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Who is Angela Means Kaaya?

Born Angela Means under the sign of Scorpio on the 19the November 1963, in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, Kaya is an almost 56-year-old actress, chef and entrepreneur of mixed ethnicity. Means is probably best known around the world for her prominent presence on the television screen and in other media, thanks to the many roles she’s had in her often lucrative acting career since 1992.

Early life and education: from agriculture to theater

Angela grew up in her hometown, apparently raised an only child by her father and mother of unknown occupations, other than farming their 154-acre property.

There is no information regarding her early childhood interests, and until the actress clarifies this to the media, it is believed that she developed a strong affinity for the stage at the time. As for her education, she attended a high school not specified in her state of birth, from where she enrolled in 1981. According to public opinion, Angela does not have a college degree and has never tried to get one. This is yet to be confirmed by celebrity.

Career: From shows to business

There is no information on any professional commitments Means may have had before debuting on the television series “In Living Color” in 1992, in which she appeared three more times over the next two years.

In 1993, she played Officer Houston in the episode of “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” entitled “Valentine’s Day Massacre”. The year 1994 showed her to the world as Veda in “House Party 3”, which marked her film debut, and she was on screen again in 1995, this time as Felisha in “Friday “. This role contributed to her popularity more than any other, as she quickly became the subject of the masses thanks to the ‘Goodbye Felisha‘ phrase from the movie, said by Ice Cube. She played Harriet in ‘The Cherokee Kid’ in 1996, while in 1997 she was cast in ‘Sprung’. She joined “Cousin Skeeter” in 1998, and remained on the show as Vanessa Walker for 52 episodes, until 2001.

Until then, she had been seen in the movie called “A Luv Tale”, and a short video, both from 1999.

The paths that fork

Angela took a seven-year hiatus from her acting career, during which she took on various jobs, such as photographer, chef, video director, archiver and finally producer in 2008, thanks to the title “Customer Service Sucks”, in which she also appeared. In 2014, she started selling her own line of desserts at a store called RAWkin Juice, in Burbank, California, and within three years sales were doing so well that in 2017, she opened her own restaurant – Jackfruit. Coffee. This place not only offered her desserts, but also a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, since Angela grew up on the old diet.

Said establishment has been featured in more than one hugely popular magazine – Page Six, LA Weekly, and Essence, among others. It is now her main source of income, although she still acts, and in 2018 played Raven in the television series called “The American Family Dreamers”. Currently, she is busy filming “The Regiment”, which is slated for release in early 2020.

Love life: Who is her husband?

As for Angela’s romantic relationships, as she chose not to divulge this information too much, not much can be said. Her early relationships remain completely unknown, while the public is aware of her years of dating former screenwriter Brad Kaaya Sr., who wrote for such titles as “Damon”, “O” and “Cousin Skeeter”.

Angela means Nice

They married in a private ceremony sometime in the first half of the 1990s and had a son together, who is a famous football quarterback. Brad Kaaya Jr. was born in September 1995 and is currently an unrestricted free agent, recently claimed waivers by the Cincinnati Bengals. There was never any controversy over Angela’s marriage, but there is now no information if the two are still living together. The public doesn’t believe they had any marital issues, but the two haven’t seen each other in a long time. They supposedly reside at an undisclosed location in California.

A defined diva

In March 2019, Angela was interviewed by Sherly Lee Ralph for the “Diva Defined” podcast show on KTLA5, in which she answered many questions about her past, most centered around when the whole world started saying “Bye Felisha.” Means elaborated on a number of personal issues and life situations from said period, explaining how she fell in love with her child before she even had him, and adding that the “Bye Felisha”. trend took her even to Germany, when she was on vacation.

In his son’s business

Inspired by Brad Kaaya Jr. or not, in 2001 Means served as Director of Operations for American Youth Football. She didn’t keep this position for long, and it didn’t have a big impact on her career, but it gave her the opportunity to show her abilities in another area of ​​expertise.

She has organized various fundraising events, aimed at helping charities and increasing funding for talented young athletes.

Although Angela isn’t known for being a public speaker, she often uses her social media to motivate her followers to make healthier decisions. One of the few exceptions It was when she published an article about a woman sentenced to 15 days in prison for stealing something, exclaiming “SHE STOLE”. WTH!!’ in his message, probably to emphasize the severity of this punishment for such a minor criminal act. Means can be seen taking similar positions on rare occasions, showing great involvement in the most current social justice issues.

She ate meat

According this post, looks like Angela wasn’t always a vegetarian. Although in 2019 she owns a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, she used to eat meat in the 80s and 90s, as evidenced by her appearance in the sepia photograph, found just below the text saying ‘#TBT I rarely ate meat in the day only on dates lol. Most of the time, you could find me at the Soupplantation in Beverly Hills.

What is Angela Means Kaaya net worth?

Have you recently taken the time to review Angela’s current wealth potential, circa the second half of 2019? Several of the most authoritative sources suggest the amount currently exceeds $300,000, which she has earned lending her looks and acting expertise to various capacities throughout her career, as well as owning a a restaurant. Since Angela has not announced her intention to retire, said amount will certainly increase.

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Body measurements

So, according to you, what are the physical characteristics of this actress and entrepreneur? Means is 5ft 4in (163cm), weighs 136lbs (62kg) and her vital stats are 35-26-35.H, her shoe size is 7 and her bra size is 34B, while her dress size is unknown, but her body shape is generally described as regular. She has light brown eyes and dark brown hair, with a mostly bright but tan complexion.

Presence on social networks

As an actress and entrepreneur, Angela has two professional reasons for maintaining a very close relationship with her fans, as constantly sharing information about her private life can have a big impact on her earnings. It seems that she is well aware of how she works and is the star of “Bye Felisha”. phrase surely motivates her more. It can be found on the three most popular social networks. Private sound Facebook has more than 3,000 fans, its Twitter nearly 10,000, and she instagram more than 22,000 subscribers.

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