Biologist Liz Bonnin’s Biography: Husband, Parents, Net Worth


Elizabeth Bonnin is a forty-three-year-old television presenter of French and Luso-Indian descent. She has worked in both Ireland and the UK as a TV presenter, including for famous music shows.

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She is also a wildlife biologist and biochemist – some of her programs are “Galapagos”, “Blue Planet Live”, “Should We Close Our Zoos”, “Cats v Dogs” and “Animals in Love”.

Liz Bonnin returns to BBC Two next month for a two-part series about the only big cat the BBC’s Natural History Unit has ever filmed in the wild: the Siberian tiger.

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She worked on a BBC show called “Bang Goes the Theory” from 2009 to 2014, and since 2013 she has been working on ITV’s “Country-wise”.

Private life

Elizabeth Bonnin was born in Paris, France on September 16, 1976. Her father Russ Tumblyn is French from Martinique and is a dentist by profession, while her mother is from Trinidad of Indo-Portuguese ancestry. She has a sister Benni, and growing up they were close to their grandmother.

When she was nine, her family moved to Ireland, where she became very close to nature, and took a particular interest in chemistry and biology at school, and why she chose to study science. biochemistry. She obtained her MSc in Wildlife Biology from the Royal Veterinary College London, including research on the tiger population in South Asia. In addition, she is an ambassador for EDF Energy’s Pretty Curious program, which aims to encourage young girls to study science in schools.

Liz Bonnin


Bonnin started it first career in entertainment. She joined a pop girl group in Ireland called Chill, but the group fell apart before releasing an album. After that, she was invited to host the IRMA Awards, which led her to be a presenter on RTE Television in various television shows. During this time, she dated publisher Jon Ryan. In 2012, she moved to London and started a new career there.

She started working for Channel 4’s morning show, which specializes in entertainment-related stories, which opened the door for her to become a regular presenter of the music show ‘Top of the Pops’ in the UK. She was also part of a documentary about tigers in a national park in India. Once she finished this project, she decided she wanted to go back to her first love and it’s science, if given the chance.

Shortly after this experience, she got her master’s degree and was hired by the BBC to present a popular science show “Bang Goes the Theory”, which aired for eight seasons. Bonnin went on to work on several nature and science shows, such as the BBC’s “Museum of Life” which was about the Natural History Museum in London; “Horizon” and a show about future technologies and how they might impact society called “Tomorrow’s World”.

She also presented a program on BBC Two called “Operation Tiger” which focused on the Amur tigers where she followed the world’s largest cat in the Russian Far East, and “Big Blue Live”, winner of the BAFTA award, which focused on marine wildlife. Among other things, she also worked on “Galapagos”, joining a team of scientists who were looking for life one kilometer below the surface of the water, the deepest ever reached in the archipelago.

She worked on “Animals in Love” for BBC One, for which she traveled the world to research animal behavior and intelligence. Elizabeth continues her battle for the environment by attending conferences and workshops that attempt to raise awareness of pollution and the challenges we may face in the future.

Marriage and body characteristics

Elizabeth is unmarried and has no children.

As for her body features, Elizabeth is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall, her weight is 116 pounds (53 kg) and her vital stats are 34-25-34 – her bra size is 33B .

Net worth and social media

Elizabeth’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. According to multiple sources, she earns around $80,000 per episode she presents. As for her social networks, she has about 75,000 followers on Twitter and mainly publishes articles on the environment.

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