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Ten men accused of killing a girl named Todriana Peters in a retaliatory flurry of gunfire at a graduation party on Monday appearing before the Orléans Parish District Criminal Court pleaded not guilty. In the assassination of Todriana Peters and the injury of two others in the Lower 9th Ward, all seven could face life in prison. During a hearing on October 18, three other suspects held at the Saint-Bernard parish prison will be brought to justice. At the graduation party, Peters was shot and killed. Two other people were shot and survived.


Todriana Peters was 12 years old.

10 people have been charged

Credit: myarklamiss.com

Todriana Peters was murdered on May 30 at a graduation ceremony in Lower Ninth Ward, and ten men have been charged.

In July, the youngest suspect charged turned 18.

The following people have been charged, myarklamiss.com reported:

Brodrierick Andrews, 17
Raquian Bell, 19
B-Jon Jarrow, 20
Ahmahj Lynch, 21
Tyrese Riley, 20
Dorian Ratliff, 20
Albert Major, 20 years old
Samuel Mack, 18
Marcus Venible, 18
Pernell Young, 20

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