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Who is Carla Gallo?

Born June 24, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York, under the water sign of Cancer, Carla Paolina Gallo is a 44-year-old American television and film actress. She is best known for playing very upbeat and talkative characters, which is comparable to her real life personality. Although she appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, fans know her for her influential small roles in popular television series. You might recognize her as Lizzie from “Undeclared,” or perhaps the ever-lovely Daisy from “Californication.” However, most fans consider her time on “Bones” to be the pinnacle of her acting career. Although she never managed to lead a popular show or movie as a lead actress, Carla won the hearts of fans with her versatility and innate ability to convey a wide range of emotions.

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Early Childhood, Education and Family: A Childhood Spent in Brooklyn

Carla was born to an American family in New York’s second largest borough. She has a rich European heritage, which is evident when looking at her first and last name. His parents, Mildren Josephine and Samuel Eugene, were born in Ohio, but his paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from the town of Trapani, located on the Italian island of Sicily. As for the maternal side of the family, we know that her great-grandparents were German, resulting in an ethnically diverse household.

Carla knew what she wanted to do in life right from the start, as she displayed an infatuation with the arts and theater before she could even walk. Although her family is not too artistic, she got all the support she needed. An avid stage performer as a child, she graduated from an unspecified high school in 1993 and enrolled at the prestigious Cornell University. There she continued to hone her formidable talents before earning a Bachelor of Theater Arts. At Cornell, she made connections that helped launch her career.

Carla Gallo

Career beginnings: spanking the monkey, law and order, etc.

Unbeknownst to most, Carla’s first official acting credit dates back to 1994, when she was still a freshman in college. “Spanking the Monkey” was a relatively successful comedy, revolving around the life of an aspiring medical student who faces a number of obstacles that prevent him from starting a prestigious internship. Gallo took on the role of Toni Peck, the girl the main character feels attraction to. One would expect appearing in such a popular film to boost Carla’s career, but she took a break to complete her studies. In 1999, we saw her resurface as she performed the role of “Pantyhose Victim” in the hit 1999 comedy “The 24 Hour Woman.” The same year, she made her television debut in an episode of “Law & Order”, playing Janet Tuckman. A year later, she was in Adam Hammell’s “The Fanatical Teachings of Julian Tau,” a short comedy about a mysterious religious cult, and a few months later, she made herself felt in “ER,” appearing in a movie. critically acclaimed. episode.

Make a name for yourself: Undeclared, Carnivàle, Mission: Impossible III

At the start of the new millennium, Carla starred as Lizzie Exley in “Undeclared,” a comedy about a college freshman leaving his recently divorced father to move into his college dorm. She appeared in 18 of the series’ 22 episodes in what was her first recurring role, and used the opportunity to prove she could oversee her character’s development as the plot thickened. After “Sexual Life” in 2004, Gallo landed another major role, this time in “Carnivàle”, a fantasy drama on HBO. Set in the 1930s, the series depicts the life and times of a minister and a farm boy, who find themselves right in the middle of the relentless war between heaven and hell. Although it only lasted two seasons, “Carnivàle” won five Primetime Emmys and was widely praised by critics and fans alike. In 2005, she made a return to acting with a small role in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, and the following year she left her mark in one of the most popular films of the decade – “Mission : Impossible III”, in which his character had a significant influence on the plot.

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An established star: Superbad, Bones, Crossing Jordan and more

Carla loved working with Tom Cruise and used that experience as motivation to work even harder. Immediately after the film’s premiere, we could see her in “What About Brian” and “Crossing Jordan”, appearing in an episode of each show, then in 2007 she played Janie in a particularly dramatic and entertaining episode of “House “. That same year, she took on a minor role in the hit comedy “Superbad,” alongside Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in all their goofy glory.

After an appearance in “NCIS”, she landed another important role, this time in “Californication”, in which she played the dazzling Daisy. 2008 saw her land the role that made her famous around the world – Daisy Wick in ‘Bones’. Her character is a talkative but outspoken intern, who enters a relationship with Lance Sweets, resulting in the birth of a baby boy. She appeared in a total of 33 episodes of the series and was adored by fans. In 2009, Carla continued her string of big roles by playing Karen Ericson in two episodes of “Mad Men.”

Recent Works: Older Men, Burning Love, Blue and More

From 2009 to 2011, we got to see Gallo in a total of eight episodes of the hilarious comedy “Men of a Certain Age,” guiding us through the lives of three college buddies who struggle to come to terms with the fact that are now middle-aged. Men. Thereafter, she continued to land small but impactful roles in popular television series, such as “Burn Notice”, “2 Broke Girls” and “Workaholics”, and even made an appearance in an episode of “Kay and Peele”, much to the surprise of the show’s audience.

“Burning Love” was another example of Carla’s return to the comedy genre; fans loved her role in this parody of popular reality TV shows, as Tamara P. added a lot of “spice” to one of the show’s most interesting storylines. In 2013, she moved on to drama again, playing pink in “Blue,” a show about a single mother with a secretive life. Over the past few years, Carla has appeared in ‘Future Man’, ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’, ‘Little Evil’ and several other shows and movies. It’s safe to say that she managed to become a household name thanks to her outstanding and frequently displayed skills as a supporting actress.

Personal life: Is Carla Gallo married? Does she have children?

For several years now, Carla has been in a relationship with producer, director and screenwriter Mark Satterthwaite, who has contributed to shows such as ‘The Company You Keep’, ‘Gary and His Demons’ and ‘The Dating Guy’. In the summer of 2014, the couple welcomed a baby girl worldwide, then after giving birth to another daughter in May 2017, Carla and Mark decided enough was enough and tied the knot in October. They married in a private ceremony, attended only by those closest to them. Since Gallo was a child, she has been a friend with none other than Sarah Paulsonone of the most popular actresses of the last decade.

Carla Gallo

Measurements: how tall is Carla Gallo?

Carla Gallo is 5 feet 4 inches (163cm) tall, and his weight is around 119lbs (54kg). As for his vital stats and other metrics, they are currently unknown. With green/brown eyes and dark brown hair, Carla has developed her own look.

Net worth: How rich is Carla Gallo?

Have you ever wondered how rich Carla was? Well, according to reliable sources, she has a net worth of about $2 million, in mid-2019, accumulated by choosing the right roles and working hard to expand his repertoire. Given that she is still going strong, she will undoubtedly earn a lot more, which will translate to a higher net worth for the foreseeable future. One thing that sets Carla apart from her peers is her ability to use her talents properly and not take unnecessary risks by choosing roles that don’t suit her.

Presence on social networks

Thanks to the ever-increasing hold that social media has on global audiences, it is in most celebrities’ interests to keep their fans informed of their activities and thus maintain and potentially increase their ratings. and their benefits. However, it seems that Carla isn’t at all concerned about maintaining her involvement in this trend, as her social media presence is almost ubiquitous at the moment. On several occasions, she expresses her dislike of the social media craze, so she only uses Twitter to communicate with her fans. Its account was created in 2014 and is currently followed by 13,000 fans.

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