Darts| Who Is Chris Dobey Dad Gordon Dobey? Everything To Know About English Professional Darts Player Age, Height, Net worth, Wiki Biography

Chris Dobey and his father Gordon Dobey are an incredible dart duo who currently perform in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events.

Chris Dobey is a professional English darts player who helped his father Gordon play at Q School to help him fulfill his family’s dream of playing darts.

Chris has a real triumph in the PDC moving up the rankings and vying for major titles and even the Premier League.

Darts | Who is Chris Dobey Papa Gordon Dobey?

Chris Dobey’s father, Gordon Dobey, is a darts player but not a professional like his son. In 2020, Chris paid his father Q’s school fees to help him make a family dream come true.

The father-son duo could surprise the other suitors.

Now 58, Gordon Dobey is a proud father as his son currently performs in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events.

Chris even said in 2020 that his father might have regretted not turning into a full-time professional. But he had a family to support and at the time he thought it was the right thing to do.

He added that Gordan did not have the financial backing back then and if more financial security had been provided back then to play full time then it certainly would have become a profession by now.

Although Gordon came home with local trophies.

Chris Dobey Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Chris Dobey’s net worth would be £ 2,500,000 if he manages to win the current PDC World Darts Championship tournament.

In 2021, Dobey won his first PDC ranking title at the 18th Players’ Championship in Coventry and earned £ 10,000

He went on to win his 2nd PC28 title at Barnsley, including a phenomenal semi-final and also got a decent award.

He reached his fourth PDC final at the 2019 Danish Open Darts, but ultimately lost it to another player.

He was selected for the Premier League night in Newcastle as the challenger in the 2019 World Grand Prix and the 2019 Players’ Championship finals.

With all of his success, he could have $ 1 million and $ 5 million from the net under his hood, including sponsorship and ad campaigns.

How old is Chris Dobey and the marching music?

Chris Dobey is 31 years old because he was born on May 31, 1990 in Bedlington, England. He was born to his father Gordan and his mother whose name is unknown.

It was his mother who introduced him to the sport at the age of 20 during a trip to a Bingo party in 2010.

A friend of his was short for his darts team and asked me to help him through that night and the rest is history.

Chris’s Walk On Music Upon Entering The Arena is a song by Andrew Cushin called Hollywood.

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