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Abby Gibbs was a 24-year-old mother of three who became “addicted to conspiracy theories” died of coronavirus after refusing the jab.

She admitted it was the “worst mistake of her life shortly before she passed away from a nearly three-week battle in intensive care.”


She was 24 years old.

Abby Gibbs dies of Covid

Her heartbroken mother Lynne and brother Lewis urged others not to follow in Abby’s footsteps and get the vaccine, saying “she would still be here today if she had. “.

Abby, from Durham, was admitted to North Durham University Hospital after falling seriously ill with Covid-19 early last month.

She died Wednesday, September 22, after spending 17 days in intensive care.

Family declaration

Ms Gibbs, who described her daughter as her “best friend,” said: “Abby was supposed to go on the same day as me to get the shot, but she was so addicted to conspiracy theories that she decided not to. go.

“The first day she was admitted she said, ‘Mom, I wish I could have gone for the vaccine – it’s the worst mistake I have ever made. “

Only able to communicate with her three young children using Facetime, Ms Gibbs said Abby continued to provide for them for as long as she could, even as her situation worsened.

She said: “She was in intensive care and ordered a full store online, complete with clothes – she was organizing stuff for the kids.”

Ms Gibbs continued, “All she ever talked about was her kids; she was so proud of her children.

“She even ordered clothes for one of her friend’s unborn children.

“At Christmas, she would even go online and go to this website to help parents without a lot of money, and she would buy and send the toys to the kids.

“It shows how much she loved her children and everyone else’s children.”

Abby’s brother added, “I was the last person she spoke to, and she said make sure you take care of the children – make sure they can have the best possible life.”

Close friends have since set up a GoFundMhe page to help support Abby’s children, which raised almost £ 1,300.

Mr Gibbs said the whole family has now gone to get stung in the wake of Abby’s death, adding: “We hope this will help raise awareness to get people moving.”

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