Who is Janna Breslin? Wiki Biography, Age, Height, Husband

• Janna Breslin is a 29-year-old Caucasian fitness instructor, model, nutritional therapist, and National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.
• She grew up in Thousand Oaks, California, and her love of the sport began at an early age.
• Her career started in 2008 as a swimwear model, but she eventually focused on modeling and fitness training.
• She has a bachelor’s degree in health communication and is married to a US Air Force pilot.
• She has a strong social media presence, with nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram.


Who is Janna Breslin?

Born under the sign of Aquarius on the 17the From February 1990, in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, Janna Breslin is a 29-year-old Caucasian fitness instructor, model, nutritional therapist and National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer of Scandinavian descent. She is best known around the world for her prominent public presence on the covers of fashion magazines and other media, due to the desirable physical shape she tends to showcase. She has also had a number of other successes during her often lucrative modeling career since 2008.

Early Life and Education: Growing up in Thousand Oaks

Janna was raised in her hometown, apparently an only child, by her father and mother whose names and professions are still unspecified.

She soon discovered an interest in sports activities, thus engaging in more than one discipline from the start of elementary school. At that age, she was already into cross-country running, track and field, and soccer, but her main focus at the time was gymnastics, which she did for seven years.

Around the start of high school (unspecified), Janna started going to the gym, finding there a particular fascination with bodybuilding. She created a workout routine, stuck to it very strictly for a few years, and before she graduated from high school, decided to become a fitness model.

There, she spent four years in the choir. After graduating in 2008, she enrolled at California State University Channel Islands, earned a bachelor’s degree in health communication in 2012, and took up pole vaulting and high jumping as well as the sports mentioned. previously.

Pre-career: occasional odd jobs

Janna began her career as a swimwear model right after graduating from high school, but saw the job as a temporary venture. In order to gain experience in the field she first pursued (in college), she held various positions while preparing for her degree. She was at one point around 2009 a receptionist at a nursing home, which she says was her favorite job.

Janna Breslin

She then took on the position of pharmacy representative, a position she held for about a year, until her entire team was laid off as surplus labor. It was the last job she had before devoting herself entirely to modeling and fitness.

Career: headline podiums

As a model since 2008, Janna qualified for three years for several National Physique Committee competitions, ending up with six first-place trophies. Around 2011, Janna changed her path from swimsuit modeling to fitness training – a change made possible by the fame she achieved from making the cover of various magazines.

She’s been sharing invaluable workout tips with men and women ever since, saying cellular health is at the heart of her program and good nutrition is the main transformer of the human body. Therefore, she has taken a number of nutrition courses over the years to increase her expertise in the field, while regularly attending alternative medicine seminars to keep her followers abreast of all the groundbreaking fitness-enhancing discoveries. . In 2019, she is mostly active on Instagram and Facebook, generating income by advertising dietary supplements and other healthy products. Breslin also frequently creates exercise videos, covering a wide variety of targeted body areas to show followers the most effective ways to achieve visible workout results.

She is occasionally seen in fitness magazines, although photo shoots are not her priority at the moment.

Its own website

Visitors to Janna’s personal website can find some photos of her working out and an invitation to subscribe to the professional fitness plan she created, by downloading her app and signing up for a weekly, monthly or yearly plan. At the moment, this seems to be Janna’s biggest source of income, as she is known to exercise quite frequently and save most of it. The system allows its clients to follow professional coaching sessions online, varying in body part specializations and differing from goal to goal. It also provides advice on calories and supplementation, to enhance the effects of the user’s chosen method.

Love life: Does she have a husband?

When it comes to Janna’s romantic relationships, although she was never too eager to share such information with the media, a few facts are well known and confirmed. She is married to an unspecified man, and he looks like they enjoy traveling the world together. He is a US Air Force pilot, whom she married in the first half of 2014. They are believed to have dated for at least a few years before their private ceremony at an undisclosed location. It is unknown if Janna dated anyone else before him. They live together in San Diego, Calif., and have not announced any plans to expand their family so far. They have a dog named Mayday.

Janna’s message to the world

It seems that Janna spends her free time helping to spread caring messages by sharing them on her social media, as seen in This example. After sharing a video about people with unusual challenges who excel at what they do, she added, “Positivity and optimism This message is powerful.” Please watch it. We all have a story and we all have aspects of our lives that can sometimes make it difficult. “Be the victor, not the victim.” I love this @garyvee #ad #GV004 #positivity #optimism’.

How diets pro

Although Janna usually sells her nutritional advice, she sometimes gives advice for free.

A such a case is when she explained why it’s important to get 1,000mg of omega-3s daily, which improves brain function and reduces the risk of inflammation, all while contributing to overall well-being. and the effectiveness of the exercise. Despite Janna’s financial boost to help with product placement with such posts, there’s no denying that they’re helpful to her followers overall, whether or not they make a purchase.

What is Janna Breslin net worth?

In mid-2019, did you take a moment to reflect on Janna Breslin’s wealth?

The majority of authoritative sources estimate that Janna’s net worth is approaching $1 million, which she earned from appearing on various fitness magazines throughout her career, as well as selling fitness tips on its application and by conducting various wellness programs. As his career continues to gain momentum, the specified amount is bound to increase.

Body measurements

So, what are the physical characteristics of the famous model? She is 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) tall and weighs 139 pounds (63 kg). Her vital statistics, dress, shoe and bra size are currently unknown to sources, while her figure is generally described as voluptuous.

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She has bright blue eyes, natural light brown hair, and a generally tan complexion.

Presence on social networks

As an online model and fitness instructor, her colleagues and clients expect Janna to maintain her social media ubiquity through constant interactions with her audience, through posts about her private and professional life. She seems well aware of how this habit can maximize her earnings and popularity, having a strong presence on the three most popular social networks. Her Facebook the page has nearly 95,000 fans, its Twitter has less than 4,000, but it instagram has nearly 700,000 followers.

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