Darlene Mowry is not dead! Net Worth, Age, Biography

• Darlene Mowry is an almost 63-year-old Afro-Bahamian manager, producer and former US Army sergeant.
• She is the mother and manager of award-winning twin actresses and reality TV stars Tia and Tamera Dowry.
• She was born in 1956 and joined the military with her high school sweetheart Tim Dowry around 197•
• She became her daughters’ manager around 1990 and was co-producer of ‘The Poof Point’ in 2001 and executive producer of ‘Double Wedding’ in 2010.
• She separated from her husband Tim Mowry in 2015 and her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.


Who is Darlene Mowry? Is she alive? How old is he?

Born Darlene Renée Flowers under the sign of Scorpio on the 25the October 1956, in an unspecified part of the USA, Mowry is an almost 63-year-old Afro-Bahamian manager, producer and former United States Army sergeant. She is certainly best known around the world for her significant exposure on the television screen and in other media, thanks to her mother and her manager of award-winning twin actresses and reality TV stars Tia and Tamera Dowry. . She has also had other successes during her involvement in the entertainment industry since 1991.

Biography and early education: an almost unknown beginning

Darlene was raised as an apparently only child where she was born, by her father and mother of hitherto unknown names and professions, one of whom is known to be African American and the other from the Bahamas.

There is no information regarding Darlene’s early childhood, and her interests from then on will remain unspecified until she decides to disclose them. As for Mowry’s education, she attended an unspecified high school in her state of birth, from which she enrolled in 1974. She immediately began to focus on her first career path after that institution, and has apparently never been interested in a college education since.

Career: Do what it must

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was common for anyone who wanted a secure paycheck to serve in the military, which is what Darlene focused on. She entered the service with her high school sweetheart Tim Dowry around 1975. After three years, she was promoted to sergeant, but that was also when she had her twin daughters.

She continued with intermittent duty after becoming a mother, eventually retiring to work as a security guard in the United States to spend more time with her children. Darlene is believed to have spent at least five years securing various types of facilities, although the exact duration of this professional engagement is not publicly known. She kept that job until around 1990, when her two daughters were scouted by a talent agent and encouraged to brave the big screen. Darlene was certain at the time that she would somehow not allow anyone else to share custody of her children by being their manager, and so she took that role on herself, thus leaving his job.

Tia & Tamera Mowry with their mom, Darlene Flowers

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When did his entertainment career start?

Darlene became her daughters’ first manager around 1990, as the sisters were involved in different projects at the same time, both of which were released in 1991. Tia Mowry first appeared on screen as Judith Ann Webb in a episode of “Dangerous Women”, while Tamera Mowry made her debut as Penelope in the episode of “Flesh ‘n’ Blood” titled “Beauty Is in the Eye of the Ticketholder”. Both actresses have racked up fame since, but their biggest milestone was co-starring in the family comedy-drama titled “Sister, Sister,” which ran from 1994 to 1999. It was much easier for the twins to obtain roles after this success, given the importance of the impact it had on their experience and recognition.

Considering the fact that they were later hired even by Disney (to star in their original movie called “Twitches” and “Twitches Too” for example), it’s safe to assume that being the twins’ manager is surely the most great contribution to net worth Darlene has ever had. She remains her daughters’ manager even to this day, steadily earning a very decent living.

Its production periods

Darlene was more than once interested in collaborating with other Hollywood pundits on some of their promising projects, supporting the production of the film “Seventeen Again” in 2000. Her second such experience only came a year later, when she was the co-producer in the comedy sci-fi family film titled “The Poof Point.”

Finally, after a break of almost a decade, her most recent experience in this field was that of executive producer of the romantic comedy-drama titled “Double Wedding” in 2010. It does not seem that Darleen was interested in this kind of working since, having not worked on any other project in this way.

Love life: is she still married?

When it comes to her romantic relationships, global audiences believe that she has had only one in her entire life – the father of her four children, named Tim Mowry. This man of English and Irish descent, who is also a veteran, became involved with Darlene during their high school days. They then entered the military together and were posted to the same locations, eventually ending up with the future identical star twins while serving in Gelnhausen, then West Germany in 1978.

They both left the military a few years later and moved to the United States, where they had their first son, Tahj Mowry in 1986. Their fourth and last child Tavior Mowry was born in 1993. The sisters were already famous at the time, and as their careers flourished, many came to see Darlene and Tim as the couple that would last forever. However, for various unspecified reasons, the two decided to go their separate ways after 40 years of marriage in 2015. The publicly stated information about their divorce is simply irreconcilable differences, although of course that is a guess. Darlene is probably unlikely to get involved with another man, given her age at this point.

Death Rumors

Due to Darlene’s significant lack of media exposure over the past few years, fans have begun to speculate that she may no longer be alive. However, that’s thankfully not true at all, and the veteran manager hasn’t reported any serious health issues either. At the age of nearly 63, Mowry remains supported and in good shape, thanks in large part to the care of his four loving children, but also to his personal net worth.

Her daughters are reality TV stars

As well as being accomplished and award-winning actresses, Darlene’s twin daughters have gone one step further in securing their fame, starring in the Style Network reality TV series that bears their name – ‘Tia & Tamera’.

The show ran from August 2011 to September 2013, which in the long run did wonders for the twins’ popularity, leading them both to end up become idols even among celebrities.

What is Darlene Mowry’s net worth?

Have you ever taken a second to consider how rich Darlene could be in the second half of 2019? Some of the most reputable sources put the current wealth of the famous mother at around $1.5 million. She has earned this net worth by having multiple careers over the years, although most of it has come from her leadership role in the family. Since she is no longer as active in the business, this amount is not likely to increase.

Body measurements

So what do you think the retired veteran’s physical specs might be? Darlene’s height, weight, and vital stats are unknown, while her body shape is often described as average. Her shoe, dress and bra size are also unknown to the public. She has black hair and dark brown eyes, with a noticeably dark complexion.

Presence on social networks?

As the manager of two highly successful actresses, who also have a large following among reality TV fans, Darlene is expected to constantly interact with the public, thereby increasing her net worth exponentially. However, it seems that Mowry doesn’t care much about this business trend, as it can’t be found on any of the three most popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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