Actress Ebony Obsidian Biography, Wikipedia, Husband And Instagram- Is Karen Mott Really Pregnant On Sistas? Age, Height, Net worth, Wiki Biography

Is Karen really pregnant on Sistas? Fans of the show have created theories whether the character is pregnant or not.

Karen Mott is one of the main characters in the BET comedy drama series “Sistas”.

The show is a household name for frenzied series viewers, especially those who have enjoyed dramatic comedies for over 2 years now.

Currently on season 3, “Sistas” revolves around the group of unrelated single black women together exploring the answer to their questions, ie “Why am I single?”

Now that fans are loving the series and connecting with the characters, one question has taken the internet by storm.

Here we discuss the matter and take a peek inside the actress who plays Karen Mott.

The rumor of Karen Mott’s pregnancy was raised in the episode that aired in August.

During these episodes, it was rumored that Karen was pregnant, which was confirmed by the conversation she had with the character named Zac.

The conversation saw the two characters being confused with Mott trying to communicate while Zac tried to stay off topic.

Her pregnancy was supported by the chronology of the episodes. Plus, you could argue that even though she was pregnant, the baby’s father could be another character named Aaron Carter who Mott got intimate with.

If you want to follow along, you can watch the episodes on BET as the show is currently on the 20e episode.

Who is Karen Mott Aka Ebony Obsidian Mari

Karen Mott aka Ebony Obsidian does not have a husband.

Ebony Obsidian is an actress who played the character of ‘Karen Mott’ in the comedy-drama series.

With the main theme of the show being the search for a lover, Mott has yet to find his life partner on the show.

Likewise, the same can be said in her personal life, as Ebony Obsidian is not known to be a married woman.

The relationship status of the actress is kept a secret from the public media, so we also cannot mention the identity of her partner.

Ebony Obsidian Age and Wikipedia details

Ebony Obsidian, 27, is an actress from New Paltz, New York.

Born and raised in the heart of the United States, Obsidian is of Eritrean Habesha descent.

She started her acting career in 2014 with a Hollywood blockbuster “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and has been in the industry since then.

Best known for her performances in “Sistas” and “Hunters”, she has participated in 11 projects to date.

His parents were refugees who traveled to the United States from Africa. She trained at the William Esper Studio.

Meet Ebony Obsidian on IG

Ebony Obsidian is available on IG under her username @ebonyobsidian

It has 192,000 subscribers under 95 messages. She gives an overview of her professional career.

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