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Antoine Basler is a French actor who has starred in over 60 films.


Actor Antoine Basler was born on April 8, 1966 (Friday) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is 56 years old in 2022 and his zodiac sign is Aries. Antoine Basler began his acting career under the direction of Anne-Marie Miéville in Le Livre de Marie in 1984 and Jean-Bernard Ménoud in Jour et nuit in 1985 after studying at the Conservatoire Supérieur d’Art Dramatique de Genève in 1981 in 1984, then National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris from 1984 to 1986.

Physical appearance

  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair color: Bald/Black

Antoine Basler

Family and ethnicity

Parents and siblings

He has a brother.

Antoine Basler with his brother

Antoine Basler with his brother

Relationships / wife and children

He is married and has two children but their names are not known.

The wife and children of Antoine Baslers

The wife and children of Antoine Baslers

The children of Antoine Basler

The children of Antoine Basler


He began his theatrical career in 1982 with L’Oiseau vert by Carlo Gozzi, directed by Benno Besson, Comédie de Genève. His first short film was How Can I Love (1983), while he made his film debut with Day and Night (1986). He made his television debut with Black Sequence (1986). In 2022, he appeared in a web series, Boys Meet Life (Season 1, Episode 2). In the early 1990s, his cinematographic career continued at a breakneck pace, and as a young actor, he made his first appearance in several feature films by Olivier Assayas: Paris awakens (1991), A new life (1993 ), and Irma Vep (1996). In addition, Antoine Basler appeared in the credits of several films by master filmmakers such as Take Me (1994) by Michel Spinosa or Les Rendez-vous de Paris (1995) by Eric Rohmer. It happens, however, that he frequently embodies more offbeat characters such as Dobermann (1997) by Jan Kounen, Serial Lover (1998) by James Huth, Les Grandes Bouches (1999) and Blanche (2002) by Bernie Bonvoisin.

In addition, Antoine Basler has worked three times with director-screenwriter Vincent Ravalec, appearing in his short films Never Twice (1995), Le Masseur (1997) and La Transgression Sur l’Autoroute, après les carnavals de Printemps (2000).

Facts / Anecdotes

  • He enjoys spending time with his children and enjoys doing activities like swimming, drawing, playing, skateboarding, etc.
    Antoine Basler's children on horseback

    Antoine Basler’s children on horseback

  • He likes to ride horses.
    Antoine Basler on horseback

    Antoine Basler on horseback

  • He has a pet dog named Lulu.
    Lulu, Antoine Basler's pet dog

    Lulu, Antoine Basler’s pet dog

  • One of the activities he likes to do is boxing.
    Antoine Basler posted about boxing on his Instagram

    Antoine Basler posted about boxing on his Instagram

  • He also smokes sometimes.
  • His first photo on Instagram was from December 19, 2012. It was a photo of him and his wife.
    The first photo of Antoine Basler on Instagram

    The first photo of Antoine Basler on Instagram

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