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Yoel Roth Wiki, Biography

Yoel Roth is Twitter’s Site Integrity Officer. Roth led the social media company’s new fact-checking initiative that has been criticized by President Donald Trump. The president has said he won’t let fact-checking “stifle” his free speech.

At his LinkedIn pageRoth’s role on Twitter is described as follows:

He leads teams responsible for developing and enforcing Twitter’s policies on platform manipulation, spam, and API access, as well as Twitter’s investigative and attribution efforts related to operations. information supported by the State.

Roth told students at his alma mater, Swarthmore College, in 2017 that his role at Twitter included collaborating with product managers on new products as well as protecting Twitter’s data information.

Kellyanne Conway charged

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Fox News on the morning of May 27, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway mentioned Roth by name twice. Conway also clarified Roth’s Twitter account. Conway added, “Someone in San Francisco is gonna wake him up and tell him he’s about to get more followers.”

Conway continued, “This guy is constantly attacking Trump voters, Trump, Mitch McConnell, you name it.” Conway also said: “It’s horrible how [Roth] look at people. »

attacked him on social media

In a May 25 tweet, Roth mocked those who attacked him on social media. Roth tweeted: “Somehow being told regularly by strangers on the internet that I’m a soulless accomplice is always less harsh than what I’ve received from anonymous peer reviewers in my college life past.”

According to Roth’s Twitter profile, he has a doctorate. from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Before that, Roth studied political science at Swarthmore College. According to his website, Roth’s dissertation at the Annenberg School was on “Gay Data.” Roth described his area of ​​study as focusing “on the privacy and self-expression choices of gay men using geo-social networking services like Grindr.”

Interview with Yoel Roth

In March 2020, Roth was interviewed by National Public Radio’s Ari Shapiro. Roth spoke about his role in combating “election misinformation”. He said, “I think in 2020 we’re facing a particularly divisive political moment here in the United States, and attempts to capitalize on these divisions among Americans seem to be the direction of malicious actors.”

Roth said Russian operatives weren’t solely responsible for the misinformation, but it was the work of a “wide range of malicious actors.” Roth spoke in the interview about the use of Russian troll farms in the 2016 and 2018 US elections. Roth said that following the 2016 election, Twitter discovered that several accounts belonged to “inauthentic characters”. Roth said: “We’ve seen indications that it’s still part of the Russian playbook.”

Roth said in an interview on the University of Pennsylvania website that much of the work he did for his Ph.D. focused on “the intersection of technology and sexuality”. Roth said, “I’m particularly interested in how things like masculinity are constructed both in and through technology.” Roth added, “Most of my interests are in building gay masculinity.” Roth said he has been tracking the evolution of “notions of masculinity” since the start of the gay rights movement.

Roth stated in the same interview that his original plan when he started studying at the Annenberg School was to study video games. Roth said that after learning how communications encompassed many of his interests, “video games went out the window.” Roth also said that “the beauty of Annenberg is that no one here really knows what communications means”.

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