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Shelley Meyer is best known as the wife of Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer. A video of new Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has gone viral after he was shown sitting in a bar while a woman dances and struggles with him.


Shelley Meyer’s age is unknown.

Facts you should know about Shelley Meyer

A video of new Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has gone viral after he was shown sitting in a bar while a woman dances and struggles with him. Understandably, social media watchers quickly hit it off with his wife Shelley Meyer, but it appears she was aware of the release.

The 57-year-old NFL coach was seen at Pint House in Short North, Ohio, as he went wild among a large crowd of patrons. While it is common for the opposite sex to feel comfortable in any establishment with loud music and alcohol, social media users noted that the woman in the video was not the wife of the head coach for 35 years.

Photos and videos of the alleged departure began circulating on social media on Saturday, October 2.

In the clip, Meyer appeared to have his arm in front of him to act as a barrier between him and the woman, suggesting that the squeak was unwelcome on his part but that he didn’t want to be rude to the woman. Other photos showed him having a drink in his hand as he took a photo with a woman.

However, while the video may be somewhat embarrassing for his family and the Jacksonville Jaguars, it seems Meyer’s wife knew where he was that night.

Shelley Meyer shared a photo of her husband at his bar in Columbus and said she has been looking after her grandchildren in the meantime. She even added the hashtag “friend deserved a night out,” meaning she felt her husband needed to let off steam as she has probably worked hard since taking over the Jaguars.

AFTER THE JAGUARS ‘devastating LOSS TO THE CINCINNATI BENGALS, the NFL legend spoke of his team’s “heartbreaking” losing streak following the Jaguars’ devastating loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, marking his 19th consecutive loss. “I said it from day one: the core of this team has good players,” ESPN said. “We are improving every week. It’s disgusting that we couldn’t win this game. I’m not wrong with the guys in this room. It’s a heartbroken locker room. We have to get them back. “

Urban Meyer marries Shelley Meyer

Shelley Mathey Meyer is a registered nurse and wife of Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer. The two met at a Sigma Chi Derby Day party in college, where she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and was challenged to make a brotherhood member smile without touching them. “It was so much fun. I bought a Playboy, the first and only one I bought, and walked past the guys, opened the middle page and said, ‘Is this Does she look like me? ”” she told First Coast News.

Urban Meyer, who was standing by a staircase, caught his eye when he saw his. “So, to the next guy that came by, I said, ‘Who was that? “” He remembered her. “He says, ‘UB’. He couldn’t believe it was someone’s name. So the guy says, “His real name is Urban. I said, ‘What kind of name is that?’ Respect for the names of various popes and the legacy of football in the family of her husband of three generations.

The couple were married in 1986. The couple have three children together, daughters Nicole and Gisela and son Nathan.

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