailor-made for teens, and Errol was given a role in their Los Angeles-based division. During that summer, he worked alongside Melissa Knowles, Gotham Chopra and other legendary reporters, who helped him find his place in the industry.

College Education: Political Science and International Relations at UCLA

For most of his childhood, Errol wasn’t sure he was going to college. His family barely made ends meet, so he thought he would have to work immediately upon matriculation. However, after traveling the country with Channel One News, he managed to earn a lot of money. His impact and popularity were so immense that he was chosen by Teen People magazine as one of the 20 teens who will have changed the world in a few years.

With substantial savings, Barnett had enough funds to finance a full undergraduate program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), known as one of the country’s most elite institutions, where he majored in Political Science and further specialized in International Relations. Even as a college student, he was already a celebrity and ended up being featured in The Daily Bruin, the school’s official newspaper. Already famous by the age of 19, Errol kind of got used to all the fanfare and attention, which prompted several prominent news networks to offer him a job.

CNN: A Man on Four Continents

Errol ultimately decided that CNN had the best offer, so he joined them upon graduation. In 2008, he still didn’t have a prominent role in any of the programs, but his investigative reporting and stints of filling-in for other anchors made him one of the network’s brightest stars.

A true visionary, he was one of the first people in the industry to talk about the rising influence of social media in journalism, and the calamitous consequences it might have for news outlets. He was officially a part of the then-most viewed stream in human history, when he reported on Barack Obama’s Inauguration for In 2010, he was posted ito Abu Dhabi to report on the clashes during the Arab Spring movement, which is a task usually reserved for veteran reporters. From 2011 to 2014, he was the host of “Inside Africa”, a CNN documentary series focused on African culture in various countries. In 2012, he became CNN’s official correspondent in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was present during the passing of Nelson Mandelamany mining strikes, and the Oscar Pistorius trial.

Becoming an Internet Meme US

In 2014, Errol finally returned from his travels, with a much higher reputation than when he left.

Therefore, he was immediately promoted to become a “CNN Newsroom” anchor. As always, he had to cover the biggest events in the US and around the world. Such were the Ferguson, Missouri protests, which became a form of public response to Michael Brown being shot by police officers. Thousands of people flooded the streets, seeking justice for the unlawful murder. During one particular coverage of the incidents, his co-anchor, Rosemary Church, suggested even more drastic measures against the protesters. ‘Why don’t the police, perhaps, use water cannons?’, she asked Errol. He responded with a ‘Wait, what?’ and a funny face, which became an internet meme and ended up being used whenever someone said anything stupid. Church received a lot of flack for her insensitive statements, and was accused of being a racist, while people around the country praised Barnett for his perfect response. All the memes that were shared made him an online celebrity, something he wasn’t before this incident.

CBS: Washington Correspondent and Much More

Right before the 2016 election, Errol joined CBS News as their primary correspondent in Washington, DC This was seen as a “steal” by CBS, as many industry experts believed that CNN made a foolish decision by letting him go. Nevertheless, Barnett dived right into the action, while also becoming an anchor for “CBS This Morning”, “CBS Evening News” and other prominent shows featured on the network. Throughout his time with the company, he reported on a variety of subjects such as artificial intelligence, Donald Trump, weather conditions and anything else the public needed to hear about. In addition to all of his duties, Errol is also one of the main interviewers for CBS, as he’s conducted face-to-face conversations with many prominent people. From time to time, he also covers surprising stories, such as when a woman was mauled by a zoo jaguar.

Incident with the Secret Service

In October 2018, the world was buzzing due to the heinous murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was famous for his articles in The Washington Post. He entered a Saudi consulate in Turkey to sort out some papers, but ended up being tortured, killed and dismembered. A lot of international outlets accused Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman (also known as MbS) of ordering the murder, mostly because Khashoggi criticized the authoritarian government of which MbS is the deputy-prime minister. There were also allegations connecting the Trump Administration to the murder, and Errol intended to get to the bottom of the situation. During a press conference with Presidential advisor Jared Kushner, Barnett asked him about his personal relationship with MbS, when a Secret Service agent prevented him from completing his question.

The US Secret Service issued a statement, in which they had the following to say: ‘the actions were taken solely in response to an abrupt movement by an unknown individual who later identified themselves as a member of the media.’ Errol was not convinced and accused the Trump Administration of suppressing the freedom of the press. He also said that the video ‘speaks for itself‘.

Personal Life: Is Errol Barnett Married? Does He Have Any Children?

Errol Barnett is married to South African-born TV personality, actress, model and pageant contestant, Nyasha Zimucha. They got engaged in 2018 and tied the knot in a stunning wedding, just a year later. She was born in Africa, but raised in the US She was a participant in the 2008 Miss Africa pageant and worked extensively with The A-List, resulting in a multitude of successful projects. There were rumors that Errol is gay, but his relationship with Nyasha dispelled all that. Currently, they have no children and there haven’t been any indications that they want to start a family soon.

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Net Worth: How Rich is Errol Barnett?

Have you ever wondered how affluent this globally famous reporter really is? According to several reputable sources, Errol Barnett has a net worth of approximately $1 million, as of October 2019, accumulated by starting his career at an earlier age than most peers, but refusing to give up until he became one of the most recognizable faces on TV. With CNN and CBS, he’s reported on some of the most significant events in recent history, and done a masterful job. Given the fact that he’s as active as ever, we can definitely expect his net worth to rise in the near future. As for his yearly salary, CBS has a non-disclosure policy when it comes to their employees’ earnings, so we likely won’t find this out anytime soon.

Errol Barnett

Body Measurements: How Tall is Erroll Barnett?

Errol Barnett is approximately 5ft 8ins (172cm) tall, and weighs around 190lbs (86kgs). He has hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Everyone acquainted with Barnett’s work knows that he is an avid sports enthusiast. He ran several races for charity with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). In particular, he loves jogging and cycling.

Online Presence

Journalists need social media to reach their viewers and readers as quickly as possible, and Errol is no exception. He is very popular on instagram and Twitter, with 10,000 and 50,000 followers, respectively. You can keep up to date with his posts on his official Facebook page, which has almost 30,000 likes.

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