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Larrianna jackson

Larrianna Jackson Wiki – Biography of Larrianna Jackson

Larrianna Jackson is a Covington High School student who was arrested in a violent attack on a teacher which was captured on a viral cell phone video.

Jackson was arrested by the Covington Police Department on a felony charge of violence against a teacher. In a classroom, Jackson allegedly assaulted a 64-year-old disabled teacher.


She is 18 years old.

Why TikToker Larrianna Jackson Arrested?

Officials said the teacher had to seek medical assistance at a local hospital due to injuries from the attack.

Jackson was arrested on charges of assaulting a school teacher, which is a felony charge. Jackson was taken to St. Tammany Parish Prison, where he is awaiting orders.

Also gave a video of the entire incident to officers on site. According to investigators, the schoolteacher can sit at her desk and talk to Larrianna on the video.

After a brief exchange, authorities claim Jackson hits the teacher, causing her to fall to the ground. Jackson continues to punch the professor with his locked fists as he falls to the ground.

At this point, the video is turned off. Officers discovered that the incident may have been triggered by Tik-Tok, a popular social networking program.

According to police, users of the app said it was difficult to destroy school property and abuse instructors.

According to a statement issued by the Covington Police Department, “The Covington Police Department wishes to remind everyone that anyone participating in such a challenge will be booked accordingly.”

“In this article, we have also attached the video that is circulating on the Internet. This case is still under investigation and more arrests are to come ”,

Tik Tok has issued the following statement in response to the challenge that has circulated on its app. The statement read: “The rumor of the ‘slap a teacher’ challenge is an insult to educators around the world. And while it’s not a trend on TikTok, if at some point it pops up, it will remove the content.

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