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Bruce Willis Wiki – Biography of Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. Although he started his career working on sitcoms, he is best known for his role in the hit action movie series Die Hard.

Of course, you certainly know his famous lines like ‘now I know what dinner is on TV’ and ‘yay-ki-yay’, but there’s a lot more to the guy who played John McClane than you can. achieve it.

Origins and personal life of Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was born Walter Bruce Willis on March 19, 1955 in the West German town of Ida-Oberstein. In 2021, Bruce Willis is 66 years old.

He was born in West Germany because his mother, Marlene Willis, was German, while his father, David Willis, was stationed in the country during his time in the United States Army.

Bruce also had three siblings, a sister named Florence and two brothers named David and Robert, although the latter sadly passed away in 2001.

He had a number of high-profile relationships, including a marriage to actress Demi Moore which lasted from 1987 until their divorce in 2000. Four years later, Willis became engaged to Brooke Burns, but they annulled the marriage within a year. later.

In 2009, Bruce Willis married Emma Heming, an Anglo-American actress. She and Demi Moore are apparently on good terms, in March 2021, the latter posted on Instagram, suggesting that the couple are friends.

Bruce Willis’ hobbies

Like many successful movie stars, Bruce Willis has diverse interests outside of work. One of them is the love of casino games, especially those that involve cards. He has played in many of the biggest and most famous casinos in the United States and the rest of the world and uses the travel requirements of his job to visit gambling establishments around the world.

Although he enjoys most casino games, he has been spotted playing blackjack on several occasions. It’s no surprise that he enjoys this card game, after all, it is several hundred years old which has made it one of the most popular casino options of all time.

While on vacation in Scotland, the Die Hard star visited a Glasgow casino with friends. Since Willis was one of the most famous customers to hang out with him, the casino rolled out the red carpet for him, giving him the VIP treatment.

Bruce willis

Bruce Willis’ career

Like many American actors, including Conchata Ferrell, Bruce WIllis began his acting career taking roles in off-Broadway shows. From there, he held minor roles in shows and films like Miami Vice and The Verdict.

His first leading role came in 1985 when Willis played David Addison Jr. alongside Cybill Shepherd in the comedy-drama, Moonlighting.

It was during this four-year race that he won his first Golden Globe and Emmy. This role helped Willis develop a reputation as a comedian, rather than the action hero we know today.
In 1988, that would change after he played John McClane, the New York cop who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, forcing him to save the day.

After huge success in the original Die Hard, Willis went on to star in four sequels, including Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), in which he worked alongside the legendary Samuel L. Jackson. Over the course of his career, he has won 142 separate acting credits, including in films like Looper (2012), RED (2010), Unbreakable (2000), and Death Wish (2018).

Not content with acting, Bruce Willis has also invested in a number of companies. This includes a beverage company, theater and bar, as well as the Planet Hollywood brand and film production company. On top of that, Willis has a portfolio of high end properties across the United States.

Bruce Willis Net Worth

Through his acting work and these investments, Bruce Willis has amassed a net worth of around $ 250 million.

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