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Enrique Figueroa Wiki – Enrique Figueroa Biorgaphy

Enrique Figueroa is from New York and has been accused of making death threats against Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader. Report: Figueroa posted threats on Facebook. “He started making threats in August against Mr. Abinader. In one case last month, Mr. Figueroa posted a video on Facebook.


He is 47 years old.

Facts you should know about Enrique Figueroa

The Dominican Figueroa, who presents himself on social networks as a candidate for the presidency of the Dominican Republic for 2024, and who threatened President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Education, Roberto Furcal, was indicted on Monday before the Tribunal Federal District South. in Manhattan for “terrorist threats”.

Figueroa was arrested in Manhattan after several weeks after leaving the psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital. After assaulting lawyer and activist Wilma Tamayo and Rafael Santos and threatening other activists in a dispute in which he wanted to impose himself on the leaders of March Verde and the Fast Action movement in which he participated.

He spent several months in the hospital asylum above and, in his latest threats on a channel he has on Instagram; he warned the president that “they have 24 hours to meet with me. Otherwise, I will, they will run out of electricity in 30 days ”.

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