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• Demetria Obilor is a Traffic Presenter, best known for her work on ABC’s Channel 8, also known as Traffic Bae.
• She is of mixed ethnicity with a father from Nigeria and a mother of German-Lithuanian-Russian descent.
• His career began as a traffic reporter for KSHB-TV, then KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, and finally WFAA-TV in Dallas.
• She became the target of racist abuse and body-shaming and was defended by Chance the Rapper.
• His net worth is estimated at over $200,000.


Demetria Obilor is an American Traffic Ensemble presenter, best known for her work on ABC’s Channel 8. Known as Traffic Bae. In 2017, she made headlines when her response to a viewer’s body shaming went viral.

Early life, family, formation

Demetria Obilor was born on March 29, 1991 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. She is of American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity with her father being a Nigerian of African descent and her mother having a German-Lithuanian-Russian background of white descent. She grew up in Kansas alongside three brothers, Uzoma, Ikenna Obilor and Kelechi Obilor. In 2005, when she was a teenager, their family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada US.

Speaking of her college credentials, she returned to her hometown to enroll at Johnson County Community College in 2009, and a year later transferred to the University of Kansas, earning a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2012. .



Obilor’s career as a journalist began while she was still a student in Kansas. She worked for the college station KUHJ-TV, as an off-screen writer and graphic designer for new packages, while doing stand-ups and live interviews and covering various stories for the station.

In 2011, she started working at NBC’s Kansas affiliate station named KSHB-TV, as a production technician. She kept her job after graduation, got a promotion, and became a traffic reporter for morning news segments in 2013, compiling and reporting relevant traffic information, which started her career. career as a screen journalist.

While at KSHB, Obilor also worked for the station’s social media department, on increasing social media presence, which she successfully managed. The station’s Twitter following grew from 0 to over 1,000 while she was working there.

Demetria Obilor

She left KSBH-TV to join her family in Las Vegas.


In 2014, Obilor began working as a traffic reporter for CBS Las Vegas affiliate KLAS-TV, presenting traffic news about the Las Vegas Valley on the weekend morning show “8 NewsNow”. She was also part of the station’s social media segment titled “Trending Now”, as a host and producer, and a franchise segment titled “What’s Driving You Crazy?”, as a writer, host and producer. .

During this time, Obilor also did a bit of modeling, appearing at the Las Vegas Container Park Fashion Show, showcasing dresses inspired by the boutiques around the mall. She won the show’s grand prize and the People’s Choice Awards.


After three years in Las Vegas, she moved to Dallas, Texas, joining WFAA-TV Channel 8 as the traffic set anchor for the station’s morning segment titled “Day Break.” Additionally, she hosted a social media segment called “Speed ​​Feed”.

Obilor left Channel 8 at the end of 2019, expressing in his Twitter post his desire to pursue new opportunities, which have yet to be revealed.

body image

While at the WFAA, she became the target of racist abuse and body-shaming, being criticized for her dress and plus-size figure by a Facebook user, who said she looked ridiculous. The nasty comments sparked national outrage online from people who disagreed with them. Among those who came to Obilor’s defense was famed rapper Chance the Rapper, who retweeted the post, garnering over 100,000 likes. As a result, Obilor shared a response video speaking out against body shaming and calling for more tolerance towards people who look alike, which got many retweets and praise from many fans. It was not the only time Obilor had been subjected to such a situation.

During her work as a traffic reporter in Las Vegas, she shared a screenshot of an email from a viewer, which had racial undertones on her hair. Namely, a woman behind the email said Obilor’s natural hairstyle must have been hard to clean and “smelly.” The post went viral as many fans tweeted at Obilor with compliments.

Hosting career

In addition to being a traffic anchor, Obilor has hosted events such as the Las Vegas Beauty in Beauty Out (BIBO) Awards, Cyril Wengert Elementary’s Reading Rangers, McDonalds Green for Grads, Blue Valley Blue Streaks 25e annual Special Olympics Bowl.A.Thon & Silent Auction in Overland Park, Kansas, to name a few. She also hosted a youth radio show called Generation Rap for KPRS Hot103 Jamz.

Private life

When talking about Obilor’s love life, no details have been revealed to the media. She has not shared any information regarding her past or current relationships. Her social media posts suggest she is single, never married and has no children.

Physical appearance

The popular TV reporter is 1.63m (5ft 4in) tall and weighs around 62kg (136lbs). She wears a size 8. Her other body measurements were not disclosed to sources. She has a curvy body type and a more attractive waist shape, brown eyes and brown hair.

Interesting facts

  • Obilor is very active on social networks. She has over 670,000 followers on Instagram and over 160,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Her hobbies are traveling and watching movies, her favorite genres being horror and gangster movies.
  • Her favorite food is spicy food, while her favorite sweets are pull and peel twizzlers.
  • Obilor’s favorite color is red.
  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

Net value

Obilor’s net worth at the start of 2020 is estimated to be over $200,000, most of which was earned through his career as a television journalist.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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